PureVPN URL Filtering

Filter Malicious Content Before It Reaches Your Network

PureVPN URL Filtering is an innovative feature that screens webpages to determine whether some or all of it should be blocked. The URL Filtering solution scans websites that are likely to include undesirable advertising, explicit content, spyware, viruses, and other malicious forms of content.

With URL Filtering protecting your Internet activities, you can experience safer and trouble-free online surfing.

Why You Need URL Filtering?

The Internet is home to millions of parents, employers, and people from other walks of life. Each user has a different need when it comes to exploring the Internet.

For instance, parents want to keep their children safe from online profanity or explicit content without depriving them of their Internet freedom.

Similarly, employers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on running their company or organization. Hence, they can’t afford to watch their employees indulge in unnecessary Internet activities such as social networking or video chatting during office hours.

In fact, an employer would never want an employee visiting malicious URLs that would end up infecting the network of the company and resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage.

The URL Filtering technology by PureVPN is built to cater such Internet users, enabling them to gain total control of the browsing activities of every device connected to the network.

With PureVPN URL Filtering, you get:

Family-Oriented Protection

Believe it or not, some children often end up on adult or sexually explicit websites unintentionally. As a parent, it is your utmost responsibility to keep your children away from such content.

Apart from pornography, illegal drugs usage and early exposure to weapons have also become a growing concern amongst parents. Therefore, it is essential for parents to use URL Filtering to prevent their children from indulging in any inappropraite activity online.

The ingenious functionality of our URL Filtering feature has been created keeping families in mind. Smart filters scrutinize pages to discard any content that is not family friendly. Now, you never have to worry about your kids coming across any age-inappropriate content while browsing the Internet.

Completely Secure Surfing

Cybercriminals have become more adept at developing new malwares at a rapid pace. In fact, now and then we hear about new ransomwares hitting organizations across the globe and demanding ransom against their precious data.

Ransomware aside, there are also social engineering attacks that hit unsuspecting employees and as a result, breach the sensitive data of a company. Although employers can create protocols on how the information will be used, but it doesn’t guarantee 100% security because there’s always room for human error.

PureVPN’s URL Filtering solution can prevent users from ending up on malicious websites. The filter is loaded with an up-to-date list of inappropriate and malicious websites that could harm a device or a network once accessed.

Maximum Productivity

More than half of employees waste their time on social media during office hours. In fact, according to Forbes, employees waste 2 to 3 hours on non-productive activities. The non-work related activities usually include streaming content, using social networking websites, watching inappropriate content, etc.

Such activities not only chop down employees’ productivity in half but also increase HR related issues such as disciplining an employee.

Regardless, the HR can’t completely curb the problem with an acceptable usage policy alone. After all, monitoring every online activity of dozens of employees means resource allocation and more manpower for monitoring to name a few.

But you don’t need to waste your time and resources on monitoring employee’s Internet activities. The URL Filtering feature can be used to restrict the Internet activities of the employee without the need for constant surveillance. The feature will help curb the HR problems as well as increase productivity.

PureVPN URL Filtering Instantly Secures your Network

URL Filtering tools often need hectic installation. In fact, such tools often come with complex installation steps that turn off many users.

However, PureVPN’s URL Filtering featuring doesn’t need any unwanted installation at all. You only need to toggle on the URL Filtering feature when using PureVPN and voila!

With instant security at your disposal, you can enjoy an online browsing experience that is free from spam material, explicit content, inappropriate websites, malicious URLs, and more.

How PureVPN’s URL Filtering Works

You seek an easy-to-use filtering tool to weed out inappropriate or explicit content while browsing the Internet. Don’t you?
Well, you get that with PureVPN’s URL Filtering feature. Here’s how it works:

Category-Based Filtering

PureVPN’s URL Filter scans millions of domains and web pages to give you control over which sites can be accessed by users on your network or other users of your device or PC.

Allow/Block URLs

Easily allow/block URLs that can be accessed from within your organization. With categories of URLs, blocking off similar types of URLs is as easy as clicking your mouse.

Block Page Bypass

This enables you to assign individual users to your device with the ability to access specific filtered categories, such as social networking, or individual domains that are frequently blocked on your network.

Setup Limitations

With PureVPN's URL Filtering, blocking URLs categorized in Gambling, Alcohol, Porn, Violence or any other specific category is as easy as a few clicks.

How to Get PureVPN URL Filtering Feature in 3 Easy Steps

Getting the URL Filtering feature of PureVPN is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. In fact, you can start using the feature instantly with just three easy steps:

1.Visit our order page to sign up for a PureVPN account.
2.Download and install PureVPN app on your device.
3.Every subscription plan includes PureVPN’s Web Filtering features without any extra cost.

Top Reasons for using PureVPN URL Filter

Single-Toggle Activation

Enabling a simple toggle gets you access to advanced features to help you combat viruses and malware.

Easy Installation

Installation and setup process is simple and hardly takes any time.

No Hardware Required

There is no particular installation required on your end, apart from the PureVPN app. All features are built in!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is URL Filtering?

PureVPN’s URL Filtering lets you allow/block access to websites that may include inappropriate and sexually explicit websites.

How to Install URL Filtering?

URL Filtering is an advanced feature of PureVPN and hence doesn’t require any unnecessary installation. To activate it, open PureVPN app, go to Ozone and toggle on URL Filtering.

How the URL Filtering Feature Weeds Out Unwanted Websites?

The filter maintains a list of websites that are evaluated and regularly reviewed for up-to-date information. The websites are listed as a category. The user only needs to check the respective category to block a particular category of websites.

Which Filtering Categories are Available in URL Filtering?

There are dozens of different categories available in the filter including Productivity, Communication, Security, General Browsing, High Bandwidth, etc. Each main category is followed by a set of sub categories to meet users’ specific needs.

What Will Happen If A User Tries to Access Blocked Websites?

If a user tries to access any blocked content, the system will return either a Forbidden error or simply No Internet Connection Found error.

Customer Reviews

“I have always been strict when it comes to parenting. I never want my children ending up browsing inappropriate pages. Thanks to PureVPN’s advanced feature, I am at ease now that I don’t need to monitor my children’s online activities 24/7”

“Nice UI. Simple setup. Easy to use. There’s nothing more I could ever ask for.”

“I always needed a tool that could help me get complete control over my browsing activities. PureVPN has given me that tool.”

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