PureVPN’s Robust Features

Enjoy the protected Internet you deserve

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Secure all your devices from every cyberthreat using the best VPN for internet security around

Password Security

Store all of your passwords securely in one secret location

Password Generator

Automatically generate random passwords with maximum strength

Secure Social Networks

Automatic suggestions to keep social media activity private

Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase connection security by requiring multiple login credentials


Increase your online privacy with the best VPN so your data is protected from hackers and cyberattacks

Secure Vault

Add and store credit card info, usernames, passwords and more

Import Data

Privately import all the data you choose to store in CSV format

Sync Data

Sync all of your stored information across all devices

Masked IP

Keep your IP address masked from your ISP and others


Feel free and secure to surf the internet with PureVPN over both private and public internet connections

Unblock Geo-Restrictions

Access Amazon Prime, Netlix and other geo-restricted content

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Secure Downloads

Upload and download P2P files anonymously with masked IP

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Secure Public Connections

Software encrypts data to keep it safe while using public Wi-Fi

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Stop Ping & Lag

Better gaming experience with fast PureVPN connections

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No More Censorship

Access services and websites censored by your government

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Cheap, Safe Travel

Change locations to access cheap travel accommodations

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Log-Free VPN

PureVPN never logs your data so everything you do online always remains private


Increased Privacy on All Devices

PureVPN is Simple to Use on Every Device


Live Chat Support 24/7

We are invested in protecting your digital security. You can always reach out to us via live chat


31-Day Money-Back Promise

Try it with no obligation to keep it If you don’t like it within 31 days, we’ll refund your money

Premium Add-Ons

These are some of the extensions we offer to improve your PureVPN safety, security and internet freedom

Auto Protocol Selector

Software automatically chooses the best VPN protocol for current needs

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Dedicated IP Address

Upgrade to an IP address used by you and only you

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Forward Ports

Port forwarding is simple and fast with PureVPN

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