How to Watch Ligue 1 Live Stream From Anywhere

Get live coverage of Ligue 1 from anywhere in the world. Here’s how you can live stream Ligue 1 fixtures every weekend with just a click of a button:

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You can watch the French Ligue 1 Season 2021-2022 online every weekend. Lille are the Ligue 1 winners 2021 and will be defending the title next season. In this article, you will find out precise details on how to watch football online and enjoy all Ligue 1 fixtures no matter the country you are in.

Best Way to Watch Ligue 1 Online Outside France

You can enjoy all Ligue 1 fixtures no matter what country you are in. The problem is, you can’t stream your home TV coverage if the service is region-blocked in your current location. This is where a VPN comes to the rescue as it allows you to virtually transport to your home country. Here’s how:


Where Can I Watch Ligue 1 Online?

Since the Ligue 1 is one of the five most popular football leagues in Europe, there are many ways to live stream Ligue 1 matches. Below are the official Ligue 1 live channels that will broadcast the fixtures online.

  • Australia: beIN Sports
  • Germany: Sport 1
  • Russia: Sport 1, VGTRK
  • Italy: FOX Sports, Sky Sport
  • Mexico: ESPN
  • South Korea: SBS
  • USA: beIN Sports, TV5Monde Etats Unis
  • UK: BT Sport

Watch Ligue 1 in the United States

beIN Sports broadcasts Ligue 1 matches live in the US. You can access beIN Sports channel via your cable subscription and enjoy French football (or soccer, as you US residents call it) every weekend. Moreover, you can watch Ligue 1 on Sling TV or FuboTV if you are a cable cutter. However, if you can’t get access to beIN Sports, Sling TV, or FuboTV, don’t forget to use a VPN.

Stream Ligue 1 in the United Kingdom

BT Sport is the best place to watch Ligue 1 live stream in English commentary. You can also stream Ligue 1 online on BT Sport after getting a monthly pass for only $25. In this way, you can easily stream football matches on multiple devices such as PlayStation or Chromecast. However, if you can’t access BT Sport outside the United Kingdom, use a VPN to get fast access in an instant.

Watch Ligue 1 in Australia

Kayo Sports can be your go-to channel to stream all Ligue 1 fixtures live in Australia. In addition to beIN Sports, Kayo Sports holds licensing rights to broadcast Ligue 1 without any restrictions. However, if you can’t access Foxtel outside Australia, download and install a VPN to get full access.

Where to Watch Ligue 1 in South Africa

You can get Ligue 1 live streaming on YouTube TV if you are a cable-cutter. The service will broadcast all live fixtures of the French football league online. All you have to do is sign up for a new YouTube TV account and start watching Ligue 1 with a click of a button. However, if you run into region-locked problems, use a VPN on your device.

Where to Watch Ligue 1 in India

ESPN India will broadcast all French Ligue 1 matches live online. If you don’t have cable in India, get a new ESPN subscription and watch every piece of the football action on your favorite streaming device. Furthermore, if you are traveling abroad, don’t forget to use a VPN and get access to ESPN from anywhere.

Watch Ligue 1 in New Zealand

At this point, you probably know that beIN Sports is live streaming LIgue 1 fixtures online. Even if you are in New Zealand right now, you can watch every football match on the service without any restrictions. Moreover, you can always use a VPN to get around regional limitations and watch Ligue 1 on beIN Sports from overseas.

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How to Watch Ligue 1 Online on Different Devices

If you’re a cord cutter, you would probably prefer to stream sports online rather than watch it on cable TV. Therefore, people who use Apple TV, Xbox, or PlayStation want to stream on the platform itself. Moreover, you can also enjoy Ligue 1 online on multiple devices such as smartphones, Apple TV, gaming consoles, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or computers. Find out how:

Apple TV

To watch Ligue 1 online on Apple TV, follow these simple steps:

  • Install PureVPN on your Apple TV
  • Set up the PureVPN app on your Apple TV.
  • Turn on your Apple TV.
  • Search for and install a sports streaming app like Sky, BT Sports, or beIN Sports.
  • Stream all Ligue 1 matches wherever you want.

Xbox One and X Series

There are a lot of consoles to choose from to watch Ligue 1 live online. If you want to watch Ligue 1 on Xbox One, just follow these steps:

  • Set up the PureVPN app on your Xbox One.
  • Press the home button to go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Go to the Apps section.
  • Search and install Kayo Sports if you are an existing subscriber.
  • Stream all Ligue 1 matches outside France.

PlayStation 4 and 5

Follow these simple steps to stream Ligue 1 online on Ps4

French Ligue 1 Live Scores

There are tons of live score apps that can help you keep up with the latest Ligue 1 news, scores, goals, and more. Here are the best places to check Ligue 1 live scores on the go:

  • Flashscore
  • Livescore
  • Besoccer
  • BBC Sports

French Ligue 1 Teams


Most football fans enjoy the Premier League and La Liga. However, there are many sensational players and competitive teams playing in Ligue 1. Some of the top Ligue 1 teams are as follows: Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique de Marseille, Lille OSC, Olympique Lyonnais, AS Saint-Etienne, FC Nantes, Stade Rennais FC, and RC Lens.

People Also Ask

Where can I watch Ligue 1 online?

Canal+, ESPN, YouTube TV, and FuboTV are the best ways to watch Ligue 1 online. However, if you experience region-locked issues, consider using a VPN.

How can I watch Ligue 1 for free?

The easiest way to watch Ligue 1 for free is to start a FuboTV trial. The service offers a 1-week trial and allows you to watch many Ligue 1 fixtures without spending a single dime.

How can I watch Ligue 1 on mobile?

You can install the BT Sport app on your Android and iOS devices to watch every piece of the Ligue 1 action. The only caveat is that BT Sport works only in the UK. However, you can use a VPN to bypass regional restrictions in an instant.