How to Watch FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

Published: Apr 30, 2019

Want to stream the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019? Here’s how you can do it in just 3 simple steps:

1. Sign Up and Download PureVPN on your device
2. From the Popular Website List, connect to the BBC iPlayer
3. Navigate to live stream section and start watching live

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Watch FIFA WC 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 is set to kick off on 7 June 2019 and will finally come to a close on 7 July 2019 with an all-new Women’s World Cup Champion. FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 is going to continue on with the trend set by previous Women’s World Cup by featuring a total of 24 teams which includes the defending champions – The United States. Furthermore, the matches are going to be spread out over nine cities across France.

However, there is going to be one major change as unlike the previous events, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 will be the very first event to feature the all-new Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system. We have already seen the impact of this new system in major football leagues and the previous FIFA World Cup, so its implementation in the FIFA Women’s World Cup is going makes things a whole lot more exciting.

FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 Official Broadcasters

Following is the list of official Broadcasters who will telecast the FIFA Women's World Cup matches

Countries TV Channels
India SonyLIV
United States Fox Sports, Telemundo (Spanish)
France TF1 (FREE), Canal+
United Kingdom BBC (FREE)
Germany ARD (FREE)
Denmark DR (FREE)
Austria ORF (FREE)
Middle East beIN Sports

How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Live with PureVPN

To avoid these regional limitations and restrictions, one can use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network through which he/she can mask his/her location to anywhere in the world. This not only grants the user a second layer of security but it also give users access of restricted content. So, for all those who are facing such issues and wish to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 then let us introduce to you – PureVPN.

With over 2000+ servers spread out over 140+ plus countries, PureVPN is one of the best VPNs for the job. So, for all those looking to bring ease into their online viewing lives, follow the step-by-step guide below and never look back.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download and install the PureVPN app on your streaming device
  3. Choose and select the country of the broadcasting channel i.e. UK for BBC iPlayer
  4. Head onto the channel and start streaming

How To Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 without Cable

For those of who you wish to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 without cable, there are a number of different online streaming services which can do the trick for you. This includes Hulu with Live TV, FuboTV and more but these two are the best in the business due to their below-the-margin subscription costs and cross compatibility with other devices.


Hulu with Live TV is a $45 per month subscription which allows you to not only view matches live but you can also catch up on the matches you might have missed. Now for $45 a month, you might thing that this is too much but there’s more as you not only get access to Live TV but also Hulu’s massive streaming library which features tons of different moves and TV shows, plus quite a few exclusives as well.
So, all in all, Hulu with Live TV is quite the deal. That being said, you will need PureVPN, if you wish to take this route, as Hulu is limited to only the US region.


FuboTV is another over-the-top streaming service which allows viewers to access and watch live events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. And all this for a monthly subscription of $45. Now, compared to other online streaming services, it is the most expensive. However, if you are only interested in watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 then there is a loophole you can exploit.
FuboTV has a one-month trail which costs $20 and since the World Cup is only going to last a month, this is the perfect thing for it. But like other streaming services, FuboTV is limited to the United States viewers only but PureVPN can help you out there.

Women’s FIFA World Cup 2019 Schedule

7 June: France vs South Korea
8 June: Germany vs China, Spain vs South Africa, Norway vs Nigeria
9 June: Australia vs Italy, Brazil vs Jamaica, England vs Scotland
10 June: Argentina vs Japan, Canada vs Cameroon
11 June: New Zealand vs Netherlands,Chile vs Sweden, United States vs Thailand
12 June: Nigeria vs Korean Republic, Germany vs Spain, France vs Norway
13 June: Australia vs Brazil, South Africa vs China
14 June: Japan vs Scotland, Jamaica vs Italy, England v Argentina
15 June: Netherlands vs Cameroon, Canada v New Zealand
16 June: Sweden v Thailand, United States vs Chile
17 June: China v Spain, South Africa v Germany, Korean Republic v Norway, Nigeria v France
18 June: Italy vs Brazil, Jamaica v Australia
19 June: Scotland v Argentina, Japan v England
20 June: Netherlands v Canada, Cameroon vs New Zealand, Sweden v United States, Thailand v Chile

Group Listing

FIFA Women's World Cup Group List

How To Watch Women's World Cup From Anywhere in the world

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is going to be broadcasted on major channels like the BBC, TF1, FOX and many more. However, due to numerous regional limitations and restrictions, there are some countries which might not have access to such channels. As a result, viewers from such countries might face some issues if they wish to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 live and online.

As a result, these viewers have to look for alternate methods through which they can watch the event. But in most cases, either the streaming is of very low quality or it suffers from buffering. And this as we all know, in an event like the World Cup, can be quite frustrating. Well, what if we were to tell you, there is way you can watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 without such issues.

Final Words

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is just around the corner. So, for all those who are interested in watch the event live, we would highly, highly recommend you to be prepared for it from before, so that you don’t miss out on anything. Get your subscriptions in line and be prepared to see some amazing goals.