How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV

Published: July 02, 2019

Learn How to install Kodi Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV from anywhere in the world.

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Amazon Fire Stick is a great streaming service for people who are constantly on the move and want to take their entire entertainment experience every time they go to a new place. It features diverse content such as TV shows, movies, and documentaries of different genres. While it has a lot of content, its not the end of the world. Get Kodi on Fire Stick and spice up your life with infinite content.

Unfortunately, Amazon Fire Stick is currently more focused on targeting US users who have an Amazon Prime account. Those who do not can only access a basic version of Amazon Fire Stick which offers very little content.

Meanwhile,Kodi is a great streaming media player which has an open source code to allow an unlimited number of plugins and add-ons which make it possible to access infinite content right from within the Kodi media player app. Since Kodi is a third-party app, it cannot be installed on your Fire Stick unless you enable your device to allow downloads and installs from unknown sources – more on that later. However, that’s what people have been doing lately, and that is exactly what this article aims to explain, “How to use Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi”.

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How to Get Amazon Account in Your Region

Unfortunately, Amazon TV Fire Stick is restricted to a few countries only such as the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Japan. Outside these countries, you cannot access Amazon Prime as it is restricted.
Amazon Fire Stick is able to restrict your access based on your region. If you are located in any other region, such as in France, Spain or anywhere else in Asia, you will continue to face blockage and unavailability of services. To access the service outside the above-mentioned regions, you will need to change your IP address, and the best way to do so is by using a VPN.

How to Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick

Here is how to add Kodi to Amazon Fire Stick:

  1. From to Home Screen, go to the Search option
  2. Type Downloader and click the Downloader app when it comes up and install it
  3. Launch after the app has been installed
  4. Click on the URL address box and type in and then click Go
  5. Follow the guided installation process to complete the installation of Kodi on your Fire TV Stick

After you have completed these steps, you will have installed Kodi on Fire Stick successfully. What you need now are add-ons. Without add-ons, there is no content available on Kodi. Get a few add-ons to start watching content on Kodi for free. Follow the next steps to learn how to install add-ons on Kodi.

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PureVPN is the best streaming VPN that provides flawless functionality and lag-less streaming experience to its users. The VPN deploys cutting-edge technology, all thanks to its more than 2,000 servers that are highly optimized for streaming.
Once connected to PureVPN, users can access any content that is restricted in their region. This can include banned social media platforms, unavailable websites, region-restricted deals and offers, and of course, access and install Kodi on Fire Stick.
To access Amazon Fire TV from outside the US, or to create an Amazon Account from outside the US, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up for PureVPN
  2. Get PureVPN for Fire Stick
  3. Install, log in with your username and password, and then connect
  4. Select the US as your preferred server
  5. Enjoy Amazon services from around the world

Once you have successfully installed PureVPN, you will be able to access all Amazon services which were previously blocked in your region. Now setting up and watching Kodi on Fire Stick is easy. There are three sets of procedures that you have to follow to install Kodi and watch content on it, which are mentioned in the step-by-step guide below.

Enable downloads from unknown sources on your Amazon FireStick

  • Go to Settings > Device
  • Select Developer options > Turn on ABD debugging
  • Also turn on Apps from Unknown Sources

Once done, you can now install any third-party app on your Fire TV Stick.

How to Use Kodi on Fire Stick? Get some Add-ons!

Installing add-ons on Kodi is simple. You just need to be sure about the right add-on that you need. This is because there are thousands of video add-ons available for free downloads, and each one of them offers diverse content. To learn more about how to install video add-ons to watch Kodi on Fire Stick, click here.

Final Word

PureVPN is the best tool you can subscribe to and get the ultimate streaming experience which you totally deserve. Taking advantage of more than 2,000 servers which are highly optimized for streaming, PureVPN gives you access to everything that is restricted in your area but you want to watch.
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