Why Choose a White Label Solution?

Instead of learning from your mistakes to create a successful platform, you can opt for a white-label solution with a tried and tested formula. PureVPN’s white-label solution is guaranteed to provide results, and it has none of the pitfalls associated with starting a platform from scratch.

Easy Implementation

PureVPN’s heart is its SDKs and APIs that can be integrated into any business’ services, or businesses can start their own by brand by white-labeling PureVPN.

Dedicated Account Manager

Businesses enrolled with PureVPN’s white label solution gets a dedicated account manager that caters to their question, concerns, or issues.

Create Your Own Branded VPN Services

Use PureVPN’s next-generation services to create a VPN brand that will meet and exceed user expectations.

Considerable IP Pool

PureVPN has an extensive IP pool of 80,000+ servers comprising of shared and dedicated IP addresses to facilitate varying user requirements.

Massive Network of Servers

Our servers are spread strategically across the globe, with 6500+ servers across 140+ countries. The number of servers available are both physical and virtual.

Supports Major Platforms

PureVPN’s platform was designed keeping integration and flexibility in mind. For this reason, PureVPN is compatible with almost all major platforms that connect to the internet.

Zero CapEx Investment Required

To benefit the overall ecosystem, we believe in sharing synergies. For this reason, we do not put a price tag for businesses that want to partner with PureVPN.

Flexible Pricing

PureVPN offers flexible pricing to allow businesses to expand at their own pace. The prices vary depending on the features a business requires.

What do you get with PureVPN’s White Label Solution?

PureVPN is a fully fleshed-out cybersecurity suite that comes with all the bells and whistles required by any privacy and security business to operate online with ease.

PureVPN Console

You can create and manage VPN accounts using the PureVPN console. Here, you can manage profiles, and user account settings, generate invoices/receipts, and much more.

Custom App Templates

Customized & user-friendly VPN that best aligns with your brand guidelines, vision, and positioning. Apps are available for all major platforms.

Adaptable SDKs

Our SDKs (Software Development Kits) are modifiable, meaning you can use them to create your own software or integrate them into your existing product and its offerings.

Flexible APIs

You are free to modify PureVPN’s APIs to meet your needs and requirements. PureVPN has revealed its core functionalities for custom integration and can be used for servers or client implementation.

Proxy Extension for Browsers

PureVPN’s proxy extension for browsers is customizable, and its templates are interchangeable to meet your brand’s identity. Popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome are supported.

Advanced Protocols

Advanced protocols like IKeV2, OpenVPN, and IPSec are supported. Each protocol has varying encryption levels, anywhere between 128-512 bits.

The Definitive Administrative Platform

Once you opt for PureVPN’s white label solution, you will get access to a comprehensive console that makes managing profiles, users, billing details, and relevant reports a breeze.

Vendor Profile Management

To find out details about your account, billing, usage history, and update your account information, you can visit the vendor profile management dashboard.

Order Management

The Order Management option lets you track order details, allowing you to check the status of orders, order history, and place new orders. You can also fulfill quotation requests and cancel orders.

Adaptable SDKs

Using User Account Management, you can create new accounts, check the account status of user accounts, renew old accounts, and change passwords. You are in complete control of user accounts.

Remarkable Services with Unmatched Performance

PureVPN delivers an exceptional array of advanced security features that go beyond complementing a VPN. We also offer customized and innovative solutions for businesses in need of additional security services for their customers.

Next-Generation Encryption

PureVPN has state-of-the-art security products and military-grade encryption, up to 512-bits. This ensures users remain secure and anonymous online.

KPMG Certified Network

Our extensive network has a large reserve of dedicated IP and servers. We offer high-speed servers with a no-log policy that has a KPMG certified up-time of 99%.

Premium Content Access

With access to servers from different countries, users can connect to any server they desire to access localized premium content without hassles.

Fastest VPN Network

With 6500+ servers worldwide, located strategically, PureVPN can deliver exceptional speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

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