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A list of all websites and platforms blocked in Russia

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Digital FreedomA list of all websites and platforms blocked in Russia

Since February 24 this year, Russia has blocked hundreds of websites and services, causing nation-wide distress as well as outcry from advocates of free speech. Russia’s latest cyber blockade is focused around, but not limited to, streaming services and news outlets. 

According to statements made by Russian officials, the bans are being implemented to counter the spread of fake news and rumors created online.

During the last week, Russians lost access to many of their favourite websites and services. It’s worth noting that most of the news outlets and social media websites have been blocked by the Russian state itself, rather than the service provider – although that is also the case in some instances. Here is a list of some of the most popular websites and services that are currently inaccessible in Russia.

Social media services blocked in Russia

Service / WebsiteBlocked byBlocked on
FacebookRussiaMarch 4, 2022- Source
TwitterRussiaMarch 4, 2022- Source
TikTokService ownerMarch 7 ,2022- Source
LineRussiaApr 28, 2017 – Source
WeChatRussiaMay 8, 2017 – Source
LinkedInRussiaMay 17, 2017 – Source

Streaming services blocked in Russia

Service / WebsiteBlocked byBlocked on
NetflixService ownerMar 7, 2022- Source
DailyMotionService ownerJan 27, 2017- Source
YouTubeService ownerMar 7, 2022 – Source
DisneyService ownerMar 1, 2022 – Source
Warner Brothers/HBOService ownerMar 1, 2022 – Source
Paramount PicturesRussiaMar 1, 2022 – Source
SonyService ownerMar 1, 2022 – Source

News websites and services blocked in Russia

Service / WebsiteBlocked byBlocked on
BBCRussiaMar 4, 2022 – Source
Deutsche WelleRussiaMar 4, 2022 – Source
MaduzaRussiaMar 3, 2022 – Source
Radio Free EuropeRussiaMar 4, 2022 – Source
AgentstvoRussiaMar 5, 2022 – Source
Snob.ruRussiaMar 5, 2022 – Source
RepublicRussiaMar 5, 2022 – Source
MediazonaRussiaMar 5, 2022 – Source

Online payments and cryptocurrency services blocked in Russia

Service / WebsiteBlocked byBlocked on
PayPalService ownerMarch 5, 2022 – Source
LocalBitcoins RussiaOct 16, 2020 – Source
Cointelegraph RussiaOct 16, 2020 – Source
Binance RussiaSep 24, 2020 – Source
BestChangeRussiaAug 26, 2020- Source
VISAService ownerMar 5, 2022- Source
MasterCardService ownerMar 5, 2022 – Source

Other services blocked in Russia

Service / WebsiteBlocked byBlocked on
deviantart.comRussiaAug 5, 2014  
ej.ruRussiaMar 13, 2014 
flibusta.isRussiaSep 22, 2016 
nicovideo.jpRussiaOct 23, 2019 – Source
williamhill.comService ownerSep 29, 2016 – Source
zello.comRussiaApr 12, 2017 – Source
ProtonMail RussiaJan 29, 2020 – Source
StartMailRussiaJan 22, 2020 – Source

How to access blocked websites and services

Are you in Russia and want to access these websites and services? With the right tools, you can. All you need is to change your IP address to another country.

When you access any website, your IP address reveals your location to the website. Your location determines if you would be able to access the website or not. 

A VPN can help you change your location by masking your real IP address with a new one based on the location of your choice. Just connect to a VPN, choose a new location and access these websites and services easily.

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