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Connect to our Cambodian VPN service to get around every type of online censorship, surveillance and prosecution against dissenting opinions.

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Cambodia VPN

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Set up the best VPN in Cambodia on multiple devices.

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Eliminate Surveillance & Biased Treatment against Dissenting Voice with Our VPN for Cambodia

Evade Limitations for Good

The Cambodian laws regarding online restriction or filtering against social or website content give the country government complete control on what you can or can’t access. As a result, you are bound and limited to content or services allowed by the government. Internet is an open space and it should remain as it is no matter where you live. With our VPN for Cambodia, you can finally put an end to online censorship running rampant in the region.

Circumvent Unjust Online Monitoring

Content filtering isn’t the only practice in which the Cambodian government is involved. It, in fact, also practices strict internet surveillance. The practice allows the government to breach the privacy of its internet users and listen in on their communications or monitor their activities. If you wish to evade the anti-privacy practice of the Cambodian government, it is best to set up PureVPN’s reliable Cambodian VPN service on your device and surf the internet without worries.

Experience Secure Browsing 24/7

Cyberattacks are a growing online threat everywhere across the globe. Likewise, online users from Cambodia aren’t safe against cyber threats as well. It is because of such threats that users feel anxious and worried when using public networks or even making online purchases from their home network. If you don’t want to feel worried all the time and carry on sensitive activities on the internet with complete peace of mind, setup PureVPN on your device.

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Get A Cambodian IP Address

You wouldn’t want to get a Cambodian IP address for anonymity; that’s a given. However, you would probably want to connect to a VPN server in Cambodia so you can access the Cambodia-only channels or streaming service from abroad. Moreover, you might also wish to connect to the local VPN server in the region to get secure connection against cyber threats. Regardless of whatever your reason may be to connect to our Cambodian VPN servers, you would be glad to know that PureVPN offers dozens of high-speed servers in the country.
Moreover, we own and operate over 2,000 VPN servers in 180 locations across the six continents which means widest coverage and more opportunities to access international content from anywhere in the world. Best of all, our 99.99% uptime guarantee promises you non-stop VPN all day long.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Promise You!

Increased Speed

You never again have to worry about your Internet speeds at all when you are connected to PureVPN’s Cambodian VPN service.

Confidential Browsing

When you are connected to PureVPN, you will feel complete peace of mind when it comes to online anonymity and security.

No-Log Policy

PureVPN promises to each and every customer on its network that the service doesn’t monitor or store data or logs.

Our VPN for Cambodia Protects You against Restriction, Surveillance and Lack of Freedom

VPN for Cambodia

Join the Best Servers Stay Clear of Mass Surveillance

Connect to the dedicated VPN servers optimized for different needs like online gaming, streaming, accessibility and more.

Free Your Internet

PureVPN frees you from the infuriating problems like online censorship and restrictions that are prevalent in Cambodia.

Avoid IP Leak

You can finally say goodbye to sneaky IP leaks or DNS leaks because PureVPN offers best IP leak protection.

Get Total Anonymity

With online surveillance and monitoring out of your way for good, you can finally enjoy utmost privacy while browsing the web.

Get Top Speeds

You are assured 100% top speeds at all times with PureVPN’s and its anti-ISP throttling ability.

Bypass Bandwidth Issue

There is no bandwidth limit. Access whatever you want and stream all year long without any worries.

Get PureVPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our Advanced Security Features

Our Cambodian VPN service promises 24/7 security and privacy

256-Bit Encryption

Our military-grade encryption technology ensures that your internet traffic is completely protected and hidden.

Tunneling Protocols

You get the option to opt for any of the different tunneling protocols or allow our application to pick the right protocol for you.

Internet Kill Switch

The IKS feature provided by PureVPN makes sure that all your VPN-related work remains hidden at all times.

Split Tunneling

Do all your VPN and non-VPN related work on the same network, without switching off the VPN.

Wi-Fi Protection

You can finally have secure access to any public or open internet network on the go.

Unlimited Switching

Switch to any server on our network without worrying about server switching limits.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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