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How to Watch Formula 1 Live Online Streaming 2019

The formula 1 2019 season took a brief turn from the expectations when Ferrari won three back to back races. With a switch between drivers at Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing there is much to speculate in the remaining races.
Not to miss the F1 fever, this guide helps you watch Formula 1 live online on your favorite channel and device from anywhere. Keep scrolling down to learn more!

Japanese Grand Prix
Main Race – October 13, 2019
11 GMT/7 ET/4 PT/13 CEST 

How to Watch Formula 1 Live Streaming

It would be a great disappointment, if a F1 fan is unable to enjoy Formula 1 live streaming due to unavailability of live broadcast. That is why we have prepared a streaming guide for all fans to watch F1 live streaming using a VPN. PureVPN helps in streaming the channels in an ideal fashion, so you can

Here is a simple, step-by-step procedure on how to watch F1 live streaming:

1. Sign up for PureVPN

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2. Download PureVPN

Download PureVPN app or configure it on your  preferred device. PureVPN supports all major devices on which you can enjoy live F1 race such as PC, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Routers, PS/Xbox, KODI, ROKU, Smart TVs, etc.

3. Watch F1 Races Live for Free

The best way to watch formula 1 live stream free online is by opening the PureVPN app and connect to TF1 or TenPlay from Channel list in streaming mode. After the connection is made, channel website will open up in new tab. Navigate to F1 or watch live section and start enjoying your favorite driver live in action.

There are some more channels in F1 broadcasting list that telecast live races in different regions in multiple languages. If you wish to watch any of the below channel, you need to perform the first 2 steps as it is and in 3rd step find the channel in app list or connect to the country server where the channel is accessible.

Where to Watch Formula 1 2019 Live Streaming

Here’s a complete list of all online broadcasters offering Formula 1 live streaming. Learn the steps below to watch ultra fast streaming of live F1 races. You can access any of these channels for high speed streaming from anywhere through PureVPN. Try it Now!

Streaming Channels

Country Available In

Tenplay (Free)Australia
Access Outside Australia with PureVPN
Univision (TV Provider Subscription)
United States
TSN / RDS (TV Provider Subscription)Canada
Access Outside India with PureVPN 
Match TV (Free)Russia
RTL (€4.99, 1 mo Free)Germany
ORF (Free)Austria
RTBF (Free)Belgium
NOS (€9.99/month or 1 race €3.99)Netherlands
Canal+ (€24.9/month)
TF1 (Free)
Access Outside France with PureVPN
Digi Sport (Free)Romania
Fuji TV Next (Free)Japan
Channel 4 (Free) (Delayed)United Kingdom
F1 TV Pro ($9.99/mo)
US Credit Card Required
Germany, France, USA, Mexico,
Belgium, Austria, Hungary 
For channels that are not in PureVPN’s popular website list, you need to connect to required country server and access their website for streaming.

Watch F1 Live Stream Without Sky

Sky Sports F1 has the most expensive subscription in all sports channel. Although their coverage and streaming quality is exceptional but they are strictly restricted in UK only. They even don’t allow proxy or VPNs to get access to them through UK IP. This is a great obstacle for F1 fans who want to enjoy Formula 1 races live.

Furthermore, their Sports Passes through NowTV, such as Day Pass, Week Pass or Monthly Pass requires a UK based Credit Card to process payments. This means, even if you can access it via VPN, you will not be able to get their subscription if you do not have a UK Credit Card.

PureVPN suggests to below streaming channels to F1 fans who don’t want to watch on Sky or are unable to access Sky Sports.

Best Streaming Sites to Watch Formula 1 Live Online

Although there are more than dozen streaming channels listed above in the table, but the best websites to stream Formula 1 races live online are

  • F1 TV Pro – English
  • Match TV – Russian
  • RTL – German
  • TF1 – French
  • HotStar – English
  • TenPlay – English

These websites are picked on the basis of streaming quality, presenters and affordability by all the F1 fans. 

Watch F1 Live Streaming on Different Devices

You can live stream Formula 1 races on various devices using PureVPN. We have exclusive guide for How to Watch Formula 1 on Android. If you want to watch F1 on Kodi, follow this complete guide to How to watch F1 live on KODI.

Devices to watch Formula 1 Devices to watch F1

Now that you have every information required for F1 new season, get onboard with PureVPN and stream any of the channels to watch all Formula 1 2018 races LIVE with lag-free sports streaming. You will not be disappointed. Yes, we guarantee that!


2019 Driver Standings

Below is the driver standing after Singapore Grand Prix 2019.

1Lewis HamiltonGBRMERCEDES296
2Valtteri BottasFINMERCEDES231
3Charles LeclercMONFERRARI200
5Sebastian VettelGERFERRARI194
9Daniel RicciardoAUSRENAULT34
11Nico HulkenbergGERRENAULT33
16Kevin MagnussenDENHAAS FERRARI18
17Romain GrosjeanFRAHAAS FERRARI8

2019 Constructor Standings

Team standings after 14th round of 2019 race at Singapore.


Click for Formula 1 2019 Race Calendar.

Fans’ Expectation from Formula 1 2019 Season

F1 2019 season is going to be big as we are going to see some major technical modification in design and engineering of the cars. Furthermore, the driver lineup, race calendar and logo is also been changed which can have an impact on the sports viewership. It is assumed that the halo will have an impact not only on drivers performance but on viewers too. We can expect a tough battle between Ferrari and Mercedes. Most importantly, the Malaysian Grand Prix and the grid girls will be missed.

We asked some F1 Fans about their expectations for F1 2019 season.

Rex Mutero, who works at Paramount Pictures and is a F1 fan says “I think it is going to be a very interesting season from a drivers standings point of view otherwise on track the beat goes on. I strongly feel Lando Norris in that Mclaren will emulate Lewis Hamilton’s debut season in 2007. Leclerc will definitely be Seb’s toughest teammate yet because they will both vying for the WDC.

Mercedes’ perennial tyre problems will hinder them but not as in 2013. Red Bull are not going to be front runners, they are going to be held back by the engine. Will manage to win a few races. Gasly will match Max but Max will be favoured. Renault will be stronger than last season. Riccardo will show Hulkenberg how to be on the podium. Kvyat will be the same old Kvyat. Haas Drivers will waste a really good car again. Kimi will be boring on track and off. Mclaren will announce that Fernando Alonso will return for the 2020 season and partner Lando Norris.”

Henny Triskaidekaman, Formula 1 enthusiast since 2004, shared her predictions after Australian FP. She expects “Lewis Hamilton will face more serious challenge from Valtteri Bottas. Circulating news about public concern on boring F1 resurfaces again (similar with 2013–14). Plus, Lewis already collected five titles under his name. I believe he doesn’t loosen his grip on eyeing the sixth title, but Valtteri is still there to give him some hurdles.

Charles Leclerc will seriously challenge Sebastian Vettel in an unexpected fashion. Seb might lose this battle and he will face imminent declining career. Seb often face mentality problem when he team-mated younger driver (last time it was Ricciardo in ‘14). This time, Charles who only carries responsibility to show his true potential as Ferrari future will face Sebastian who is under threat of declining career after his title number surpassed by Lewis. Australian team-order showed it all in a nutshell. That team-order thing, too. I am sure someday Sebastian will be angry about something related to team-order, may be in June or July.

Max Verstappen will seriously challenge for the World Driver Title. Without a doubt, his bold movement on Sebastian in Australian GP and his dominancy towards Pierre (Gasly) have wrapped the potential up. Fernando Alonso is announced to return to F1 2020 someday in the summer. I still cannot predict where he would land (but I believe Red Bull wouldn’t sign him due to age and behavioral problem), but that Honda re-challenging thing will force Fernando to rethink his decision.

One of Albon or Giovinazzi is going to stripped out before end of season. Considering Russell and Norris are British rookie drivers, in which can put them in “safer situations”, there are Albon and Giovinazzi left as rookie drivers who might be more vulnerable against stripping.

Williams will be plunged further. George Russell is apparently better than Robert Kubica in Australia, considering Kubica has some problems that enforced him to pit 3 times in that race. But if Australian GP performance has shown Williams’ true power, then the future for Williams this season will be as dim as last season.

World Driver Title will be confirmed before last race (again) and World Constructor Title will be confirmed about two races before World Driver Title. Overall, the races will be so-so like last season, with some new surprises from dynamics of driver changes and team-mate competition thing.”

Formula 1 fan Dany Bravo thinks that Vettel will win the championship this year. “There will be close points gap between the top 4. Haas will give a tough fight to Renault if its drivers stay focused. Williams will fail again, with McLaren and Racing Point finishing last 3. I don’t expect much from Rookies. Charles Lecrec and Pierce Gasly will be able to impress.

Personally I don’t want easy contest for drivers and constructors. There should be a close fight and different podium winners in every race. This will be possible with Ricciardo and Kimi.”

Clemens Sehi is a German F1 fan and Vettel’s supporter. He expects a lot from the 2019 Formula 1 season, but not to be any more exciting. It will be pretty much the same, I guess, with Mercedes going into this year as the favourite. Anyways, I hope that it will be closer than last year. It would be great for the whole sport. I think that an important point is the new halo head protection system, that will be introduced this season. It will surely make a significant visual impact to F1. But will it also be an impact when it comes to results as well? I can only hope so.

Terrance Charles, is a massive Formula 1 follower since 2002 and supports Ferrari. He says “New season is expected to be a thriller especially this is the 4th year of the new Turbo – Hybrid regulations, hence the playing field is expected to be alot closer. The pecking order is not going to change however as a avid F1 enthusiast, i can see Red Bull chasing Mclaren from the get go and Ferrari not far behind.”

Mertol Shahin, from Bulgaria is a F1 fan since 1997 has briefly but abruptly described the current situation of constructor’s championship “Redbull doesn’t have the engine, Ferrari doesn’t have the drivers. I expect Mercedes winning both titles again.”

Gautam Sharma, and Indian student and Formula 1 fan says “I expect Lewis Hamilton to dominate and win the Drivers Championship with Mercedes wrapping up the constructors championship. Vettel is going to give a tough fight along with Red Bull.”

Ben Smith, F1 fanboy for the last 25 years supports Mercedes and says “A Mercedes 1/2 in the drivers championship – Hamilton will be given No. 1 status – I honestly think this is the hang up in his new contract, he wants it but Toto wants to keep the same rivalry. There is no way they will let brand Hamilton go.

Red Bull will probably make a good show for the first half of the season but will then eat up some grid penalties for new engine parts (so will most Renault powered teams). Loads of new gimmicks will com in to try and arrest a declining tv audience, fundamentally the sport won’t change. Roll on 2021 and new engine/car rules!”

Demostene Neacsiu, working as a Turbocharger Engineer at Mercedes AMG Petronas since 2014 has some close insights. “I expect nothing from the season besides a constructor’s 1st place trophy from a team point of view. As of on-track action and Liberty Media’s changes, I don’t like the new logo and the way they are operating the media, it is all very teen-ish and F1 is a mature sport, it should be serious, further more re-enforcing that, grid kids should not be present in front of very secretive, powerful, dangerous and expensive, it’s just not right from my point of view.”

Steve Perry, from Costa Rica says “I think the beginning of the season will be interesting, but by the end of the season with only a few Mercedes engined cars still running on their third and final engine penalties will basically ruin the championship. Hamilton will win, as expected and the races will be pretty much processional with Mercedes leading Ferrari and Redbull with the rest kind of making up the semi entertaining rear.

I don’t want to sound cynical, but that is the way it will be. The championship is entirely too predictable. The cars are amazing, there are occasionally amazing displays of driving skill and I love technology operating on the edge, but bottom line is there is no real drama in the championship. Maybe qualifying is interesting, but most race days are only interesting to me because of the commentary on the technology and some of the more esoteric strategies. I don’t have much hope that the new ownership will improve the show. In fact it will probably drain the few remaining things I enjoy from it, but that remains to be seen. In the meantime, I will watch and get out of it the pieces I love.”

I will be frequently adding more views from the F1 avid fans, journalists and technical analysts. If you have some insights, personal views or big news, feel free to comment below.

Happy Racing Season!

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