To provide secure, transparent and cost effective means for anyone, anywhere on the Internet to stay anonymous, safe and encouraged to be their true selves.

Our Story

It was just another day in 2006 when young graduates, Uzair and Aaqib, decided to commercialize a product that they had created in their leisure time. This led to the creation of a top-tier, multi-platform premium VPN service offering privacy, security, and accessibility to its users. Why, you ask? Because we want people to use the internet the way it was meant to be used.

Talking about humble beginnings, we started off our journey in a basement, with limited resources but with the inspiration to infuse perfection into everything we undertook.

At a time when the online world was littered with clunky proxy solutions with opaque backgrounds, we added transparency & reliability into the mix and brought forth a premium VPN solution that took the privacy of its customers very seriously.

Today, we have hundreds of brilliant minds working tirelessly to ensure that this journey goes down into the history books as a benchmark for success and a source of inspiration for dreamers and thinkers.

And guess what? We plan to keep it this way for many, many, many more years to come.

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