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Download and share files securely and quickly. Use uTorrent with PureVPN, everyone’s go-to Torrent VPN, to:

  • Encrypt all of your traffic and make it untraceable.
  • Bypass ISP torrent throttling and speed up your torrenting activities.
  • Secure yourself from malicious torrents & copyright trolls.
  • Mask your IP address and be 100% anonymous.
  • Avail Exclusive 2-Year Plan

Experience The Fastest VPN Service Ever!

Whether it’s high-speed streaming, browsing, security, file sharing, or privacy; you get everything with PureVPN!

Access Content

Movies, TV shows or sporting events; PureVPN allows you instant & unrestricted access to your favorite content.

Security & Anonymity

Your privacy is guaranteed with our anonymous VPN IPs, military-grade encryption, and global network of VPN servers.

Blazing-Fast Speed

A drop in speed kills the joy of everything, which is why we have dedicated high-speed VPN servers for every purpose.

8 Reasons to choose PureVPN

Ultra-Fast Speed

With 10Gbit connection speed, you are completely assured to get maximum speed all the time.

Universal Unblocking

Be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or any other service. Stream content to your heart’s content.

P2P Enabled

Download torrents or files over P2P networks through our secure servers with absolute peace of mind.

6500 Servers and 300,000 IPs in 78+ Countries

PureVPN has servers in 78+ countries to connect you to your favorite content.

DNS Leak Protection

Send and receive data under a completely invulnerable tunnel through our DNS leak protection.

Split Tunneling

Split your Internet data between your ISP and VPN for maximum speed and performance.

24-hour live chat support

Be it any time of the day or year, feel free to get in touch with PureVPN’s friendly representatives.

10 Multi Logins

We support 10 multi-logins to make sure that your entire family remains protected.

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12 Months 66% OFF
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Don’t miss out!!Our exclusive deal offers 79% off on our 2-year plan + 3 months free. End’s soon!

Billed USD 44.95 for the first 12 months, then USD 54.95 every 12 months.

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PureMax One for all

Password manager, File encrypter & Social media auditor + You get special 40% OFF.


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PureVPN plan includes:

  • Apps for
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • 10-Multi logins so you can use one account on 10 devices at the same time.
  • 6500+ secure servers in 71+ countries
  • 24/7 customer support
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