Best Netflix VPN in 2020

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Why Do You Need a Netflix VPN in 2020?

By using a Netflix VPN, you can stream Netflix US, Germany, Australia, and other libraries from anywhere in the world. Some Netflix subscribers use a VPN to get access to Netflix libraries. While others use a VPN to boost streaming speed and prevent buffering.

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United States
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Who Uses a VPN for Netflix?

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According to research, more than 37% of people in the world use a VPN to go around geoblocks and access Netflix libraries. Most people are using a VPN to watch Netflix shows that they can’t access in their country or region.

Whether you are in Canada or Australia, you can use a Netflix VPN like PureVPN to access all Netflix libraries. By using PureVPN, you can watch Netflix without any buffering or proxy errors.

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Netflix US Offers Great Content

Netflix restricts access to a huge amount of content for countries outside the US. Even when TV shows and movies are eventually added to Netflix in other countries, this sometimes takes months.

Netflix does this to try to limit piracy and to respect regional licensing restrictions, but it is super annoying. Netflix users outside the US are paying money for a service that offers just 30% of the full service.

We think that’s unfair. The solution is easy enough, though. By streaming US Netflix through a VPN, you get instant access to all the latest and most interesting content.


Can I Access Netflix When Traveling?

Yes. You can watch Netflix anywhere you want as long as you have a subscription. But if you want to Netflix US outside the US then you must use a VPN on your streaming device. By using a VPN, you can stream any region-specific TV show or movie from anywhere in the world.

So whether you are an expat or a frequent traveler, get a VPN to access all Netflix libraries. Plus, using a VPN can also protect your online activity and IP address from hackers and internet service providers. All you have to do is to get a VPN, connect to a country’s server, and enjoy any Netflix library.

PureVPN - The Best Netflix VPN in 2020

With PureVPN, you can get access to every Netflix library without any hassle. As PureVPN has more than 2070 servers available, you can connect to any server and stream Netflix shows from anywhere. Plus PureVPN uses split-tunneling feature to enhance your streaming experience and prevent buffering. PureVPN app is compatible with many streaming devices such as iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, or Mac. So you can watch Netflix on your favorite device.

PureVPN app has a streaming mode available. This means you are automatically connected to a streaming-optimized server while using PureVPN on your device. Moreover, PureVPN uses bank-grade security protocols, like AES-256, to help you stream Netflix safely and spoof your geolocation.

Most VPNs are not optimized for streaming. This means that they often have long buffering times when watching Netflix, and sometimes cut out mid-stream.

Our VPN is different. By using split tunneling, we can offer a completely buffer-free experience when watching Netflix. By hiding your true location, our VPN service also allows you to bypass all IP-level restrictions.

Because VPN hides your true identity online, it keeps you totally anonymous. This is useful when it comes to watching Netflix, because no-one will know your location.

Staying anonymous also has other benefits, though. Hackers who want to steal your data, and companies who want to track your online activity, won’t be able to.

To evade these limitations and access the content you want to actually watch, you need a good VPN that works with Netflix.

Our VPN uses military-grade encryption technology to encrypt everything you do online. This means that, even if someone manages to intercept your data, they will not be able to read it.

Using a VPN greatly increases your level of defense against the most common cyber-attacks. It will even help to keep you safe when using public Wi-Fi networks, where attacks are common. So while you might first get a VPN to stream US Netflix, once you start using one you will never go back to normal browsing again.

Streaming US Netflix content from outside the country means shifting a lot of data between servers all over the world. Because of this, using most VPN services to watch Netflix can be a frustrating experience, with long buffering times and unreliable connections.

Our VPN is not like that. With a huge network of servers, we can offer instant streaming, no matter where you are.

Netflix often shuts down access for people using VPNs. If the IP address of a VPN server is detected, Netflix will quickly block traffic from that server, and cut off thousands of users from accessing content.

Our VPN works in a different way, and allows you to access Netflix without getting on their radar, so the chances of you getting stopped are virtually zero.

How to Watch Netflix with a VPN
Frequently Asked Questions

A VPN is a security tool that enhances your online privacy and protect your IP address. If your device is connected to public Wi-Fi then it is at risk. Hackers can get access to your device and online identity if you are not using security protocols. This is where a VPN can protect you from hackers and malicious attacks. Also, you can use a VPN to connect to any IP address and virtually appear somewhere else in the world.

Yes. It is perfectly legal to use a VPN to access US Netflix. But not all VPNs are equal. Some VPN providers cannot help you access Netflix libraries due to fewer servers. That’s why you must choose a VPN like PureVPN that offers more servers and access Netflix libraries.

A Netflix VPN can help you stay safe while you are streaming TV shows and movies on your device. Plus, using a Netflix VPN can help you access Netflix libraries like the US, Germany, or Australia from anywhere. So if you are traveling abroad or can’t access Netflix US somewhere, use a Netflix VPN to prevent this problem.

To watch Netflix with a VPN, follow these five steps:

  1. Get the Netflix VPN 2020 - PureVPN
  2. Download and install VPN extension (i.e. Firefox or Chrome)
  3. Login VPN extension with your credentials
  4. Click on popular websites and connect US Netflix
  5. Visit Netflix, login and enjoy!

A VPN can hide your online identity from internet services providers that deliberately slows your internet speed if you are using a lot of bandwidth. Also, a VPN uses a split-tunneling feature to control your internet traffic that enhances streaming and on your device. In this way, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming whenever your device is connected to a VPN.

Get a VPN to avoid ISP throttling. By using a VPN, your ISP (internet service provider) cannot detect your IP address or throttle your internet speeds.

Choose a VPN that offers more servers around the world. In this way, you can connect to any country’s server and access multiple Netflix libraries. Plus, a VPN that uses high-grade security protocols like AES-256, OpenVPN, PPTP, or L2TP are considered the fastest for streaming. Fortunately, PureVPN provides countless servers and uses these encryption protocols to help Netflix subscribes enjoy fast streaming.

Yes. You can set up a VPN for your router easily. Click on this guide right here and follow the step-by-step guide to set up a VPN for any router at home. .

There are many reasons a VPN could stop working with Netflix. For instance, a non-configured settings option can be a cause behind Netflix not working with VPN. Find out how to troubleshoot your problem.

No. You will need to pay for a Netflix subscription to stream shows and movies.

Sometimes you might see an error like "You Seem to be Using an Unblocker or Proxy" when you try to access Netflix. This happens if you are using a free VPN or corrupt VPN. Free or corrupt VPNs don’t have enough servers available that you need to access Netflix from outside the region. That’s why we recommend using PureVPN to prevent this Netflix error and stream shows easily.

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