How to Watch Showtime in Canada

Published: January 26, 2021

In this guide, learn how to watch Watch Showtime in Canada or anywhere else in the world by using a VPN. Plus, get PureVPN for $0.99 and unlock Showtime and all your favorite channels easily.

Watch Showtime in Canada

Showtime is an extremely popular online streaming service in the US, and for all the right reasons. It hosts 16 live TV channels that everyone is familiar with in the US. The service is extremely famous among the cord cutters who want to get rid of TV subscriptions and just stream everything online.

If you are in Canada and are looking for ways to access US TV channels, Showtime is your way forward. Even though Showtime is only accessible in the US, you can still access it by connecting to a premium streaming VPN such as PureVPN and changing your virtual location from Canada to US to get instant access.

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Is Showtime available in Canada

Most people in Canada are unaware of Showtime, a web-based streaming service that offers access to premium channels for a monthly fee of 10.99/month.

Now, the reason most people residing in Canada are unaware of this service is that Showtime is only available for people currently living in the US. This means, if you are currently living in Canada, you cannot gain access to the streaming service unless you are in the US.

How to Watch Showtime in Canada

Previously, people from other parts of the world could not access content from any other country apart from their own. However, with the introduction of VPNs, these restrictions have been thrown out of the window. Now, with services like PureVPN, which grant you unlimited online access, you can watch content from all over the world. This means with such a service in place, you can watch Showtime in Canada. To do so, simply follow the steps mentioned down below:

  • Go to PureVPN: Subscribe to the service
  • Install PureVPN: Download and install the application on your preferred streaming device
  • Log in: Enter your username and your password and click “Log In.”
  • Connect to a server: For Showtime, connect to a US server location
  • Content now available: Go to Showtime and start watching your favorite content online

Final Words

If you wish to access Showtime and all of its available channels, you can simply turn to PureVPN, connect to a US server location, and that is about it. Good news for PureVPN users is that Showtime isn’t the only US streaming service that they can access in Canada. With VPN servers spread across 140 countries, you can access unlimited number of online channels and streaming services in Canada with a few clicks.