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Russia VPN

5 Multi Logins

Connect and secure multiple devices using the Russian VPN service.

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Also compatible with multiple consoles including SmartTV, Kodi, Amazon fire, Chromecast, Routers, Computers and other Smart devices.

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Experience Internet Freedom with Our Best VPN For Russia


Safety from Metadata Retention

Metadata is the log of all your online activities, ranging from communication, to financial transactions. It’s mandatory for ISPs to save metadata for at least six months. The Russia VPN service makes it possible for Russians to evade ISP logging all together, and become totally invisible online.


Hide your IP address

IP addresses reveals location of device connected to the network. If you haven’t masked your IP, anyone can easily track you and learn about your personal life. Advertisers and monitoring authorities keep track of what people are doing, and they do so by peeking into your personal data, which is very unethical.


Protect your Digital Identity

Russia is thought to have the highest number of cyber criminals, which makes it mandatory for Russians to protect their digital identity from malicious internet users. If your digital identity is not protected, anyone on the internet can pretend to be you, commit crimes, and get you in trouble.

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PureVPN Servers in Russia

You can enjoy the ultimate VPN experience if you have a VPN server located close to your country or region. With optimal speed at your disposal, you can delight yourself with high-speed access only with our fastest VPN for Russia. You can, in fact, enjoy fastest streaming ever offered by any other VPN.

PureVPN has more than 2000 servers with as many as 20 Russia VPN servers located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Our highly experienced staff and extremely intelligent network infrastructure allows you to enjoy 99.9% uptime with PureVPN.

Moscow VPN

Saint Petersburg VPN

Yekaterinburg VPN

Nizhny Novgorod VPN

Get PureVPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Promise You!

Fastest VPN Speed

Lightning fast browsing speeds and instant connectivity, all thanks to our servers placed in strategic locations.

Anonymous Identity

Encryption via multiple protocols, split tunneling and IP address masking makes your browsing anonymous

No-Log Policy

Our servers keep no logs of your activities and browsing history, as we take your privacy very seriously.

Our Russian VPN Service gives you the security that you need.

Protect your identity

Keeps your identity, personal details, and credentials from ending up into the wrong hands

Absolute Online Anonymity

Prevents your ISP from logging your online activities and browsing sessions

Total Internet Freedom

Provides the freedom to access content from around the world by avoiding geo-restrictions

Public Wi-Fi Protection

Keeps your devices secure on Public Wi-Fi spots and protects them from breaches

Encrypt Online Activities

By default encryption of all your activities and communication makes you “hack proof”

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Privacy and Security features

Russian VPN service enhances your privacy and security through the following features:

256-bit Data Encryption

When all communication and data is encrypted via multiple 256-bit data encryption protocols, chances of your security getting compromised drop to 0.

Web Filtering

With thousands of impressive-looking fake websites, it is possible to click on one or two malicious links and compromise your security – PureVPN never lets that happen

Wi-Fi Security

By encrypting all your data before it is sent over the network, you beef up your security as the data cannot be decrypted even if it gets leaked or stolen.

Internet Kill Switch

It no longer matters if your internet or VPN connection stumbles upon an outage. Whatever you are doing gets instantly blocked in an event of outage, so you are never exposed.

Split Tunneling

Intelligently choose which data should be sent over the protected network and which should not, to save on bandwidth and privacy with our VPN for Russia.

Content Filtering

You can pre-decide what type of content is authorized to be loaded on devices connected to your network, or even rely on PureVPN’s advanced algos to do that for you.

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2000+ Servers across 180+ Countries

Our global network of servers allows you to change your IP address right away. PureVPN is not just fast, it’s safe and global as well.

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