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Customize your brand, boost security, and dominate the VPN market with PureVPN’s White Label solution. Seamlessly integrated across major platforms, our cybersecurity expertise ensures your branded VPN product stands out.

    ✅ Customized VPN Apps
    ✅ Custom Web APIs and SDK Solutions
    ✅ Seamless Multi-Platform Integration
    ✅ Transparent Pricing and Profit Margins
    ✅ Robust Infrastructure, Legally Compliant

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White-Label VPN Solutions
with Custom Apps

There is no need to build from scratch when you can opt for PureVPN’s White Label solutions to get your own branded versions of our off-the-shelf Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux apps.

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Added-Value for SaaS Vendors

Gain from PureVPN’s expertise in the growing cybersecurity market. Our experience, skills, and technology, along with a forward-thinking approach, all wrapped up in our white-label solutions, will prove to be of real value to your operation as a leading SaaS Vendor.

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Seamless Integration for
Hardware Manufacturers

Hardware manufacturers can bolster security on internet-enabled devices via PureVPN. Ensure online privacy and security for your customers by integrating an impenetrable layer of encryption to deal with various cyber threats.

Use PureVPN’s flexible and customizable, white-label VPN APIs for easy and smart integration for IoT devices.

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Online Security for Managed Service Providers’ Users

Our partner model for managed service providers enables SaaS vendors to connect to our platform securely. Our vast global infrastructure and team experience remove any complications while integrating our service.

Increase your business value and capitalize on PureVPN’s experience and technology for greater security and anonymity for your users.

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KPMG Certified No-Log Global Network with 99.99% Guaranteed Up-Time

PureVPN has the most extensive network pool with 1 million+ shared IPs and a massive reserve of dedicated IPs and servers. They all come with high-speed servers, multiple protocols, and support for P2P.

Centralized Robust Management & Integration

PureVPN delivers an exceptional centralized dashboard for all White Label users that is incredibly easy to use, it also offers robust management and simple yet broad integration capabilities.

Admin Console

Gain complete control over your VPN and utilize predefined features for the best outcome.

All Statistical Reports

Analyze statistical reports to see where your VPN stands and how you can improve it.

User Management

View and configure user accounts, and provide support when necessary.

Server Management

View and configure servers according to your own needs and requirements.

API & SDK Vault

Utilize the API and SDK vault to customize your VPN applications as you see fit.

API Documentation

Review API documentation to get a clear picture regarding your VPN applications.

API Playground

Investigate your VPN app and explore new possibilities for your business to reach new heights.

24/7 Technical Support

For issues or concerns, you can contact our technical support team 24/7.

80+ Regional streaming content unblocked for users

Increase your lifetime value by providing unrestricted access to geo-restricted content. PureVPN’s white-label VPN comes with an on-demand feature to its network that unblocks some of the top-demanded streaming channels that are inaccessible, with high upload and download speeds.

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Features that made 3 million+ Users Choose Us Over Others

Organizations are constantly under pressure to combat online threats that could cause losses worth millions of dollars. PureVPN offers numerous security solutions that deal with such security risks.

Advanced Protocols

Advanced data tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, IKeV2, and IPSec are supported.

Military Grade Encryption

Get military-grade encryption to bolster your online security and privacy to overcome all online threats.

Internet Kill Switch

The Internet Kill Switch feature ensures your privacy remains intact despite VPN disconnection.

White-Label Custom Apps

Customized & user-friendly VPN apps are available for popular platforms like Windows, iOS, etc.

No-Logs VPN

PureVPN does not keep any logs whatsoever. What you or your users do online remains private

6500+ VPN Servers

PureVPN’s extensive network spans across the globe while being optimized for top-notch performance.

Split Tunneling

Route traffic between ISP connection and PureVPN for specific use cases

Automate Billing

Free API that automates the entire billing process so that you can charge as per your own model.

600+ Global Brands Trust PureVPN

PureVPN offers impenetrable security solutions that effectively deal with security risks. This way, organizations dealing
with threats day in and day out will not have to worry about suffering significant financial losses.

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A White Label VPN allows just about anyone to create their own VPN. Existing tools are used from prominent VPNs, like PureVPN, to create a new and successful VPN brand to cater to different niches.

An individual or business looking for a white label VPN can start their own VPN from scratch by utilizing the tools and infrastructure provided by a reliable and trustworthy VPN, like PureVPN.

There are numerous benefits of opting for a White Label VPN. With the experience, knowledge, and tools provided by such a VPN, creating a new brand from scratch will involve zero trial and error, guaranteeing greater chances of success. Also, individuals and businesses are free to create a VPN according to their needs and requirements without being limited in any way. Most importantly, the individual or business in question has complete support from the White Label VPN they have opted for and are not left to fend for themselves.

Signing up with a White Label VPN is pretty straightforward, especially in the case of PureVPN. You can sign up for a consultation, after which you will be provided a quote for the services you require.

After speaking to a PureVPN account manager regarding your requirements and making the required payment, you will have everything you need the same day or latest by the next day.

Yes, you can create VPN applications from scratch using PureVPN’s resources.

You can get any VPN solution you desire after discussing your requirements with a PureVPN account manager.

PureVPN has apps for all popular platforms like iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and consoles. Keeping this in mind, you can rest easy knowing we will support all the apps you want.

If you require a website, we can create one as per your needs and requirements.