PureVPN’s Privacy Policy

We do NOT keep any logs that can identify or help in monitoring a user’s activity.

PureVPN Privacy Policy


We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and service users. In this policy, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to PureVPN.

Collected information

When you sign up with PureVPN, we only ask for the following information:

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • Password.
  • Payment method.

This information is collected and stored to provide and improve our services to you (“stored data”). No other information is collected or stored at signup.

Additionally, we also collect the following information for customer support and service excellence reasons during service usage:

  • Day of connection – We do NOT track or store the time you connected to our services.
  • ISP Tracking – We do NOT track or store your personal IP or exact location.
  • Connection time – We do NOT track or store the specific times you connected to our server.
  • Usage and Activity logs – We do NOT monitor or store any activity log for any user.

For app and service improvements we collect the following information:

  • Software analytics and statistics.
  • Data from emails, live chats, and feedback forms.

None of the data listed above can be used to identify or track users.

‘However, we do NOT store any logs that can identify or help in monitoring your activity. We do this to ensure PureVPN has no information to share even if we are forced to. None of the following records are stored by PureVPN’.

  • Browsing activity.
  • Identifiable connection logs.
  • Records of IPs assigned.
  • A customer’s original IP.
  • Connection timestamps.
  • Browsing history.
  • Sites visited.
  • Outgoing traffic.
  • Content or data accessed.
  • DNS queries generated by the user.

You are invisible – even we can’t see what you do online

Our systems, processes and servers are designed not to store any of the above mentioned user information . We do this by design to ensure no data can be stored.

Use of stored data

The information we collected enables us to provide our services to you. We process the information for the following:

  • To provide, operate, and maintain our services.
  • To improve, personalize and expand our services.
  • To analyze and improve user experience.
  • To communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners. We communicate with our users for user service, providing updates and other information related to the services, and for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • To process your transactions.
  • To improve our contract management.
  • To enforce our Terms of Service or other legal rights.

Our VPN connection logs DO NOT collect:

Your origin IP
The specific time a user connected to our server
Any activity conducted when connected to our servers

Read more about our no-log audits here.

NOTE: In the case of a Dedicated IP addon purchase, a fixed and dedicated VPN IP is assigned to the user which remains in our records for 25 days after a subscription ends.

Bandwidth use and consumption

All PureVPN subscribers get access to unlimited bandwidth, irrespective of how it is used. We keep track of the total bandwidth consumed by a user to make sure everybody is getting the highest speeds and the best possible experience from our product.

PureVPN reserves the right to contact users about bandwidth irregularities and service disruption for other users resulting from these irregularities.

Software analytics and statistics

PureVPN collects minimal connection statistics and reports. None of these include identifiable data or behavior, such as web traffic details, IP addresses and DNS requests.

This collection is done strictly to ensure the best possible service and customer support is delivered to our customers.

PureVPN conducts VPN diagnostics and monitors crash reports to:

  • Better understand the functionality of our software.
  • See how often the PureVPN app is used.
  • Understand events occurring within the app.
  • See aggregated usage.
  • Track performance data.
  • Track failed connection attempts.

We use a number of tools in our client software for the reporting mentioned above. These tools are:

  • Google Analytics – Please visit Google’s Terms here.
  • Tunes – Please visit the Privacy Policy here.
  • Firebase – Please visit the Privacy Policy here.
  • New Relic – Please visit the Privacy Policy here.
  • MixPanel – Please visit the Privacy Policy here.
  • Facebook Pixel – Please visit Facebook’s Privacy Policy here. You can stop the use of your data for the purpose of displaying Facebook ads by clicking here.
  • Intercom.io – Please visit the Privacy Policy here.
  • Sentry – Please visit the Privacy Policy here.

It is the responsibility of our customers to keep their apps updated at all times to ensure compatibility with our terms and conditions**Users are notified about upgrades whenever possible.

Data from emails, live chats, and feedback forms

Other than users’ data, it is important for PureVPN to keep a record of all user correspondence to ensure smooth service delivery and superior customer service. We keep a record of all correspondence, be it questions, complaints or compliments submitted via our apps, website or extensions.

PureVPN uses multiple third-party platforms for customer support and correspondence:

  • Zendesk: for support tickets (read their privacy policy here).
  • Intercom: for customer support via chat (read their privacy policy here).
  • Mailchimp: for emails (read their privacy policy here).
  • SendGrid: for emails (read their privacy policy here).
  • MixPanel: to maintain relations with our users (read their privacy policy here).

The customer’s name and email address are stored with the third-party platform when they correspond with PureVPN while using any of these services.

International data transfers

Our systems are spread across the globe, which means the stored data is traveling through servers in multiple locations which might or might not be in the customer’s country of residence. While we rely on some third-party service providers to deliver our services, we make sure that the stored data is protected during this process. PureVPN has strict data protection agreements in place with all providers.

It is important for users to understand that their stored data will be transferred and/or processed when required, as it is an integral part to maintain excellence in our services and live up to our Terms of Service.

Security of collected information

With the exception to the stored data mentioned in section 2, PureVPN neither stores any user data nor shares, sells or rents it out to any third party. Hence no such information is kept with us. The only information mentioned in section 2 is stored to provide the products and services required by users which is kept safe without sharing or selling it to any third party.

Security measures to protect your information

All stored data is secured with strong cryptographic algorithms wherever required.

PureVPN takes appropriate measures for the protection of all customer information against unauthorized access, alteration, destruction and disclosure of data. Access to personal customer information by PureVPN employees, contractors and agents is restricted.

It is important for all users to understand that despite the strictest precautionary measures taken, no system can be declared 100% foolproof, protected or secure.

Data retention policy and your data protection rights

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you have the following data protection rights:

  • You can always access, correct and update the information you provided to us, within your member’s area profile.
  • You can also exercise this right by clicking on the “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” link in the marketing emails we send to you.
  • You may also request deletion of your personal user profile, if you decide to leave our services completely. You can do so at any time by sending an email at support@purevpn.com. If you request the deletion of your profile, it may take up to a month (30 days) to complete. Your email address will be kept and used to avoid account duplication and creation of fake accounts in your name. Your email address will be deleted only after we receive an explicit request from you to do so.

Cookies and PureVPN

PureVPN utilizes different types of cookies to store information related to a visitor on our website. This is done in order to provide the best experience, and to deliver advertising messages and offers that are relevant to our users.

Please see How PureVPN Uses Cookies to get a better understanding about the cookies we employ, what type of data is collected, how that data is used, and how a user can opt-out of this program.

What data does PureAI share with OpenAI? How is it being used by OpenAI?

The prompts you submit to PureAI will be shared with OpenAI. For example, if you ask PureAI ‘what is VPN’, the text in quotes will be shared with OpenAI. OpenAI will not use your prompts to train or improve their models. OpenAI will use your prompts for content moderation purposes and will delete those prompts after 30 days. You can learn more about how OpenAI uses your prompts by reviewing OpenAI’s API Data Usage Policy .You will remain completely anonymous while using the PureAI. Your personally identifiable information will never be shared with OpenAI to ensure you remain anonymous while using the PureAI.

What data is being shared with third parties when I use PureAI?

Your prompts (e.g., when you ask PureAI to ‘what is VPN’) will be shared with OpenAI. However, your prompts and customer data associated with your PureVPN account will never be shared with any other third parties. Your prompts and queries will be stored by PureAI but will never be attributable to you as a user. This data is only collected to ensure the services we offer to our users are up to the mark.

Third-party website links

PureVPN’s website might contain links to other third-party websites. We do not control how they operate their privacy practices nor can we take responsibility for them.

Financial and credit information

As with all online businesses, PureVPN also uses third-party payment processors. All payment data rests with the respective processor.

However, some do require us to process the payment. And in such cases we process all payments realtime and pass it on to the processor and chargeback service without storing any data.

Please review the privacy policy of your preferred payment processor for a better understanding of the information they collect, store and use. Because privacy and anonymity are at the heart of what we do, PureVPN has included Coin Payments and Gift Cards in the list of payment methods we accept. These are 100% anonymous payment methods that will protect your privacy.

Consent and age restrictions

We accept the usage of our website, apps, extensions and services by the users as an agreement of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage.

The services provided by PureVPN are intended for people 18 years or older. Parents or legal guardians must inform PureVPN immediately about any unauthorized or underage use of our services.

Legal Basis

Our legal basis for collecting and using your personal information is primarily to provide you our services and may depend on:

  • The personal information concerned.
  • The specific context in which it is collected.

The only time we collect personal information from users is:

  • When the users sign up and enter into a contract with us.
  • Where the processing is in our legitimate interests and does not violate your privacy rights.


PureVPN holds the sole right to revise and modify its Privacy Policy whenever deemed necessary to do so. Whenever a revision is made, the updated revision date will be displayed at the top of this page.

PureVPN encourages all users to frequently check this page for any changes to the policy.

Users acknowledge and agree that it is their responsibility to review this Privacy Policy periodically and be aware of any changes. Hence, by using our products, the users confirm that they accept and agree to the PureVPN Privacy Policy and all changes made to it.

Contact Information

For any questions or clarity on our Privacy Policy, please send your queries to legal@purevpn.com

Last updated on 05/21/2022