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How to Watch Now TV Outside UK?

It’s now easy to watch Now TV outside UK with a VPN. Here’s how to go about it:

watchnow tv with purevpn


And subscribe to PureVPN

watchnow vpn server


To UK server

access watchnow tv

All Set

Enjoy Now TV from anywhere

Can I Watch Now TV Outside UK?

Now TV offers Sky TV on the web. However, Sky TV is a UK-only cable television service, which ultimately makes Now TV accessible only in the British Isles. If you are outside the UK region for any reason, you won’t be able to access the service, unless you have a VPN for Now TV.

Now TV Outside UK
Get PureVPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Why Should You Get PureVPN to Watch Now TV from Outside UK?

A reliable VPN service such as PureVPN goes a long way to enhance your streaming experience, anonymity, and online security.

If you have a Sky TV package and you are planning to travel for a meeting, vacation, or any other purpose, you would get bored. After all, how are you going to watch your favorite TV shows, sports and other entertaining content on Sky TV when you can’t access it, even as a premium user?

To prevent yourself from falling into such an unfortunate situation where you can’t enjoy Sky TV from abroad, you need to set up a VPN for Now TV. PureVPN has a global network of 2,000+ VPN servers spread across the globe, including dozens of servers in the UK. What this means is that you can connect to a UK server from anywhere and watch Now TV from outside the UK.

As an expat, sometimes you leave your family behind and go to a different region to realize your dreams. However, leaving your comfort zone doesn’t mean that you should say goodbye to your Sky TV subscription when you are an expat working overseas.

Don’t worry if you can’t access Now TV through usual means when you are abroad. You can always use PureVPN to get a UK IP address and stream Sky TV from overseas. In fact, our VPN service has dedicated servers that guarantee not only speed but also a throttle-free streaming experience.

Content restrictions aren’t limited to Now TV or Sky TV. There are dozens of other popular online channels and streaming services that are accessible only in the UK. For instance, you can’t access Netflix UK from everywhere unless you are living in the UK. Similarly, you can’t access Channel 4, ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

So, unless you have a reliable VPN on your device, you would be missing out on your favorite UK content when you are traveling or living outside your home country. With PureVPN, you won’t only get to access UK-only streaming services but also all the other services that are not available outside their host country.

Are you someone who spends all day long on their gaming consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, or a Smart TV? Well, you might find a Now TV app for these devices, but you can’t access the app without a VPN. However, not all VPN services are capable of offering compatible applications due to lack of resources or whatever reason.

But, not PureVPN! We are an industry-leading VPN service and offer a wide range of apps for all major platforms. Apart from the major operating systems and common devices, you can also experience PureVPN on Linux, Raspberry Pi, routers, set-top boxes, and even gaming consoles.

It is a fact that an avid or binge streamer would never be satisfied with a low resolution, regardless of the streaming service they use. They would always look for a service that offers High Definition, if not Ultra HD, streaming capability. If it sounds like you, don’t worry.

PureVPN guarantees nonstop, uninterrupted, and seamless streaming no matter wherever you are in the world. Be it HD content, Ultra HD content or pure 4K content, we guarantee smooth streaming round the clock. The best part is that you can binge all day long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions regarding how to watch Now TV from outside the UK and more? Check out the following FAQs and find answers to all your questions.

Not unless you have PureVPN. As mentioned earlier, Now TV is a UK-only streaming service where you can watch Sky TV online. As a result, you need a UK IP address to access the service from abroad.

If you check its website, you will see that Now TV offers a dedicated set-top box as well as a USB stick. Regardless, you can access Now TV on all your favorite devices with PureVPN.

No, Now TV doesn’t work in Germany since it is a British streaming service. Download and install PureVPN to get it working in the country you want.

You can get Now TV on a 7-day trial and then £7.99 a month. Apart from that, there are other Now TV passes available for different prices. For instance, you can get Sky Cinema Pass for £11.99 a month. To learn more about the passes, visit the Now TV website.


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