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Get ready, mystery lovers! McDonald & Dodds Season 4 has landed on BritBox. Starting May 23, 2024, you can enjoy weekly doses of detective drama every Thursday. Join the dynamic duo of DCI Lauren McDonald and DS Dodds as they stumble upon another murder mystery amidst the charming streets of Bath. So, grab your subscription and enjoy the latest twists, turns, and beautiful Georgian architecture.

Regrettably, you will not be able to watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4 in the UK, as BritBox only works exclusively in the US. However, worry not! A top-notch VPN can overcome regional barriers and let you stream all you want from anywhere.

How to Watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4 in the UK on Britbox

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Watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4 on Britbox

Where to Watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4 in the UK?

BritBox stands out as the ultimate destination to watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4 in the UK, with its extensive library ensuring that you catch every thrilling episode. However, it is important to use a reliable VPN like PureVPN if you wish to watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4.

Why is BritBox Inaccessible in the UK?

Due to licensing agreements and content distribution rights, BritBox has regional limitations in the UK, which can frustrate fans eager to watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4.

However, there is a solution. PureVPN masks your IP address, bypassing these limitations. With PureVPN, you can effortlessly access BritBox in the UK and enjoy McDonald & Dodds Season 4 without regional limitations. PureVPN is your key to effortlessly watching McDonald & Dodds Season 4 in the UK.

What is the McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Release Date?

McDonald & Dodds Season 4 arrived on BritBox on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

What is the Storyline of McDonald & Dodds Season 4?

Season 4 of McDonald & Dodds brings our detective duo back to the captivating city of Bath, but this time, the first case throws them a curveball. A middle-aged woman is found murdered in a rented flat, but the scene is meticulously staged to hide her identity. No ID, no personal belongings – just a dead body.

When a DNA test revealed the victim had been missing for a staggering 35 years, multiple questions were raised. Where was she all those years? Did she live a hidden life, and if so, why?  And most importantly, who would want to silence her after so long?

As McDonald, ever the driven leader, pushes for answers, Dodds utilizes his keen eye for detail to piece together fragments of the victim’s past. Season 4 has themes of hidden identities, long-held grudges, and the enduring power of the past.

What is the Episode Count of McDonald & Dodds Season 4?

Since McDonald & Dodds follows a format of three feature-length episodes per season, here is a table outlining the potential details for Season 4 of McDonald & Dodds on BritBox:

Episode Title (Unconfirmed)BritBox Release Date (Estimated)Runtime
S4.E1 ∙ Jinxy Sings The BluesThursday, May 23, 202490 minutes
S4.E2 ∙ The Rule of ThreeThursday, May 30, 202490 minutes
S4.E3 ∙ Wedding FeverThursday, June 6, 202490 minutes

What is the Cast of McDonald & Dodds Season 4?

The cast of the show includes: 

Main Cast:

  • Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald: The ambitious and driven senior detective.
  • Jason Watkins as DS Dodds: The curious but shy detective sergeant, McDonald’s partner.

Recurring Cast:

  • Claire Skinner as Chief Superintendent Mary Ormond: McDonald’s boss, replacing Chief Superintendent Houseman (played by James Murray) who departed after season 2.
  • Charlie Chambers as DC Samuel Goldie: A detective constable who joined the team in season 3.

New Cast:

  • Bhavik C. Pankhania as DC Lee: A new detective joining the force in season 4.

Guest Stars:

  • Pixie Lott (singer/songwriter)
  • Toby Stephens (Black Sails)
  • Daniel Lapaine (Queen of Oz)
  • Ace Bhatti (Line of Duty)
  • Lydia Leonard (Gentleman Jack)
  • Dipo Ola (Landscapers)
  • John Gordon Sinclair (Gregory’s Girl)

McDonald & Dodds Season 4 Trailer

Watch the trailer of the McDonald & Dodds Season 4:

The Hype on Social Media

Here is what social media has to say about McDonald & Dodds Season 4:

IMDb Rating

McDonald & Dodds Season 4 is rated 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BritBox free?

To access their extensive library, users must subscribe to one of BritBox’s plans, including McDonald & Dodds Season 4.

Where can I watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4 in the UK for free?

BritBox, which offers a 7-day free trial for most new subscribers, offers McDonald & Dodds Season 4 in the UK for free.

Does PureVPN work with BritBox?

The best way to watch McDonald & Dodds Season 4 on BritBox is via PureVPN, which masks your IP address and allows you to bypass regional barriers.

What kind of case do McDonald and Dodds handle in the first episode?

They investigate the murder of a middle-aged woman found in a rented flat. The twist: the victim’s identity seems deliberately hidden.

Is there a season 5 confirmed?

There is no official confirmation yet, but the show’s popularity suggests a potential renewal is possible.

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