How to Close Amazon Account?

If you are in research mode and looking for a way to close an Amazon account, it is smoother and more manageable than it seems. You must read Amazon policies and follow the proper steps before closing an active Amazon account. In this blog, we will share a systematic step-by-step guide on how to get rid of an Amazon account without losing private information.

How do I delete my Amazon account permanently?

All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Initiate the process

You must ensure all the Amazon orders are completed and there’s nothing in the process. Plus, you must cancel every active subscription and install digital assets associated with your account. In this way, you can prevent crucial data loss or added inconvenience.

Log in to your Amazon account

Enter your username and password on the Amazon website. You must use the primary email address to access your active Amazon account.

Visit the “Help and Customer Service” section

After logging in to your account, you can find the option from the top right corner of the main homepage. Click the “Help and Customer Service” option to proceed further.

Go to the “Contact Us” page

From the “Help and Customer Service,” check for the “Browse Help Topics” option. From the “Need More Help?” category section, choose “Contact Us” to prevent the customer support options.

Pick Prime or other options

From the “Contact Us” page, Amazon offers many options to check your issues or concerns. Find the option titled “Tell us more about your issue” and pick “Prime or Something Else” from the range of possibilities.

Pick “Account Settings”

From the “What Can We Help You With?”, select “Account Settings” from the given options. You can land on completely new pages with extra choices by choosing this option.

Select “Close My Account”

From the “Account Settings” page, check the “Tell us more about your issue” again. Choose “Close my Account” from the given options.

Get in touch with Amazon customer support

After choosing “Close My Account,” you can find multiple ways to contact Amazon customer support. Pick the best contact option, which includes phone support, direct email, or live chat. Talk to an Amazon customer representative and explain that you wish to delete your Amazon account.

Complete the process

The support representatives can easily guide you through the whole account closure process. You might have to provide extra information or email confirmation to prove you are the Amazon account owner. All you have to do is follow the instructions and offer all the details as quickly as possible.

Provide verification

Once you finish the whole process, you will receive a confirmation email on your primary email account. Amazon will send an email to confirm that your account has been deleted. Remember to save this email somewhere for any future reference.

How to Close Amazon Account Seller ?

If you have an Amazon account as a seller, follow the process mentioned below:

1. Ensure you have fulfilled all active Amazon orders in process, paid Amazon fees and other reimbursements, and resolved all customer queries.

2. Log in to your Amazon seller account with your username and password.

3. Select the “Settings” option from the top right corner of the Seller Central dashboard.

4. From the Settings option, choose “Account Info,” where you can manage the main account settings.

5. You can see many options on the main “Accounts Info” page, where you must select “Your Account.

6. Now choose the “Close Your Account” option on the Your Account section to proceed further.

7. Follow all the step-by-step instructions provided by Amazon to close your seller account.

8. Mention the reason why you are closing an active Amazon account.

9. Then Amazon will ask you to confirm the decision to remove a seller account. You can read through a summary of the Amazon account closure consequences.

10. Select “Close Account” or “Submit” based on the prompt.

11. Now your request for deleting an Amazon account is completed.

How to Close Amazon Account for a Deceased Person?

You have to take a few extra steps and submit relevant documents to close an Amazon account for a deceased person. Here is a guide on how to get rid of an Amazon account for a dead person:

Collect all documents

You have to submit a few documents to prove that the person is now dead, and the account should be deleted. Some documents you need to include a copy of the deceased person’s death certificates, administrator documents like administrator letters, and testamentary letters.

Get in touch with Amazon customer support

Contact the Amazon customer support team and tell them the account owner has passed away and you wish to close that specific account. Use the Amazon online hello center to reach out to one of Amazon’s customer support representatives.

Submit the right documents

You may have to submit relevant documents to prove that the account owner is deceased and you have the proper authority to close an account. Now send all collected documents and follow the instructions given by Amazon.

Remove all liabilities

Now you must resolve all account issues ranging from customer refunds, every order in progress, or Amazon monthly fees. After that, Amazon will guide you through the following process.

Get rid of the account

Once you have paid all Amazon dues and submitted the required documents, Amazon will process to close the account of a deceased person. Wait for the confirmation email to know that your account has been deleted.

Check monthly subscriptions

Review everything, including subscription plans or monthly charges associated with that Amazon account. You must transfer or cancel all the subscriptions to eliminate the extra costs. All in all, there are a few different things related to deleting an Amazon account of a deceased person. You can always consult Amazon support representatives to get updated information.

What happens when I close my Amazon account?

After closing the Amazon account, you can lose the following things forever:

Prime membership

You can’t listen to Prime Music or watch Amazon Prime videos or have access to Amazon’s free 2-day shipping.

Account Access

You cannot access an active Amazon account ranging from published customer reviews, tailored settings on your dashboard, or existing payment options.

Digital content

After the Amazon account closure, you might lose access to Kindle subscriptions, official videos, or premium music. Ensure you have installed or backed up any purchased digital content before closing your Amazon account.

Remove all liabilities

Now you must resolve all account issues ranging from customer refunds, every order in progress, or Amazon monthly fees. After that, Amazon will guide you through the following process.

Private information

After the account closure, Amazon will hold account information for a few days or weeks based on legal rules, obligations, and privacy policy. But most of the private data will be deleted once your Amazon account is deleted.

Does Deleting Amazon Accounts Stop Payments?

The short answer is no. You must manually cancel all monthly subscriptions because Amazon will keep charging you for many services, including Subscribe and Save, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Amazon Prime.

Moreover, you can no longer access the account and all its existing features, including your specific settings, existing payment options, and order details of past customers.

To cancel recurring payments for subscriptions or services, you should follow the steps below:

Log in to your Amazon account

Go to the Amazon main site and log in with the username and password you want to manage.

Select “Your Account”

Choose the “Your Account” option, usually found on the upper right-hand side of the dashboard page. Click on the option to access your active account settings.

Handle Your Subscriptions

Check for the “Memberships & Subscriptions” or “Your Memberships & Subscriptions” option within your main account settings. Click on it to view and manage your active subscriptions.

Cancel Subscriptions

In the subscriptions management section, you should see a list of active subscriptions. Locate the subscriptions you want to cancel and follow the provided instructions to cancel them. This typically involves clicking on a “Cancel” or “End Subscription” button next to each subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why won’t Amazon let me close my account?

    There are a few reasons for it; some of them include pending subscription charges and customer orders, active Amazon Prime subscriptions, financial obligations, or any security concerns related to your account.

  • Will Amazon reopen a closed account?

    No, because once you have deleted an active account, all your data, order history, and subscriptions are removed that were previously associated with your account. Therefore, you have to think twice before deleting an active Amazon account.

  • Does Amazon cancel accounts?

    No. Unless you are not involved in fraudulent activities, false account information, unsettled Amazon charges, or policy violations, Amazon will not cancel your account.