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How to Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere – A Quick Guide for Wi-Fi Lovers

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PUREVPNWi-Fi SecurityHow to Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere – A Quick Guide for Wi-Fi Lovers

There is not a single soul on earth that wouldn’t want a free Wi-Fi. In fact, people would spend hours on the Internet searching, how to get a free Wi-Fi anywhere.

There are a number of reasons why you may look for free Internet access when you are on the go. For instance, you may want to connect to your office network to get important work done while you are on the move, or you may simply want to update your status on your favorite social media website.

In short, there isn’t any shortage of the reasons for you connect to a free hotspot.

Save mobile data plan? Indeed, it is the primary reason people usually look for a free internet connection.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can find and connect to a free Wi-Fi in your locality or the place you are traveling to. But before that make sure you fasten your Wi-Fi security belt when joining a public network.

Why, you may wonder? Read on…

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Are the Devil’s Play Ground

Learning how to find free Wi-Fi anywhere isn’t as challenging than finding a safe Wi-Fi.

It is important to understand that public Wi-Fis, as the name suggests, are open to anyone who wants to connect to the Internet. The user could be anyone, even those harboring the evil intention of compromising your private information for personal gains.


Here’s how they do it:

  • Unsecure Network: Yes. Even though Wi-Fis come with standard encryption protocols, you can never be sure if those protocols are 100% secure or not. Take for instance the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability, which could allow hackers to monitor or pry on your private information.
  • MITM Attack: KRACK or other types of vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi networks can also lead to Man-in-the-Middle (MTIM) attacks. An MITM attack gives hackers the ability to listen in on the data transmission between a user’s machine and the server.
  • Hacking Kits: There are hacking kits available that let hackers or data snoopers compromise public Wi-Fi networks. By using such kits, hackers can see what web pages you are viewing and even what credentials you are using to access your online accounts.
  • Fake Hotspot: Remember that hackers continuously come up with unique ways to hack into your online data, and using a fake hotspot is one way to do it. A hacker near you may lure you into his trap by creating a malicious hotspot through which he can easily infect your device with malware or a key logger. As a result, the attacker can easily take control of your device and your private information.

Check out the following video and see how an ex-professional hacker claims to compromise users’ privacy through public Wi-Fi:

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere in a Secure Manner

Now that we know the dangers of joining public Wi-Fis, let us learn how to use free Wi-Fi anywhere in a secure manner:

Always Confirm Wi-Fi Authenticity

Since we know now that hackers can pry into our online data through malicious hotspots, it would be wise to verify the connection before we join it. The best way to ensure that the open Wi-Fi you want to connect to is genuine or not is by asking the employee.

Whether you are using the Wi-Fi in an airport, café or a restaurant, you can ask an employee if the Wi-Fi is hosted by them or not.

Don’t Toggle On Sharing

no sharing


Never keep your device’s sharing turned on when you are connected to an open Wi-Fi. We usually allow auto-sharing when we need to share documents, images or any other type of data with other devices. If the option is turned on, hackers can easily gain access to sensitive data.

Therefore, always make sure that sharing is turned off before joining a Wi-Fi.

Avoid Checking Private Data

Public spots are not the places to conduct personal activities for instance using Wi-Fis to check private emails or conduct online transactions. When you make online transactions on open Wi-Fis, you expose your sensitive data to cybercriminals.

It is best to not use such networks for checking sensitive data unless it is very necessary.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If you want to join a free Wi-Fi and do your usual online activities without worrying about cybercriminals, use a virtual private network such as PureVPN. A VPN allows you to encrypt your data that transmits to and fro between your machine and the Internet, hence securing your Wi-Fi for good.

So, even if any hacker tries to access your data on a public network, the data itself won’t be accessible or legible to the hacker due to encryption.

how to get free wifi anywhere

With PureVPN, you are able to not only encrypt your data but also prevent malware from infecting your device because of malware protection. Moreover, you are also able to auto-detect any malicious traffic on the network as well as stop it dead in its track.

Apart from all that you can also use its ad-blocking feature to prevent the annoying ads that often keep popping up on your browser. All in all, when you find a free Wi-Fi anywhere, connect to a reliable VPN before joining the Wi-Fi to prevent hacking, spying or snooping.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Everywhere

Now that we know how we can use a secure public Wi-Fi, let’s learn how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere in the world.

Facebook Find Wi-Fi

Surprising isn’t it? With Facebook you can easily see public Wi-Fis around you no matter wherever you are. Simply open up the Facebook app on your device and tap the “More” menu. Now, find and open the “Find Wi-Fi” and voila!

find free wifi anywhere - facebook

With this feature, your device will pick all the Wi-Fi connections created by shops, cafés or other businesses around you. But keep in mind you may not be able to find a rich list of networks since not all businesses have their networks listed on Facebook.

Wi-Fi App

If Facebook Find Wi-Fi option fails to satisfy your Wi-Fi cravings, try using the Wi-Fi app. The Wi-Fi lists a whopping 100 million+ Wi-Fi connections all around the globe. The best part about this app is that the list is powered by crowdsourcing means, i.e., users from every corner of the globe can add Wi-Fi hotspots to the list.

Moreover, you can check out users’ comments to know the Wi-Fi quality or any other necessary details.

Instabridge App

The Instabridge app offers you a somewhat similar experience like the Wi-Fi app. For instance, both the apps create and increase their Wi-Fi connections’ list through the power of crowdsourcing. The app gives you a single platform from where you can access over millions of Wi-Fi connections using their respective passwords or credentials.

Free Zone

The Free Zone app is also a great tool for automatically scanning available public Wi-Fis near you. The application has over 5 million connections in its database and if you are near any hotspot that matches a connection in its database, a quick notification will pop up on your device.

How to Get Free WiFi at Home Without Internet

In the past, you may have only heard about having the Internet through wired connections or requiring modems to watch your favorite content. However, times have changed, as has the WiFi technology. Now, you can enjoy free WiFi at home without an Internet provider.

One technique to get free WiFi at home without an Internet provider is through Bluetooth Tethering. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Connect your mobile or your friend’s mobile to cellular internet.
  2. Now, go to the Internet option on your friend’s phone.
  3. Tap on the Hotspot and Tethering option.
  4. Enable the Bluetooth Tethering tab.
  5. Next, turn on your phone or tablet Bluetooth and connect to it.

How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere Without a Router

If you want to access the Internet but don’t have a router, go for a WiFi hotspot or Public WiFi spot. Many areas, like shopping malls, restaurants, and other public places, provide free WiFi. 

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open your WiFi antenna and look for a free Internet connection.
  2. Sometimes, you’ll find the password or QR code of free WiFi as a banner in public places.
  3. If you want to use the Internet at home without a router, connect to your phone or any other Internet service phone.
  4. Go to Hotspot and Tethering on the phone with connection and enable it.

Remember, when you join the public WiFi connection, it is mostly in guest mode. It means you can have access to limited services and packages. Also, Public WiFi is unsafe, so make sure you use a secure tool before connecting to it.

How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere Without Password

A long time ago, cyber attackers and hackers could only access WiFi without a password. But now, you can also ethically connect to someone’s WiFI without entering a password using a QR code scan and DDP.

Access Through QR code

  1. Open your phone Networking settings by clicking on Network and Internet.
  2. Locate Internet or WiFi in the section and click the Add Network option.
  3. Now, use the QR code icon beside the Network Name option.
  4. Next, scan your router or any public WiFi QR code and enjoy WiFi without a password.

Access Through DDP

  1. To start with DDP (Device Provisioning Protocol), you must configure the Internet on another phone.
  2. Use the same method as mentioned in the above section to connect through a QR code to the network.
  3. Now, go to configured phone Network settings and select the connected WiFi.
  4. You’ll see a Share option; click on it.
  5. Use the QR code to connect to the WiFi through DDP.

How to Get Free WiFi at Home Without Internet on Android

Connecting free WiFi on your Android phone is accessible using the Hotspot option. However, it will only work when another phone at your home has a WiFi connection or cellular internet.

  1. Locate the Network Setting option in the phone connected to the Internet.
  2. Go to the Hotspot and Tethering tab and click on it.
  3. Select the WiFi Hotspot option and enable it.
  4. You can also find credentials related to your WiFi as well.
  5. Now, open your phone or tablet and connect to it through WiFi.

How to Get Free WiFi at Istanbul Airport

You can connect to free WiFi at Istanbul Airport by following the below steps:

  1. In Istanbul Airlines, you’ll find a kiosk screen available.
  2. Click on it and tap Mobile Access.
  3. Select your flag in the country code section and insert your phone number without the area code (+_).
  4. Check on the accepted terms and conditions and press Enter.
  5.  Now, an SMS code will be sent to your phone. After entering it, click on Next.
  6. Access the Internet with your passport number.
  7. Follow the procedure for verifying the passport number and note down the code to use as a password.
  8. Now, click on Access with passport, enter credentials provided by the kiosk, and enjoy free WiFi.

How to Get Free WiFi on Emirates Flight

You must have an Emirates Skyward membership number to access free WiFi on Emirates Flight. You can get it by adding it to your flight booking while buying the ticket or by locating and managing the booking option before the flight. 

  1. Search for the OnAir WiFi network after you take off.
  2. Sign in with your Emirates Skyward Membership.
  3. Insert your membership details and password provided.
  4. Select the WiFi plan and Pay online.

How to Get Free WiFi at School

To get free WiFi at school, try the WiFi hotspot and Tethering option mentioned in the article or a free WiFi app like Altice USA. 

This service provides the Internet to students for 60 days. After 2 months, you can cancel your subscription or use a paid account option for further use.

  1. For hotspot and tethering, go to your phone or tablet settings.
  2. Enable hotspot option for WiFi access.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth Tethering for Internet access.
  4. Connect two laptops with ethernet and build a connection on the Network Sharing Center option in the Control Panel.

How to Get Free WiFi at Doha Airport

You can enjoy the Internet at Doha Airport relatively quickly by below steps:

  1. Click on the Internet or WiFi option on your phone.
  2. Search for #HIAQatar connection on any device.
  3. Sign in by following the procedure and enjoy the Internet for free.

Is There an App That Gives You Free WiFi?

Yes, there are many applications available for free WiFi. Here are a few of them:


If you are low on budget, then you can access the Everyoneon WiFi app on their website. It provides Internet services with the following steps:

  1. Go to Everyoneon the website and insert your ZIP code.
  2. Tell them how much you earn in a year.
  3. Forward your request and wait for its approval.
  4. If you are eligible, you’ll get free WiFi through one of the providers in your area.


Comcast provides free WiFi services for 60 days. You can even call their service to sign up to avoid creating an account. After that, you can cancel their subscription or purchase a paid version.

How Can I Increase My WiFi Signal?

You can increase your WiFi signals by many methods. Let’s start with changing your router’s placement. Ensure your router is placed at a higher height and away from devices that can catch signals, like microwaves or fridges. Check if your router’s firmware is updated if it doesn’t work.

Moreover, adding an extender or mesh network for large spaces reduces WiFi interference. Also, you can convert your channel band from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz on your laptop. 

To further optimize your WiFi network, turn off the Internet on any unused device to allow traffic to flow through only the one in use.

Cable Internet Service’s Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you are using a premium cable Internet service at your home or office, you can check their free Wi-Fi hotspots. Most Cable internet service providers offer hotspot in places like Airports, hotels or restaurants to provide an easy access to their service.

Open your Wi-Fi and scan for available hotspots or connections near you and find your service provider’s free hotspot.

To Wrap This Up

Free public Wi-Fi may quench your cravings for a free Internet connection, but if you are lazy on your online security, it may leave your private data exposed to cybercriminals. So, always join public Wi-Fi after taking the necessary security measures.

If you are living in Montreal, Sydney, Toronto, London, or Melbourne, you can check out the following guides to find free Wi-Fi in those regions:




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