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How To Watch US Netflix From Anywhere?

You can Watch American Netflix with a VPN in 3 Easy Steps:

American Netflix VPN

Sign up for PureVPN.

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Download and Install PureVPN.

It supports hundreds of devices.

Access American Netflix with VPN

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Why You Need A VPN To Watch US Netflix

The content that is on US Netflix isn’t available outside the US. US Netflix has the many more TV shows, movies, and other content than Netflix in any other country.

In some countries, you can’t access Netflix at all.

To get around this problem, you can use a VPN to watch US Netflix as though you are in the US.

Netflix US available countries
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# of TV Shows
# of Movies
% of US TV Library
% of US Movie Library
United States
United Kingdom
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Who is Using a VPN to Watch US Netflix?

users percentage who use netflix with vpn

Thousands of people use a VPN service to stream US Netflix every day. It’s hard to tell exactly, because a VPN also hides their identity so well, but research suggests that 37% of users on US Netflix are using a VPN.

Most of these people are using a VPN to watch Netflix shows they cannot access in their home countries, or to stream shows before they are released locally.

Using a VPN that works with Netflix is a good idea for other reasons as well, though. Our dedicated US Netflix servers ensure a lightning-fast, uninterrupted connection. This means you get a buffer-free streaming experience, always!

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Why US Netflix is the Best Netflix

Netflix restricts access to a huge amount of content for countries outside the US. Even when TV shows and movies are eventually added to Netflix in other countries, this sometimes takes months.

Netflix does this to try to limit piracy and to respect regional licensing restrictions, but it is super annoying. Netflix users outside the US are paying money for a service that offers just 30% of the full service.

We think that’s unfair. The solution is easy enough, though. By streaming US Netflix through a VPN, you get instant access to all the latest and most interesting content.

netflix vpn service

Can I Watch US Netflix When Traveling?

Of course. The regional limitations on Netflix are most annoying when you are traveling. Many of the TV shows or movies that you have added to your wish list will not be available when you are outside the US.

These limitations can get super annoying if you are a frequent traveler. By using a VPN to watch US Netflix, though, you can stream any show or watch american movie you like as if you were back at home.

The same goes for expats. The choice of movies and TV shows available through Netflix outside the US is often extremely limited, and people living abroad get bored (and then annoyed) by this lack of choice.

The solution, in both cases, is to download a VPN.

Which VPN Should I Choose to Watch US Netflix?

Ours! PureVPN is the fastest, most reliable VPN for watching US Netflix. Our dedicated US Netflix servers ensure that streaming US Netflix through PureVPN is lightning-fast and super-reliable. Our apps are easy to use, so you can start streaming US Netflix from your laptop, phone, tablet, or TV with just one click. PureVPN also comes with a range of extra features:

Most VPNs are not optimized for streaming. This means that they often have long buffering times when watching US Netflix, and sometimes cut out mid-stream.

PureVPN is different. By using split tunneling, we can offer a completely buffer-free experience when watching US Netflix. By hiding your true location, our VPN service also allows you to bypass all IP-level restrictions.

Because PureVPN hides your true identity online, it keeps you totally anonymous. This is useful when it comes to watching US Netflix, because no-one will know you are not in the US.

Staying anonymous also has other benefits, though. Hackers who want to steal your data, and companies who want to track your online activity, won’t be able to.

To evade these limitations and access the content you want to actually watch, you need a good VPN that works with Netflix, such as PureVPN.

PureVPN uses military-grade encryption technology to encrypt everything you do online. This means that, even if someone manages to intercept your data, they will not be able to read it.

Using a VPN greatly increases your level of defence against the most common cyber attacks. It will even help to keep you safe when using public WiFi networks, where attacks are common.So while you might first get a VPN to stream US Netflix, once you start using one you will never go back to normal browsing again.

Streaming US Netflix content from outside the country means shifting a lot of data between servers all over the world. Because of this, using most VPN services to watch US Netflix can be a frustrating experience, with long buffering times and unreliable connections.

PureVPN is not like that. With a huge network of servers, we can offer instant streaming wherever you are.

Netflix often shuts down access for people using VPNs. If the IP address of a VPN server is detected, Netflix will quickly block traffic from that server, and cut off thousands of users from accessing content.

PureVPN works in a different way, and allows you to access Netflix without getting on their radar, so the chances of you getting stopped are virtually zero.

How to Watch Netflix with VPN
Frequently Asked Questions

A VPN is a security tool that lets you hide your real location. Using a VPN, you can watch US Netflix as though you are in the US, and enjoy unlimited access to every piece of content.

Because a VPN also hides your identity and encrypts the information you share online, it will also help to keep you safe from hackers and websites that try to track you.

Yes, absolutely. It is perfectly safe to use a VPN to access US Netflix.

A VPN is a subscription service that lets you connect to US Netflix (and any other site) from anywhere in the world. A VPN service like PureVPN hides your identity, so no-one will know where you really are, and no-one will be able to track your activity.

Easy. All you need is an active Netflix subscription, and PureVPN. Then you click ‘US Netflix’ from the Popular Websites list , enter your details, and get watching!

PureVPN makes your internet connection highly stable. Unlike most VPNs which make your internet speed drop upon connection, PureVPN enhances your bandwidth and allows you and even more fluent streaming experience.

PureVPN makes use of highly advanced mechanisms and AI algorithms such as split tunneling, where your data is sent over 2 separate channels. Your private information is sent over encrypted network while data packets which do not contain your private information are sent over public network. Sending the same amount of data over two separate channels makes your connection twice as fast and twice as secure.

Moreover, PureVPN makes highly intelligent choices when it comes to choosing the best server for your Netflix streaming needs. On any of your streaming device such as Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, PureVPN can provide you with the fastest Netflix streaming experience by choosing a U.S. server location with the highest speed index.

Get PureVPN. Because our VPN hides your identity, your ISP will not know who you are, and will not throttle your connection. This means that you can get the maximum speed when watching US Netflix.

PureVPN. Not only do we have dedicated servers for US Netflix, but also we help you avoid ISP speed throttling for a fast, smooth, and seamless US Netflix streaming experience.

It depends on what kind of router you have. Some routers provide VPN functionality as standard, so it’s just a question of logging into your router and configuring your VPN settings in the configuration panel.

Some routers, though, don’t let you do this. There are ways around this, like installing third-part firmware, but we don’t recommend that. In truth, the best solution in this case is to get a new router: trust us, the security benefits will pay off many times over.

If you already have PureVPN, you can check our our guide on how to setup PureVPN on your router.

PureVPN. You should look for a VPN that offers the best streaming speed, and the most reliable connection. That’s our VPN.

PureVPN also offers split tunneling to cut buffering times to zero, dedicated US Netflix servers for extra speed, and the ability to bypass ISP throttling.

Um, maybe because you don’t have PureVPN? Netflix frequently blocks the VPN servers of other providers. We offer an anonymous IP address to all our users, so with PureVPN your connection will never cut out.

There are many reasons a VPN could stop working with Netflix. For instance, a non-configured settings option can be a cause behind Netflix not working with PureVPN. Read on and find out how to troubleshoot your problem.

Unfortunately not. You will need to pay for a Netflix account to stream content, whether you are using a VPN or not.

But if you have paid for account, why limit yourself just to the shows and movies available in your home country? By using PureVPN to watch US Netflix, you can access all of the content on US Netflix, wherever you are in the world.

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