Wi-Fi Matic

Your personal Wi-Fi butler that manages your Wi-Fi accounts
and saves battery from draining.

It's 100% Free!

Awesome Features Of Wi-Fi Matic

Here are some features of Wi-Fi Matic that makes it truly awesome:

Automatic Wi-Fi Connectivity

The app learns and then knows when to automatically connect with which Wi-Fi network without requiring you to do anything!

Saves Costs On Mobile Data

The app helps you save on mobile data by automatically switching to Wi-Fi whenever it recognizes a familiar Wi-Fi hotspot!

Saves Battery From Draining

The app increases your battery life by automatically managing and switching your data and Wi-Fi connections accordingly!

Provides Additional Freedom

Enjoy complete online freedom and privacy! The app does all this and more by using a built-in VPN support for you!

Additional Benefits

Data Security

No third-party targeted ads, no location identifiers, no tracking, and no monitoring! This translates into a fuss-free internet experience!

One-tap Functionality

A tap here, a tap here, and the app does the rest! Everything you want the app to do can be controlled through a single screen.

Prompt Support

Facing an issue? No biggie. It will be solved ASAP by our 24/7 live-chat-support staff. Rain or shine, day or night, they are there!

Wifi Matic Benefits
wifi matic

100% Control At Your Finger Tips

Wi-Fi Matic makes it easy for you to save on data costs and battery life by automatically diverting your data to a Wi-Fi connection. The app does so by acquiring the knowledge on its own without requiring any intervention on your part.