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Time:Tuesday, January 28, 2020 | 6:30 p.m. BST | ITV

Venue: O2 Arena, London

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2020 Brit Awards

2019 was a year full of memorable performances by British actors. It has been quite some time since the 2019 Brit Awards got over, and the winners are still shimmering in our eyes. George Ezra, Sam Smith, the very well-deserving Dua Lipa, and Calvin Harris were the most prominent winners of 2019 Brit Awards.
This year, names of some fresh British talent has been making rounds in the industry, paving the way for one of the most anticipated Brit Awards in the history of British film and TV. These are the event details.

How To Watch the 2020 Brit Awards From Anywhere in the World?

PureVPN makes it extremely easy to watch your favorite award shows from anywhere in the world. The 2020 Brit Awards will be aired live on ITV, a popular British network which is accessible from all around the UK. However, if you are living outside the UK, you won’t be able to live stream the event – it is, after all, unavailable for access outside the UK!
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Where to Watch the 2020 Brit Awards?

Like every year, the 2020 Brit Awards will be aired live on ITV, a well-known commercial British network which operates in the UK and Ireland. If you live in either of these countries, you are covered, as your local cable TV provider must be offering the ITV channel.
However, if you live outside the UK or Ireland, there is no easy way to access ITV and watch 2020 Brit Awards, unless you have PureVPN. With it, you can instantly change your location to the UK and access all content which is only available in the UK, but inaccessible in other countries.
Once you have downloaded, installed, and connected to PureVPN, go to the Popular Websites tab and select ITV from the list. After that, visit the ITV website and start watching 2020 Brit Awards. It is worth noting here that ITV requires you to sign up and create a free account before you can start watching live TV. To make an account, you need to be present within the UK, or use PureVPN and complete the signup process if you are in another country.

2020 Brit Awards Host

There is still quite some time left for the 2020 Brit Awards to take place. Only when we draw closer to the event date, can we expect details related to the 2020 Brit Awards host to be announced. We are sure that organizers of Brit Awards do have a few names on their mind, but they will be keeping it under wraps for some time.
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2020 Brit Awards Performances and Nominations List

Last year, the nominations for 2019 Brit Awards were announced just over a week before the main event date, so we are expecting this year to be no different either. With the 2020 Brit Awards scheduled for January 28, we can expect the nominations to be announced somewhere around the mid of January 2020.
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Final Word

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