Why Netflix Download Is Not Working and How to Fix it

Published: March 03, 2020

Other than a buffer-less online streaming experience, Netflix also allows its users to download movies, and TV shows and watch later offline. It comes as a handy option in instances like boarding a flight where you can’t find internet connectivity. However, this convenient feature can turn into a frustrating one, when users often find that the Netflix download option is not working for some unidentified reason. Below, we have outlined its probable causes and a couple of quick fixes to get it working again.

Netflix Download Is Not Working

Netflix download problems come due to many reasons. Sometimes, you may find that the download option isn’t available at all for a specific title. In other instances, Netflix serves you with an error code that says “There was a problem with this download’ or “Download failed” when you click on the download button.

What’s Causing the Problem?

There could be a number of underlying reasons why you are unable to download movies or TV shows on Netflix. The most common ones are:

You are using an incompatible device

In order to use the Netflix download feature you must be using a: Windows PC or tablet running on Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) and higher; iPhone, iPad, iPod running on iOS 9 or later; Android phone or tablet on Android 4.4.2 or above.

Your Netflix app needs an update

If you’re using a compatible device as mentioned above, it is possible that you’re using an older version of the Netflix app on your device. Ensure that you have updated your Netflix app to the latest version available online.

That specific title isn’t available to download

If you find that the download button in unavailable on a specific movie or TV show, it simply means that Netflix only has streaming rights for the title. Thus, you cannot download it to watch offline. Even some Netflix originals are only available to be streamed online, not offline.

For downloading a title while is not available in your region, you may need to connect to a Netflix VPN and change your virtual location to a region where that title is available.

You’ve exceeded your Netflix download limit

Netflix does set a cap on its offline download limit. On a single device you can download as much as 100 titles and it’s rarely possible to exhaust that limit. However, the number varies as per your subscription plan and the number of devices being used to access an account. Thankfully, you will be notified about expiring downloads seven days before the expiration date.

Your device has low storage

Your device doesn’t have any more free space to download more Netflix movies or TV shows.

Corrupt Netflix Data

It is also possible that your Netflix app may have corrupted or outdated data stored.

Common Error Codes Associated with Netflix Download Problems

Netflix commonly runs into these common on-screen error codes when there’s a problem with its offline download feature.

  • Netflix download code VC2-CV2-V6
  • Error code VC2-CV2-B23000
  • Error codes VC2-CV2-W800700005, VC2-CV2-WC0000428, DL1-W80072EFD
  • Netflix download error VC2-CV1-B434
  • Error codes VC2-CV1-MSL205032, VC2-W800A138F, DL1-W800706BA

How to Fix Netflix Offline Download Problems

Here are a couple of fixes that you can try.

Delete previously downloaded titles

If the error message suggests that you’ve exhausted your offline download limit, you can simply remove old ones and start downloading new ones in no time. It is best to remove all previously downloaded titles instead of going through the hassle of removing them one by one. Here’s how you can do it:

  • On your Netflix app tap ‘More’, then go to ‘App settings’, and tap on ‘Delete all downloads’ option.
  • Now try downloading a new title. If you’re still unable to do so, follow the steps below.

Power cycle your device

The quickest and most effective solution that you can try is to simply restart your device. If you’re using a device such as Amazon Firestick, unplug it, leave it be for a minute, and then plug back in. Now launch Netflix and see if you can download a title now. If not, try the next solution.

Update or reinstall Netflix app

Go to your respective app store and see if there’s a newer version available for your Netflix app and update if needed. As an alternative, you can simply delete and then reinstall the app altogether. This way you can ensure that you’ve downloaded and using the latest app version. Once the app has been updated or newly installed, launch Netflix and see if you can download a title. If you still can’t, try one last solution.

Restart your modem/router

This problem may also arise due to a problem with the internet connection in use. If you’re using a wireless connection via Wi-Fi router, power cycle it completely. Do the same with your modem if you’re using a wired connection.