Portable WiFi For Laptop And Other Devices

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We are accustomed to having internet connectivity on the palm of our hands at all times. We are so connected to the online world that we have started feeling lonely once we head out for a stroll somewhere away from home. Whether we are traveling, or just going out for dinner, we expect to remain connected to the internet at all times.

The problem is that internet connectivity isn’t available everywhere unless you’re using the data offered by your phone company. Some people use free Wi-Fi in restaurants and other public places. What these people are not aware of is that public Wi-Fi hotspots are highly dangerous for anyone connected to them.

It’s usual for free Wi-Fi hotspots to be operated by hackers or people with malicious intent. Even those that are run by a reputable source often have hackers lurking behind them.

In such a scenario, it is safer if you use a portable WiFi for laptop and other devices, rather than connect to a free WiFi hotspot.

What is a portable WiFi router?

A portable WiFi for laptop, or a portable WiFi router, is not much different than your router device at home. There is just one difference, though. Instead of being attached to a cable at all times, the device has got a SIM card inserted in it instead. This means that this device can be carried anywhere provided that it is kept charged.

There are many benefits of using a portable WiFi for laptop. You no longer have to depend on free WiFi networks. Instead, you can use your own hotspot, which is not just safe, but it will also guarantee uninterrupted speeds at all times.

Some people prefer using an ‘unlocked’ portable WiFi for laptop. The advantage of using the unlocked version is that you can insert any SIM card from anywhere in the world inside your device. You don’t have to be dependent on a single SIM card for the entire duration of your portable router’s usage.

What is the best portable WiFi for laptop?

The best portable WiFi, or mobile WiFi, should have the following qualities in it:

  • A long range, should work from a distance of over a few meters.
  • Should be unlocked. Otherwise, you will find it to be useless when you’re traveling to another country.
  • It should have the right encryption and security installed on it. Otherwise, it will be very easy for anyone to hack into the device.
  • Here are some WiFi boxes that we recommend.

How to Turn a Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot

Now that you know all about portable WiFi for laptop, it is time to show you a new trick that would turn your laptop into a portable WiFi router. You heard that right. Your laptop can easily offer a portable internet connection to people nearby. Here is how you can turn on the feature.

Note: The following steps will only work if you have Windows 10 with WiFi features enabled.

  • Click on the Start button
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Network & Internet
  • Go to Mobile hotspot
  • Now, choose the Internet connection you want to share
  • Select Edit
  • Enter a new network name and password
  • Click on Save
  • Turn on Share my Internet connection with other devices.
  • You can now search for this network name on your mobile device and connect to it with ease


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