Best VPN for Sao Paulo in 2021

Are you traveling or living in Sao Paulo? By using a VPN on your device, you’ll be able to get around geo-restrictions, connect to public Wi-Fi securely, and more. Try PureVPN risk-free for 31 days and experience the benefits yourself.

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VPN for Sao Paulo

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If you’re living in Sao Paulo or planning to travel there soon, it’s a good idea to use a VPN while connecting to the Internet.

A VPN will help you get around geo-restrictions to access content and services otherwise unavailable in your region. (Trust us, if you’re going there for the first time, you’re going to need this!) You’ll also be able to improve your privacy and security and prevent third-parties from getting their hands on your sensitive data.

This is particularly important if you access public Wi-Fi networks, which make it exceptionally easy for hackers to steal your personal information.

As you can see, there are many advantages of using a VPN for Sao Paulo. Read on to learn more:

Reasons You Need a VPN for Sao Paulo

Here’s why you should get a Sao Paulo VPN service:

To Dodge Geo-Restrictions

With a VPN, you can easily gain access to geo-blocked content and services. For instance, if you want to watch US Netflix from Sao Paulo, simply use a VPN to connect to a US server. Your IP address will be masked and replaced with a US one for restriction-free access to American Netflix.

Similarly, if you’re outside Sao Paulo, you’ll lose access to local channels such Globosat and RedeTV. To watch your favorite news or shows from abroad, you can use a VPN to get a Sao Paulo IP address.

To Use Public Wi-Fi Safely

Since public WiFi networks are unencrypted, they can pose a risk to your security wherever you’re in the world, and Sao Paulo is no different. For example, tools like packet sniffers allow the bad guys to eavesdrop on your traffic and capture personal details like your credit card details.

A VPN is going to encrypt all your data using bank-grade encryption, so you’ll remain protected when using public (and even private) Wi-Fi networks.

PureVPN – The Best VPN for Sau Paulo

For the best Sao Paulo VPN, look no further than PureVPN. We’re a certified no-log VPN, which means we don’t collect, store, or share any personally identifiable information.

Our global network is made up of more than 2,000 highly secure servers in over 180 locations, including Sao Paulo, Brazil.

There are no limitations on bandwidth usage, giving users the freedom to browse, download, and stream all they want.

AES 256-bit encryption (the highest available standard) is used to protect your traffic and communications from prying eyes.

Features like a kill switch and DNS, IPv6, & WebRTC leak protection ensure your real identity remains concealed wherever and whenever you go online.

We have sleek and a href="" target="_blank">user-friendly apps for all major devices so that you can get PureVPN up and running in no time.

Furthermore, one PureVPN subscription can be used on up to 10 different devices at a time. This eliminates the need to buy separate accounts for each of your devices.

The best part of all, your purchase is protected by a 31-day-money back guarantee no matter which PureVPN plan you choose.

How to Connect to the Best VPN for Sao Paulo

By equipping your device with PureVPN, you can get a Sao Paulo IP address or that of another country in seconds. Just follow these simple instructions mentioned below:

  1. Go to our order page and grab a PureVPN subscription (or sign up for the 7-day trail at only $0.99)
  2. download and install the VPN app or software for your device.
  3. Launch it and log in using your username and password.
  4. Choose Sao Paulo or anywhere else as your desired server location
  5. You’re all set. Use the Internet with privacy, security, and freedom!

Specifications of Sao Paulo VPN Servers

Supported Protocols Number of Servers
PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, & IPSec 18

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about using a VPN in Sao Paulo:

Should I Use a VPN if I Live in Sao Paulo?

Yes, why not? By connecting to a VPN in Sao Paulo, you can access unavailable content, use public Wi-Fi networks securely, and experience tons of other benefits.

How Do I Get a Sao Paulo IP Address from Anywhere?

It’s simple, really. Just grab a PureVPN subscription, set up the service on your device, and choose a VPN server in Sao Paulo. Once connected, your real IP address will be replaced with one from Sao Paulo, allowing complete access to your favorite content and services from abroad.