A Customer Centric VPN Service

In 2019, Uzair Gadit (CEO) continued the tradition of keeping PureVPN the most Customer-Centric VPN service.

  • 21%

    Were Surprised He Actually Asked

  • 3%

    Replies Highlighted Disconnection Issues

  • 15%

    Requested Enhanced Streaming Accessibility

  • 32%

    Ecstatically Said PureVPN Couldn't Get Any Better

In 2019, You Made PureVPN


2019 was the year when we grew in numbers exponentially.


1.5 Million New Users Joined PureVPN

We further built on top of last year's theme of customer-centricity, opened doors to constructive feedback, and responded to it without wasting any time. The result: 18.4% more users joined the PureVPN family.

1.7 Million Apps Downloads

We never stopped tweaking our Android app to give you the best, user-friendly experience. With near-flawless user experience, the number of app downloads shot through the roof.

4000+ New Partnerships with Affiliates

Our growth didn’t stop at the app or service level. In fact, it extended to our affiliate network, which brought us 1.2x more partnerships across the globe.

350+ New Guides Added To Our Support Center

The dedicated Customer Success Team added more than 350+ Guides, How-tos and tutorial videos. It allowed us to make sure that you got answers to your questions about PureVPN.

200% Increase in Website Traffic

We saw our website traffic increased by 200% in 2019. It was mainly because of our focus on meaningful user-focused content. We committed ourselves to bringing impactful and relevant content to you.

Our Team Size Grew By 70+ People

2019 was a great year for us because we added 70+ new people to our team, who shared our mission and believed in it.


Took new initiatives that helped us to become better.


98% Satisfaction Rate on Live Chat

Our real-time 24/7 customer chat experience clocked at 98% satisfaction in 2019, with 59 seconds of average response time. Wasn’t that great?

No-Log Policy Audited & Certified Twice

To retain your trust in our services, we asked two leading third-party auditors to scrutinize our zero-logs claims against our policies. As a result, we were awarded the No-log certification.

Added 80+ New Channels For Your Entertainment

With dozens of new channels added to our already growing list, we were able to take your streaming experience to many steps further.

Tweaked & Improved Port Forwarding

You pointed us the issues in the Port Forwarding add-on, and our engineers wasted no time in improving your add-on experience.

Gave Split Tunneling a Complete Overhaul

We noticed that some users were confused with the Split Tunneling feature. So, we gave it a complete overhaul to make the feature more user-friendly and intuitive.

Unlocked a New Payment Gateway

With the addition of CoinGate to our huge list of payment methods, we made it more convenient for users to pay via their desired cryptocurrencies.

First Try and Then Pay

We added a 7-day trial feature to our apps, allowing you to feel at home with the app, its features, and functionalities before you pay for the premium subscription.

Added Video Tutorials on YouTube

A picture worth a thousand words, keeping the adage in mind, we added video tutorials on YouTube that brought in 12000+ Views in just 3 months.

7,947 People Rates Us 5 Stars On Trustpilot

With the best user experience and higher speeds, we were able to achieve 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, backed by 7,947 excellent ratings.

Customer-Centricity As a Prime Focus

We made customer-centricity the core part of our business model which, ultimately, enabled the entire organization to focus on making PureVPN a solution that customers seek.

The Road to Flawless Apps Continues!

To provide you with a flawless experience we introduced a dedicated cross-functional team. The team reduced the time it took to identify and fix issues by 50%.

Buy 1 and Gift 12 Free Account Took Everyone by Surprise!

We cared about your friends, family, and loved ones. Therefore, we introduced Buy 1 and Gift 12 free VPN accounts so that your loved ones could enjoy the same internet security and freedom as you.


Strived to be faster in every aspect and succeeded in it.


Optimized Servers to Deliver Fastest Speeds

We kept working under the hood of our servers, to optimize them for better security, performance, and speeds.

10x Faster Server Connection

We upgraded our network from 1Gpbs to 10Gpbs link, which allowed our users to experience 10x faster server connection, improved performance, and, thus, better user experience.

Improved App Response Time by a Huge Margin

We never stopped optimizing our apps across the platforms, which ultimately allowed us to reduce the app response time from 1sec to 200ms.

Optimized and Improved Mobile Infrastructure

Our app engineers optimized the mobile infrastructure to deliver users quick connectivity. It helped us to reduce speed-related complaints on mobile by 50%.

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