How to Watch UK TV Abroad with a VPN

UK TV is region locked and does not work anywhere except in the United Kingdom. By using a VPN, you can easily watch UK TV abroad and enjoy British TV shows anywhere you want. Here is a quick way on how to stream UK TV:

1. Subscribe to the PureVPN app only for $0.99.
2. Create an account and log in to the VPN app.
3. Connect to the United Kingdom from the server list.
4. Launch the UK TV website and stream British shows.

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How to Setup PureVPN for Accessing UK TV Online?

Learn how to watch UK TV online in 3 simple steps:

signup to uktv vpn


and subscribe to PureVPN

connect to uktv with purrevpn


to UKTV from popular websites tab

access uktv with vpn

All Set

UK TV is now unlocked!

Why You Need a VPN to Access UK TV?

UK TV channels and streaming services like BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV, Netflix UK and more cannot be streamed outside the UK. After all, these services have a UK-only broadcasting license. Therefore, you cannot watch your favorite British TV shows and movies on these channels unless you have a VPN to access UK TV from outside the UK.

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Why Should You Access UK TV Overseas with a VPN?

Having PureVPN on your device can benefit you in so many ways:

Are you planning a vacation abroad, i.e., outside the UK? Whether you are traveling overseas for a vacation, business meeting, or studies, one thing is for sure: you will miss out on your favorite UK streaming channels and services. And even if you have the paid subscription to them, you still won’t be able to gain access due to geo-locks.

But you don’t need to fret at all! You can always access and stream all your favorite UK TV streaming services and channels online from anywhere with PureVPN. We have thousands of VPN servers in 180+ locations, including the UK. So, connect to our UK VPN server and access your desired channel from abroad.

Being an expat abroad has its perks. For instance, you get to experience new cultures, meet new people, see new places, etc. However, there are also some limitations that you would experience when you are a UK expat overseas. For instance, you lose access to all the UK-only streaming services like 4OD and Netflix UK.

If you want to continue accessing your desired streaming services and channels, it is imperative that you set up a VPN. By getting a UK IP address, you can change your virtual location and access the content you want with ease.

When you travel to a different country or region, you have to follow their rules and regulations to a tee. It would also mean that you need to adhere to the data retention laws and mass-surveillance policies. Surely, you wouldn’t want your data to be seen or regulated by prying eyes. Would you?

You can fortify your privacy and hide all your online activities from government surveillance or data retention by using a VPN. PureVPN’s servers secure all your data from end-to-end with 256-bit encryption. This makes your data invulnerable to various cyber threats as well as logging and monitoring.

Undoubtedly, your laptop isn’t the only device you use to watch your favorite UK TV channels and services. You may also be using your smartphone or a tablet. Avid streamers also watch their favorite content on set-top boxes, smart TVs, and even gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. It is because of this reason that you would see users searching for queries like “how to watch UK TV outside the UK on XYZ device?”

If you are searching for the same, you would be glad to know that you can run PureVPN on all your favorite devices. We support over 20 different devices and operating systems including but not limited to Windows, Mac, smart TVs, routers, Xbox, PlayStation, Raspberry Pi, and more.

An avid streamer will never be satisfied with Standard Definition (SD) video quality, regardless of the device on which they stream. Therefore, they always look for a VPN service that is not only secure but also the fastest in the industry.

Well, get ready to rejoice as Purevpn offers you the best and fastest VPN servers in the industry. Our dedicated streaming servers not only promise but delivery crazy-fast streaming speed, no matter where when you connect. Ultimately, you even get to watch 4K videos seamlessly with PureVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have confusions regarding how to watch UK TV abroad from anywhere with PureVPN? Don’t worry. Check out the following FAQs.

UK TV channels and streaming services are mostly British-only services which means they can only be accessed in the UK. However, by subscribing to PureVPN and connecting to our UK VPN server or the UK dedicated IP, you can instantly access UK TV channels online from any region you want.

Well, it depends. Some UK TV online channels are completely free to watch such as UKTV Play. However, there are also services that need a paid subscription before you can access them from abroad, such as Netflix UK.

We can’t list down all the UK-based online channels and streaming services since there are countless of them. But we can name some of the most-demanded services such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Netflix UK, SkyGo, ITV, UKTV Play, etc.

Yes, you can play UKTV Play on Firestick and Fire TV. Luckily for you, PureVPN can easily be set up on your Amazon Firestick.


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