Protect your files
with total confidence

  • Secure cloud and local storage

  • Tamper-proof file encryption

  • Unlimited secure vaults

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How does PureEncrypt help me protect my files?

Put reliable locks on your valuable files so you can keep them private

Create and lock
unlimited vaults

Put any files you want behind encrypted vaults.
Lock entire folders and directories behind passwords so you can secure your sensitive files.

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Give all your files a
powerful security boost

Your files will be a complete mystery to anyone who doesn’t have the password.

Keep your files in secure cloud storage or lock them away on your personal computer.

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Sync your convenient,
secure cloud storage

Get cloud storage with built-in encryption so you can protect your documents, photos, and more.

Manage and organize your files however you choose.

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6 powerful features you can trust to
secure your important files


End-to-end encryption

Make all your photos, videos, and files private with total encryption.

Export encrypted files and folders with complete privacy if you choose to share them with others.


Protected cloud storage

You can encrypt your files with PureEncrypt, and save the new files in your cloud storage.

Combine security and convenience so you can store files in a place you can always reach.


Protect your sensitive files

Lock your passports, private documents, and more behind password-protected vaults.

Create and organize unlimited secure vaults and protect them so your files stay secure.


Sync your information

Sync your password-protected vaults from anywhere so you can stay secure.

Be confident in your privacy while you stay logged in on up to 10 computers.


Add more security checks

Boost your PureEncrypt security by adding security checks like face ID and fingerprint.

Choose one or many so you can increase your file security and privacy.


Automatic app logout

Set a timer that logs out of PureEncrypt after a time you choose.

Limit access your important files and folders so you and your people stay secure.

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Protect your important files in 3 simple steps


Subscribe to PureEncrypt and download the app.


Log in to PureEncrypt and choose your settings.


Create unlimited secure vaults for your files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does PureEncrypt protect my files?

    PureEncrypt uses end-to-end encryption to protect your files.

    End-to-end encryption is a system of communication where only the communicating users can read the messages.

    First, the data is encrypted on the sender’s system or device.

    Only a person with the password can decrypt it.

    As your file travels to its destination, it cannot be read or tampered with by an internet service provider (ISP), application service provider, hacker or any other trackers.

    For more details on how PureEncrypt handles your data, have a look at our Safe Zone. Visit Safe Zone

  • What kind of files can I store in PureEncrypt?

    You can upload any type of file – as large or small as you want – into PureEncrypt.

    Inside PureEncrypt, you can create password-protected vaults so your files can only be accessed two ways:

    • By people who have the password to the vault, or
    • By someone who has the password to your PureEncrypt account.

    For a step-by-step guide, watch our quick tutorial.

  • How much storage space do I get?

    PureEncrypt does not provide cloud storage.

    You can encrypt your files with PureEncrypt, and save those files into your cloud storage.

    Otherwise, you can add passwords to as many files and folders as you want.

  • Does PureEncrypt track my activity?

    No – we cannot see or track what you do in PureEncrypt.

    PureEncrypt does not have a back-end.

    Everything that you do in PureEncrypt happens on your computer where no external service or person can track it.

    For more details on how PureEncrypt handles your data, have a look at our Safe Zone. Visit Safe Zone

  • How can I contact PureEncrypt support?

    We’re always available to help you with PureEncrypt.

    From inside the PureEncrypt app: Tap “Menu”, then tap “Live Chat”.

    Live Chat with our 24/7 support team: Contact support now

    Or, visit the support center on our website. Visit our support center

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