8 Genuine YouTube Alternatives

Published: Dec 17, 2020

Whether you are looking for YouTube due to ban or you just want more choice, we have compiled a list with plenty of useful options.

You, consciously or unconsciously, spend way too much time on YouTube watching random videos. If you don’t trust us, check your smartphone’s battery consumption chart, we are sure YouTube will be a prominent app there.

Videos are part of our life – that’s how new generation consumes media. It was TV before; now the source has surely changed and divided into multiple channels. You can say YouTube is one of the important sources for people to consume entertainment and information in the visual form.

Unfortunately, YouTube has been the target due to its insane popularity. It has been banned in various locations for a number of reasons. A simple Google search about the YouTube ban will reveal the long history in multiple countries. Also, depending on one source for any kind of need is toxic. You should create more choices for yourself. Exploration always leads to new flavors being added to your taste palate.

10. Twitch

Twitch is focused on gamers who live stream their experience and game play for other users to enjoy and learn from. However, the platform is not limited to gamers. Here you can find some movies, TV shows, docuseries and talk shows, music, art dance, and much more.

Twitch is only available in US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, United Kingdom and Australia. If you are outside these regions, you will need a premium streaming VPN, such as PureVPN.

Strength: Free. Limitless. Ideal for gamers.

9. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a not-to-miss service for people living in the US. It’s free to access and features tons of Originals as well as third-party TV shows and movies. While Sony Crackle is all about entertainment unlike YouTube, it offers some of the highest rated content.

The service is only accessible in the US. If you are outside the US, you can get PureVPN and connect to US servers to change your location. Once connected, you can access Sony Crackle for free from anywhere in the world.

8. Internet Archives – An Ancient Alternative to YouTube

The name is not fancy, but its video library will surely leave an impression. There is a vast collection of documentaries and movies from yesteryears. If you are looking for the latest content, Internet Archives is not the right address. On the other hand, you can look up a variety of old video content. You can use search filters like year, topic, language, etc.

Strength: Internet Archives stores ancient videos that cannot be found anywhere else.

7. Facebook Search Option – Immaculate Video Search Capabilities

Facebook comes as a surprise on the list, but the platform has a great amount of video content. Using the Facebook search option, you can find almost any video. Facebook has proven its mettle as the ultimate social media website. Of course, it is not the most important video search engine but count it in the top 10 at least. Once you find the desired video, you can scroll down the screen to watch similar videos. We have mentioned Facebook here, specifically for its excellent search capabilities. We tried multiple keywords, and the results were satisfactory each time.

Strength: Facebook search option always finds the videos you want to watch.

6. Veoh – Social Video Platform

Veoh combines two favorite online activities of millennials – watching videos and social media. The platform is a social hub for people to upload and share videos. Veoh has no restriction on the time so users can upload videos of any length. In addition to user-generated content, there are movies and TV shows available. The user interface is also clean and easy to navigate.

Strength: Veoh is social, unrestricted (in terms of uploading), and user-friendly.

5. Vimeo – Professional and High-Quality Content

Vimeo is a different breed among other video search engines in terms of its content quality. Vimeo was created by filmmakers to share their artistic work. The video quality is 4K ultra HD on every clip uploaded. It’s a great site for professionals to display their portfolio. The only downside is that Vimeo has an upload limit of 500MB per week, which can be extended to 5GB by paying for it. As we all know, 500 MB is nothing when it comes to videos. You can watch videos after videos on Vimeo without annoying ads. The website presence is neat and pleasing. You can easily search and find videos.

Strength: Vimeo is ad-free.

4. Metacafe – Unrelated Former YouTube

Metacafe was YouTube before there was any YouTube. Launched in 2003, it was the first website to contain videos-only content. Since it’s an old website, there are many out-of-fashion features like the video length is only limited to 90 seconds, no duplicate videos, only user-generated content, etc. The look and feel in terms of categorization are somewhat similar to YouTube. Despite the limitations, Metacafe manages to attract 40 million viewers. People who are looking for great content in small chunks should visit Metacafe.

Strength: Short but excellent content.

3. Vevo – Best YouTube Alternative (Music Only)

Vevo celebrates music like no other website. Let’s face it – most of the time, you are just watching music videos on YouTube, so why not opt for an authentic source. The good thing about Vivo is the high-quality videos. And, the bad aspect is that it only features two main music labels, i.e. Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Vevo is every music lover’s delight.

Strength: high-quality latest (most of the time, exclusive) music videos.

2. IGTV – Unconventional Alternative To YouTube

IGTV is Instagram’s entry in the video world. The platform is only focusing on smartphone viewers as the videos are vertical. IGTV can be accessed via smartphone only. However, you can use the laptop or desktop to upload the videos. You don’t need a separate account or app for IGTV; Instagram automatically gives you access to the platform. Just follow channels or trends and watch videos in your Insta feed. Of course, IGTV is not the traditional YouTube alternative, but it provides good entertainment and can keep you busy with useful and engaging content.

Strength: Vertical videos apt for smartphones.

1. Dailymotion – The YouTube Alternative

Dailymotion is the nearest to YouTube in terms of layout, categories, content choices, viewers, etc. The website can be considered the first cousin of YouTube – not the same but still familiar. The website is liked for its lenient user policies. Dailymotion has more than 112 million visitors each month. You can upload a video of 1080p resolution up to 60 minutes or 4 GB. The content variety is the same as YouTube, ranging from music, movies, interviews, documentaries, to personal videos. Dailymotion truly deserves the title of the YouTube alternative.

Strength: Same as YouTube but with less rigid rules for uploaders.

Conclusion: Finding The One In Many YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is a one-stop-shop for all your visual content needs. Finding a true YouTube alternative was very tricky. The options given above offer a good variation of video content, but very few deliver the wholesome package like YouTube. We think Dailymotion emerges as the savior in our search and gives us hope that we can survive in a YouTube-less web world. Regardless to say, other mentions are also important concerning their unique strengths and deserve a visit from your side. You may never know what clicks for you.

Which website do you consider a genuine YouTube alternative? Please comment below.