How to watch Hotstar anywhere in the World with a VPN

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How to Watch Hotstar from Any Location?

Hotstar in only available in India, the UK, the US, and Canada. Here’s how to access the streaming service from outside these four countries.



the PureVPN App



And connect to the Indian Server



Hotstar is now accessible

Hotstar is Not Available in Most Countries

Launched in 2015, the service is relatively new. It is gradually building up its infrastructure. For now it is only accessible in India, the US, Canada, and the UK.


Hotstar – India’s Top Choice


Who Needs a Hotstar VPN?

A Hotstar VPN will keep you secure online and evade regional limitations so you don’t stay locked out from the international community.

Even though India offers a great variety in natural beauty and landscape, Indians love to travel outside India to explore new places and cultures. If you are following some TV shows on Hotstar lately, and are about to travel, you will not be able to access Hotstar from another country, unless you get our Hotstar VPN.
When travelling to another country, it’s always wise to have PureVPN installed on your streaming device. It’s the only way to ensure that you do not lose access to the TV shows and movies you love.

The last decade has been exceptionally well for the Indian economy, making possible for thousands of Indians to go to other countries in search of better opportunities. For sure, the necessities are all available all around the world, but when it comes to the TV shows you loved watching back at home, even the classic TV shows in English language can’t replace them.
With a Hotstar VPN, you can change your virtual location to India. Once connected, you can watch anything you want on Hotstar from anywhere in the world. The streaming centric features of our Hotstar VPN make it possible for expats to enjoy a completely buffer-free experience from anywhere outside India.

India has some of the brightest students studying at international universities in different countries to pursue higher education. It may be easy to adopt a new culture, or pick a new favorite dish, but it’s definitely not easy to stay away from the kind of entertainment you have growing up watching.
It doesn’t matter what country you study in, or which ISP hosts your internet. With a Hotstar VPN, you can change your location to India, and access Hotstar from anywhere in the world.

If you love watching Indian content, and if you are looking for options other than Netflix to quench your thirst, a Hotstar VPN can save you from boredom. With a Hotstar VPN, you can change your location to India, and access Hotstar from anywhere in the world.
Hotstar has got a lot of exclusive content, and some other really good shows, most of which are hard to find on popular streaming networks such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

At work, you are expected to work all day, but who does? We all need an escape from professionalism, even during office hours. If you are one of those people who love binging at work, but your workplace network has restricted it, we can totally feel your pain.
This is why you need a Hotstar VPN. Just install PureVPN on your device and watch Hotstar when connected to your organization’s network, even if it is restricted. With a Hotstar VPN, it’s easy to evade all the restrictions that your organization’s network administrator puts on the employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hotstar VPN can do much more than just allow you to access the service from other countries. Some of the most asked questions have been answered here for your ease.

Where countries is Hotstar available in?

Hotstar is currently available in India, the US, the UK and Canada. The streaming network is currently working on expanding its service. However, it’s unclear where the service will be available next.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Hotstar?

Hotstar is a streaming service available in limited regions. Outside of these countries, the service is unavailable. Once connected to a VPN, streamers can connect to any country, which allows them to access to the content they want.

Why Not Just Use Hotstar USA?

Hotstar USA has good content, but it does not have Everythingg. There are dozens of block buster titles on Hotstar India that are unavailable in the US. This makes Hotstar USA an incomplete choice.

Should I use a free VPN to access Hotstar?

Using a free VPN is never a good idea. Free VPNs do provide accessibility for content that’s restricted in certain regions. However, it makes you vulnerable online. In fact, they are very risky and can infect your device with malware Always prioritize your privacy and use a premium VPN service.

What else can I do with a VPN?

With a VPN, you can access all websites and services that are unavailable in your region. Services that are limited to a few countries, like Spotify, Hulu and Hotstar are available from any country when connected to a VPN.

Do I need a cable subscription to view Hotstar ?

No. To watch Hotstar online, all you need is a working Hotstar subscription and a premium Hotstar VPN such as PureVPN.

What devices can I use to watch Hotstar with PureVPN?

Any device with a screen that connects to the internet can be used with PureVPN. PureVPN has dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It also has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, allowing you to access Hotstar however you choose.