Securing passwords made easy.

As part of our commitment to ensure digital security and privacy, we’ve built a cutting-edge Password Manager – PureKeep.

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How PureKeep Works?

Why choose PureKeep?

Access all your passwords from a single secure location and never lose them again.

Don’t let anyone else ruin your day with a weak password. Create unique, hard-to-guess passwords and get secure.

Organize your data with favorites, tags and multiple vaults to keep it all in order.

Easily export your vaults as encrypted containers to avoid data breaches and ensure maximum security.

Set up and safely access your stored information on all your mobile devices and desktop.

You’ve got it all in your hands.

Let’s keep things between

you & you only.

You can stop worrying about your privacy. Now with PureKeep’s zero knowledge policy, you can keep your personal information private and secure than ever before.

Your digital life can be a mess, protecting it shouldn’t be.

Securely and efficiently manage your digital possessions with a robust, fast & easy to use solution

Generate strong & unique passwords on a tap.

Easily generate strong & unique passwords to avoid security breaches. Privately manage all your possessions in just one tap be it files, photos or even card details.

Take control.             Anywhere, Anytime.

Backup, Sync and securely orchestrate your data. Access all of your passwords & critical information across multiple devices and access at any time, from anywhere, with anyone.

Security Made Simple.

Connect to all kinds of devices instantly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions about PureKeep

What is a password manager?

A password manager is a tool that can help you securely store all your passwords and sensitive information. With it, generating strong passwords becomes easier so there’s no chance of any security or privacy breaches.

Will my passwords be safe?

Our state-of the art encryption keeps your information completely private and secure. We generate strong passwords for you, store them in multiple vaults so that they are always safe to use with just one click.

Can we get Password Manager separately?

PureKeep is the perfect solution for storing your sensitive data. Since it is an add-on, it can only be purchased with a VPN plan.

What can I protect using a password manager?

Store more than just passwords. Keep all your bank/credit card details and other important information in one secure location so it can be accessed by any desktop or mobile device you own.

How much data will I be able to store/upload/save?

PureKeep provides unlimited storage for your passwords, files, and other important data which means you can attach unlimited documents to a secure vault and keep them private.