How to Watch Hotstar in New Zealand

Published: August 23, 2020

It’s impossible to access Hotstar if you live in New Zealand unless you get a PureVPN. Follow the 3 steps given below to access Hotstar in NZ.

1. Subscribe to PureVPN Trial
2. Install & Connect to Indian Server from the App
3. Head to Hotstar website/app and stream

Watch Hotstar in New Zealand

Hotstar is the biggest streaming channel in India. Run by Star group, Hotstar is full of some of the most amazing original Indian content. Because this content can only be seen on Hotstar, people living in New Zealand have to find a way to access the channel.

There are plenty of channels that you’ll find hard or even impossible to access if you live in New Zealand. One of these channels is Hotstar. But thankfully, you can avoid these restrictions with ease by using PureVPN.

Streaming loads of fantastic content in one place, Hotstar has managed to capture a large chunk of India’s audience. The service continues to move on an upward trajectory.

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Is Hotstar available in NZ?

Hotstar is an amazing service with loads of content that you can stream. But despite its popularity, it is only accessible in India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the US for now.

Thankfully, with VPN, they can access the channel with ease and stream their favorite original content live in New Zealand.

A VPN helps you evade regional limitations with ease so that you can continue to watch your favorite content irrespective of any restrictions.

How Can I Watch Hotstar in New Zealand?

Hotstar is only accessible in a few countries, mainly India, the UK, the US, and Canada. People from other countries cannot access the channel from their locations.

But there is an easy way to avoid these restrictions and access Hotstar with ease. This involves using a VPN.

With a VPN, you can change your IP location to anywhere you want. You can easily connect to a server in India and access Hotstar or any other Indian channel with ease.

Here is how you can watch Hotstar in New Zealand.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN, choose any plan you want
  2. Download PureVPN app on any device you want
  3. Login to the app
  4. Tap on Stream Mode and connect to India in Countries tab
  5. Visit Hotstar, you will be able to access the channel with ease
  6. You can watch dozens of movies for free or you can subscribe to a VIP account and watch amazing TV shows
  7. Enjoy streaming Hotstar from anywhere

Why PureVPN is Best Choice?

PureVPN is the best streaming VPN service that you can get. PureVPN works flawlessly when it comes to streaming your favorite channels on the web. With PureVPN, you can enjoy complete freedom on the internet. The service offers connectivity with over 2,000+ servers in 140 countries. The list of countries includes the US, the UK, India, and Australia.

This means that you can easily watch Hotstar in New Zealand. You also get to enjoy the fastest streams in New Zealand. PureVPN always keeps its servers optimized so that you may enjoy the fastest streams from anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Get PureVPN now and access Hotstar in New Zealand with ease.