Fix: Netflix Keeps Freezing on Windows 10

Published: Oct 09, 2019

With the release of Netflix’s native app for Windows 10, majority of the users have switched from web browsing. With additional functionalities such as the liberty to choose the streaming quality and download videos to watch later, the app offers an incredible streaming experience. However, users have also reported that the Netflix app often freezes or crashes while streaming. If you too are sailing in the same boat, scroll down for the probable causes and a set of quick fixes to resolve the issue.

Netflix, despite being a web-based online streaming service , it keeps on adding more compatibility to its service in the form of dedicated apps for different devices and operating systems. As of today, Netflix has a nifty app for all major OS including iOS, Android, and Windows. Netflix quite frequently releases updates for its apps to keep them working smoothly, however, calling them ‘error-free’ as commonly advertised is an overstatement.

What’s Causing Netflix to Keep Freezing on Windows 10?

Recently, Netflix’s Windows 10 app has been getting some bad press in regards to freezing and crashing issues while streaming. Some common problems associated with the problem are:

  1. Netflix freezes on the laptop
  2. The video freezes while the audio is still playing
  3. Windows 10 crashes when Netflix is launched
  4. Netflix freezes while streaming and causes the Windows to crash

It can get typically frustrating since this issue arises without any apparent reason. Some of the probable causes could be:

  1. The Netflix server being down.
  2. Issues associated with the internet connection or proxy. In some instances, a VPN could cause the problem.
  3. Outdated Silverlight plug-in.
  4. Date and time need to be updated on Windows 10.

How to Fix Netflix Freezing Issue on Windows 10

To begin with, you must check if your internet is working or not. You can do so by simply opening a few websites. If the connection works fine, move on to the fixes below.

Solution 1: Check if the Netflix server is down

If the Netflix app freezes on Windows 10, the first thing you should do is check if the Netflix is server is down. You can check the status of the Netflix server here . If the status says active, then go to and watch the same title you were trying to access on the app. If it works fine on the web browser, then proceed to the set of fixes below.

Solution 2: Disable any/all active proxy or VPN

Due to the harsh crackdown against VPNs and proxies by Netflix, a number of providers have been blacklisted banned from the network. Try disabling the installed VPN or proxy and check if that solves the problem. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the ‘Start’ button, then go to ‘Settings’ ➝ ‘Network & Internet’ ➝ ‘Proxy’
  2. Turn ‘OFF’ switch for ‘Manual proxy setup’

If that solves the problem then you better opt for a VPN service or proxy that still works with Netflix. The best way to go by would be signing up for a paid and reliable Netflix VPN service such as PureVPN to use Netflix without any pesky restrictions or errors.

Solution 3: Check date & time on Windows

Netflix may also freeze due to incorrect date & time settings on Windows. Follow the steps below to check and update the date & time if it’s incorrect.

  1. Type ‘Control’ in the search box from the Windows Start menu and open ‘Control panel’
  2. Click on the catalog related to ‘Clock’ then click ‘Date and Time’
  3. Update the date and time if needed and see if Netflix works now

If it doesn’t then move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Reinstall Microsoft Silverlight

Netflix may also start freezing if the Silverlight plug-in on your Windows has been corrupted or needs to be updated. Follow the steps below to uninstall it and reinstall the latest version.

  1. Open ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Uninstall a Program’ right below ‘Programs’
  2. Search for and open ‘Microsoft Silverlight’ then click ‘Uninstall’
  3. No click here to download the latest Silverlight version and install it to see if that solves the problem at hand

If it’s still frozen, try the next solution.

Solution 5: Update Graphic drivers

It is also possible that your graphics card is outdated or having configuration issues, which in turn, is causing the problem. You can delete all the driver files and install the new driver all over again. You can search for the latest driver version from Microsoft’s official website or follow the steps below to do it manually.

  1. Press Win+R key altogether > in the run box > type ‘devmgmt.msc’ command > hit Enter
  2. Now, a ‘Device Manager’ Windows will open. Expand the list of ‘Display Adapters’ > then right-click on ‘Graphics Card Driver’ > choose ‘Update driver’