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How does PurePrivacy help me?

Make healthier digital choices with PurePrivacy


What features does PurePrivacy offer?

We created PurePrivacy to help you make healthier privacy choices on social media


Start protecting your social accounts
in 3 easy steps

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    Connect your digital accounts and check your privacy settings.

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    Choose your privacy recommendations and apply them in just one tap.

Get PureMax now Risk-free for 31 days

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We’ll send you a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I protect my privacy with PurePrivacy?

    PurePrivacy helps you improve your privacy at the tap of a button.

    You connect the online accounts you want, and PurePrivacy analyzes your existing privacy settings.

    Choose the level of security you want, and PurePrivacy gives you recommendations that you can turn on with one tap.

    You can see your recommendations anytime in your personalized dashboard.

  • Do I have to be a social media expert to use PurePrivacy?

    You can be a total beginner at social media and still use PurePrivacy.

    After we analyze your account, we tell you three clear things:

    • The social media privacy links we found,
    • Why they can harm your online presence, and
    • What happens when you change your settings.
  • Do I need an account to use PurePrivacy?

    You can start using PurePrivacy as a guest.

    This allows you to connect your social account, and start analyzing it for data leaks.

    The place where we store PureVPN’s source code is also protected by a Multi-Factor Authentication process.

    To see your recommendations and protect your Facebook account, you’ll need to create a free PurePrivacy account.

  • How do I subscribe to PurePrivacy?

    You can start using PurePrivacy with a 7-day free trial. Get my free trial

    When you’re ready, you can upgrade your subscription inside the app.

    Just tap the “Menu” button; then, tap “Upgrade to Premium”.

  • Does PurePrivacy save my social media password or login details?

    We never see or save your social media login details.

    For more details on how we handle your data, have a look at our Privacy Policy. Visit Privacy Policy

  • When will there be more social platforms available on PurePrivacy?

    We are always working on making more online platforms – like YouTube – available on PurePrivacy.

    Sign up for our email list to get notified of all our new releases. Get PurePrivacy Emails

  • How can I contact PurePrivacy support?

    We’re always available to help you with PurePrivacy.

    From inside the PurePrivacy app: tap “Menu”, then tap “Live Chat”. Live Chat with our 24/7 support team: Contact support now

    Or, visit the support center on our website. Visit our support center

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