When you are connected to our Ozone-ready VPN servers, they will automatically block malwares, protect against intruders and block suspicious websites so that nothing can compromise and infect your device. Additionally, no flashy ads will occupy your screen.

This is How Our Ozone-Ready VPN Servers Give You a Better VPN Experience

Ozone Specific Features Without Ozone With Ozone
URL Filter
Controls what websites are allowed or blocked on your network
Identifies and stops malwares that try to seep into your device
Detects and prevents all malicious traffic at server-level for onset protection
Content Filter
Blocks annoying ads from accessing or cluttering your browser
App Blocker
Restricts user-defined applications’ access to the Internet

How PureVPN Ozone VPN Servers Work

The Internet isn’t just populated with innovative ideas, likeminded individuals and 24/7 entertainment. Truth be told, in the darker corners of the Internet, there co-exists malwares, worms, viruses and ransomwares that are specifically developed to breach users’ privacy and steal their data.

To fight those threats and make Internet secure for your family, friends or employees, you need the cutting-edge technology that powers the PureVPN’s Ozone-ready VPN Servers.


Our Ozone-ready servers are fueled by a set of powerful features that protects your Internet traffic up to the server level and down to your device. When connected to the VPN, your Internet request is first sent to the Ozone-ready VPN servers. The servers route the incoming traffic from the ISP back to the user, all the while identifying and blocking all the malwares or viruses, making all the incoming traffic completely secure.

The servers not only stop all types of malware but also detects and blocks corrupt traffic with advance IDS/IPS technology. The corrupt traffic could be sent by fraudulent or compromised websites, and as a result, it is equally dangerous. Moreover, with server-level content filter, you get to experience an ad-free browsing experience.

Apart from server-level protection features, Ozone-ready VPN servers also come with URL Filter and App Filter technologies that let you control what types of websites and applications can be accessed on your device.

Other Features by PureVPN

Fastest Speed

Each server on our global network is optimized for not only security but also fastest speeds.

Global Servers

Access a massive network of 750+ secure VPN servers with a single-click.

Guaranteed Privacy

Become an anonymous explorer on the Internet by using any of our 88,000+ IPs.

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