Port Forwarding VPN: Open All Ports on Any Preferred Device Using VPN

Forward or Open Any UDP/TCP Ports with Port Forwarding using VPN that seamlessly connects your device with any device or server of your choice securely from anywhere in the world.

  • Open or Forward Any UDP/TCP Ports from Any Device
  • Access your PC or laptop from anywhere
  • Speed up your P2P downloads
  • Use Port Forwarding to configure CGNAT (Carrier Grade Natting)
  • Use Port Forwarding to open specific ports for online gaming
  • Use Port Forwarding while connected to a VPN

What is Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding, also referred as port mapping, is a technique which is often used to redirect computer signals (ports) from LAN computers (Local network) to remote computers (Internet) and vice versa.

To simplify this further, the Port Forwarding feature allows you to connect with or access any internet-connected device or service from any place around the world.

Port forwarding is also often referred to as Port Tunneling. This is a behind-the-scenes process of intercepting the data traffic heading towards a computer’s IP combination and redirecting it to a different IP address. Most often, a VPN or proxy program is used to cause this redirection, but it can also be done via hardware devices such as a router, proxy server, or even a firewall.

It allows you to send requests to any server on the internet without anyone else knowing the original location or IP address of these requests. This guarantees your privacy on the internet.


How to setup Port Forwarding via PureVPN ?

What are Ports? Ports are computer signals that are redirected between LAN computers (Local network), and remote computers (Internet). You can activate PureVPN’s Port Forwarding feature to stay secure while connected to other devices by following the steps mentioned below:

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PureVPN’s Port Forwarding/NAT Firewall Add-on protects your system from unauthorized access and allows you to stay secure at all times!

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