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Missing your favorite shows on Foxtel Australia but live in New Zealand? Don’t worry! As long as you have a premium VPN like PureVPN, you can enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience of Australian shows and watch Foxtel in New Zealand. Here’s how: 

There are many excellent streaming services in Australia with thousands of daily active users. However, nothing matches the quality and quantity of content that Foxtel offers its users. Even though the service is only available in Australia, Foxtel has a global user base.

Is Foxtel Available in New Zealand?

Foxtel is an excellent service that hosts some of the best TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other great programs such as sports. Unfortunately, the service can only be accessed from within Australia alone unless you use a reliable VPN service like PureVPN.

Why Can’t I Watch Foxtel Overseas?

Foxtel’s unavailability is due to many reasons. For starters, Foxtel is an Australian service that targets only the Australian audience. It is primarily Foxtel’s decision to make its service unavailable in any country other than Australia.

It’s because the platform must abide by certain licensing agreements bound by some regional limitations, which, as a result, restricts Foxtel from airing its exclusive content outside Australia. However, you can still watch Foxtel overseas by changing your IP address to Australian with the help of PureVPN. 

Can You Watch Foxtel in New Zealand?

While Foxtel is an Australian-only service, you can watch Foxtel whenever and wherever you want, even in New Zealand, only if you are a PureVPN user. 

You can do so in very little time if you have not subscribed already. PureVPN is the perfect streaming option that you can use to watch Foxtel in New Zealand. All you need is to download PureVPN and connect to a server based in Australia. Once connected, you will get instant access to Foxtel and all the great content that it has. 

How to Watch Foxtel in New Zealand 

Even though the service does not work outside Australia, a reliable VPN like PureVPN makes it possible for anyone to get an Australian IP address and access Foxtel from anywhere in the world. 

Simply follow the simple steps below to watch Foxtel in New Zealand: 

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download our PureVPN app on your device and log in.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Go to the Foxtel website or download the Foxtel app and login.
  5. Congratulations! You can now watch Foxtel in New Zealand!

Why Use PureVPN?

PureVPN is the best streaming VPN that you can use to enhance your streaming experience, no matter which country you are located in. When you connect to PureVPN, your real IP address that contains your identity and location gets masked, and you get a new pseudo IP address based in a location of your preference. If you have chosen Australia as your preferred region, all services which are limited for access within Australia, such as Foxtel, will become instantly accessible.

Some VPNs out there slow down your streaming speeds when you connect. On the contrary, PureVPN enhances your streaming experience with the help of multiple servers available worldwide. Just connect to PureVPN and surf the web free from all limitations and worries related to ISP throttling, unavailable content, and other troubles that are keeping you from streaming your favorite content on Foxtel.

What’s Foxtel? 

Foxtel is an Australian-based streaming service that offers live and on-demand content. The service is home to all the latest blockbusters, acclaimed dramas, live sports, documentaries, and lifestyle programs. Originally a cable and satellite provider, Foxtel now thrives in the streaming world through Foxtel Now, letting you enjoy this vast library on various devices.

What Can I Watch on Foxtel?

Foxtel offers a huge selection of shows and movies, including:

  • Latest HBO releases
  • Blockbuster Hollywood films
  • Award-winning dramas and comedies
  • Live sports like AFL, NRL, and F1 (with some blackout restrictions)
  • Documentaries and lifestyle programs

Foxtel Go Vs Foxtel Now

In the past, there was a clear difference between Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now, but as of 2023, they are practically the same. In fact, if you try to download the Foxtel Now app from the App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll download the Foxtel GO app.

Here’s a breakdown:

Foxtel Go:

  • Free add-on service for existing Foxtel cable or satellite subscribers (excluding Optus TV with Foxtel).
  • Lets you stream live TV and On Demand shows from your subscribed packages on mobile, tablet, or computer.
  • Limited to devices within Australia.

Foxtel Now:

  • Standalone streaming service with a monthly subscription fee.
  • Offers the same content library and features as Foxtel Go.
  • Accessible on various devices including smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming boxes besides mobiles, tablets, and computers.
  • Works anywhere with an internet connection (restrictions may apply).

So, essentially, if you already have Foxtel cable/satellite, you automatically have access to Foxtel Go. However, cord-cutters can simply go for Foxtel Now to stream away their favorite Foxtel content! 

Foxtel Subscription Prices

Foxtel offers two main ways to subscribe: Foxtel via a cable/satellite provider (iQ box) and Foxtel Now (streaming service). Here’s a breakdown of their pricing:

Foxtel (Cable/Satellite):

  • Prices vary depending on the package you choose (e.g., Sport, Drama Extra) and any current promotions.
  • Foxtel often has introductory offers for new customers, but these typically lock you into a 12-month contract.

Foxtel Now (Streaming):

  • Foxtel Now offers more transparent pricing with individual pack options and the ability to build your own bundle.
  • Prices start at $25 per month for the Entry Pack (including Pop and Lifestyle channels).
  • Other packs like Drama Extra, Movies, and Sport have separate fees.

Foxtel Device Compatibility: How Do I Watch Foxtel Now? 

Foxtel offers its streaming service, Foxtel Now (formerly Foxtel Go), on a wide range of devices. You can watch Foxtel Now on: 

Mobile and Tablets:

  • iPhones and iPads (iOS 11 or above)
  • Android devices (Android 5.0 or above)


  • PC (with Chrome browser)
  • Mac (with Safari or Chrome browser)

Smart TVs:

  • Samsung Smart TVs (compatible models)
  • LG Smart TVs (compatible models)
  • Sony Smart TVs (compatible models with Android TV)
  • Hisense Smart TVs (compatible models)

Streaming Devices:

  • Chromecast
  • Telstra TV
  • Gaming Consoles:
  • PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Other Devices:

  • Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max (limited functionality)
  • Nvidia Shield TV


Can I access Foxtel Now outside Australia?

You cannot access Foxtel Now outside Australia unless you use a premium VPN like PureVPN. This VPN switches your virtual location to Australia and lets you watch Foxtel Now outside Australia. 

Can I use any other app to access Foxtel Now outside of Australia? 

Unfortunately, no. Foxtel apps can only be accessed within Australia. These apps include:

  • Foxtel GO
  • the Foxtel app
  • Foxtel Play.

Can I use Foxtel Now if I use a VPN? 

Yes. If you use a VPN as good as PureVPN, you will be granted an IP address based in Australia, such that you will appear as a Native Australian on Foxtel servers. This way, the platform doesn’t stop you from watching its content even though you are physically in another country. 

Does Foxtel Go work overseas In any country? 

If you don’t have a VPN, Foxtel Go will not work outside Australia. This is because the platform must abide by some strict licensing agreements and, therefore, pops up an error message if accessed from overseas. Hence, to access Foxtel Go overseas, you will need to sign up for PureVPN.

Can I watch Foxtel outside of Australia?

If you are a PureVPN subscriber, you can mask your virtual location and watch Foxtel outside of Australia. 

Can I record on Foxtel Now?

No, Foxtel Now lets you stream live TV or On Demand content at any time that suits you, so there’s no need to record.

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