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Watch Geo-Blocked TV Shows on Internet, Through VPN TV


American and British media networks make their TV channels and TV shows available on Internet. Sometimes, the websites offering these TV shows are not accessible outside the nation. People on the foreign tour miss their favorite TV programs available in their home countries. Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes it feasible to watch TV channels of different nations on a PC.

Requirement of VPN for watching TV

Most of the Channels put their TV shows on websites. Even TV channels broadcast live shows, sporting events and ceremonies on Internet. The TV broadcast on Internet is easily available to viewers of that country. However, people outside the country face problems in accessing those TV shows on Internet from the channel websites.

Due to some media and government policies, media content of a channel is not broad-cast on Internet for outside nation viewers. For example, an American can easily watch an American TV show by living in USA. However, a person cannot access the same TV show from the same website while living outside USA. Similarly, people living in UK can only watch British TV shows on Internet. In technical terms, the channels websites are set with Geo-blocking parameters that block outside net users from accessing TV shows of a certain nation.

If a person tries to access TV shows on these websites, outside USA or UK, he gets a message “service not available in your area”. Here, one can use VPN to overcome Geo-blocking settings and watch American and UK TV shows from other countries, as well. VPN offers secure access to such restricted websites.

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How to access Geo-restricted TV channels through VPN?

VPN puts an end to censorship imposed on Internet resources by government and private authorities. VPN users can browse Internet without any restriction. Users interested in making international calls can easily use Skype or MSN VoIP services through VPN without any limitation. VPN introduces an unblocked world, where one can stream TV shows in high-definition, watch live sporting events and HD movies only by paying a nominal fee. Here is how one can use VPN television to watch TV shows on Internet that are banned in your region.

Change IP address

Through VPN, one can easily replace his actual IP address with an American IP or UK IP address and appear to authorities as if you are accessing the website from USA or UK. By using an USA or UK IP address, you can watch native TV programs available on US and UK restricted TV channels.

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Bypass ISP restrictions

VPN enables an Internet user to bypass security restrictions, filter settings and firewall configuration set by Internet service providers (ISP).

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VPN Encrypted Protocols

VPN television uses secure protocols such as Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) to connect securely with Geo-blocked foreign websites. The protocols encrypt the communication between your home PC and TV website server. VPN TV offer a high level encryption security to keep the traffic confidential while accessing TV channels from restricted websites. VPN television offers 0.128 bit encryption and 0.256 bit encryption to achieve highly secure access of Geo-blocked websites.

When China has placed so many restrictions to block the web flow of information between China and remaining world, VPN will be useful for net users inside and outside China to exchange valuable information. VPN is also useful for people on a foreign tour wanting to do financial transactions through a Geo-blocked banking website. VPN television is popular for watching TV shows, games and live international events from Geo-restricted foreign websites. However, when you want to take a VPN television connection, you should discuss availability of your favorite VPN TV shows with the VPN television provider.

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  • John

    Am i able to watch Fox news through VPN TV in Singapore? which plan is the best for TV watching?

    • admin


      Our both plans work best for faster streaming, but if you stream too much then we suggest going for Unlimited Plan. You may check the details here

  • Jess

    John all online TV channels are accessible through VPN no matter where you are located or which country's TV channel you would like watch. I prefer using unlimited bandwidth account for TV watching cheap as low as $6.25/month only.

  • Aussie

    Guys does this VPN television thing really works? is it legal to use VPN to view blocked content in your region, i am afraid if using it make law enforcement people to  ring my door bell. I only need to access US TV in Australia.