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Here’s the chance you’ve been praying for! Watch the Football World Cup, LIVE, at the stadium!. PureVPN is offering 4 tickets to the Finals in Russia, only for the biggest diehard football fans. But there’s a catch. Only those who can prove their love for the game will get their hands on the tickets. Just record a video full of your passion for football, submit it here, and get the highest up-votes to travel to Russia!

How to Get Your Ticket to Russia?



Get your favorite camera and record at most 30 seconds (100mb) of your love for the game! Speak, show off, or plead for votes, it’s up to you!



Sign up with your video! Give us your name, your favorite team... and your video of course! That's it! Wait for the approval email before moving on to the next step.



Share your video URL and bring in maximum votes! Make sure you post it on social media, email it to friends and put it up on the community notice board as well!

Record. Submit. Upvote

So what are you waiting for? Submit your videos now and prove to the world how much you love football! Not only can you display your passion for this beautiful sport, but if you get enough upvotes, you can pack your bags and go to Russia!

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