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PureVPN – это премиальный провайдер VPN-сервиса. Будучи одним из первых игроков в кибер-безопасности, мы предоставляем вам инструменты, услуги и знания, чтобы вы могли стать лучшей версией себя в онлайне.

How it started

PureVPN was launched in 2006 with few resources and a dream.
Young and newly-graduated Uzair, Umair, and Aqib began working on commercializing a product they created in their free time

This was the foundation of their vision – empowering people to use the internet the way it was meant to be used.

From two people working together in a small room of a house, today we are proud of being home to hundreds of brilliant minds working
tirelessly to ensure that PureVPN’s legacy goes down in history as a great example that all you need to be successful is an idea and a dream.


Our goal is to help you unlock the joys of an open, safe and private internet. We do this by making freedoms accessible through experiences that are secure by default, private by consent and powered by sustainable connections


Our story






















  • PureVPN is launched.


Being the only bootstrapped VPN brand in this business, we had to start from scratch. Among many small feats in our first few years, our biggest was going global.

  • PureVPN expands from two servers to
    16 global servers.


While our server footprint expanded all over the world, we also released apps and add-ons.

  • Universal apps for Windows and Mac released.
  • Dedicated IP launched as add-on.


Focusing on offering better user experience, we released apps for Android and iOS so that users can stay connected from anywhere and on any device.

  • Android and iOS apps released.
  • 24/7 customer service support launched.


PureVPN’s user-base rose to more than 200,000. With this advancement and with the ever-evolving nature of technology, our apps needed advanced tweaking and some new features. The result was the introduction of new add-ons and features.

  • PureVPN crosses 200,000 users.
  • PureVPN grows to 100 team members.
  • OpenVPN protocol launched.
  • NAT firewall introduced.
  • Internet Kill Switch added to list of features.
  • Crypto accepted as payable currency.


PureVPN reached over a million VPN users in less than 10 years. Despite the growing numbers, we were listening intently to our users and added some in-demand features.

  • Over one million users choose PureVPN.
  • Ad Blocker, Secure DNS, and Malware Protection introduced.


The years PureVPN truly rose to distinction by launching our popular Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions. As our team grew, we became among the first few in the industry to comply with GDPR policies and introduce crypto as a payment method.

  • Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions launched.
  • Becomes first premium VPN service to comply with GDPR policies.
  • PureVPN’s team expands to 200 members.
  • Crypto accepted as payable currency.


Adding dedicated product teams to our roster,
we ensured that users could connect to our VPN network in less than five seconds. Our commitment to maintaining complete user privacy also led to a successful no-log audit by Well known audit firm.

  • You can now connect to PureVPN in 5 seconds.
  • Successful no-log audit by Well known audit firm conducted.
  • IP bug bounty program launched.


To keep up with the high standards we set for ourselves over the years, we continued our series of wins. This included joining hands with i2Coalition to support the VPN Trust Initiative. More significantly, we moved our headquarters to a region with strong data protection legislation.

  • PureVPN relocates HQ to the British Virgin Islands.
  • PureVPN becomes the only VPN service with always-on audit and no-log certification.
  • PureVPN joins hands with the I2C coalition to support the VPN Trust Initiative.
  • Servers upgraded to 20Gbps.


This year has been monumentous for us. We became the first commercial VPN with quantum-resistant capabilities. This year also saw the introduction of our WireGuard protocol, and several popular apps. As our team continues to grow, we are redefining and expanding our vision with a rebrand effort that includes the introduction of new add-ons and Pure².

  • PureVPN undergoes major rebrand.
  • Introduces Pure² – a collective of passionate cybersecurity minds.
  • Password manager PureKeep, Online privacy tool PurePrivacy and cloud encryption application PureEncrypt is launched.
  • Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys launched in collaboration with Quantinuum.
  • Amazon Fire Stick apps, Android TV apps, Huawei app launched.
  • WireGuard protocol launched.
  • PureVPN grows to 300-strong team.


Privilege access monitoring

No-log policy

PureVPN is a no-log certified VPN service provider, where customer privacy is a priority.

Privilege access monitoring

Privilege access monitoring

Customer privacy is paramount at PureVPN. We make sure that even authorized access to servers is strictly monitored and controlled. Stringent controls and technology are in place to confine privilege access on VPN servers and monitor the privileged use to ensure that only authorized activities can be performed by the administrators, compliant with PureVPN’s privacy policy.

Privacy-friendly jurisdiction

Privacy-friendly jurisdiction

PureVPN specifically chose the British Virgin Islands as its headquarters as there are “no mandatory data retention laws” there. We are, therefore, not legally obliged to store user data or share it with anyone.

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant

PureVPN has been a GDPR-compliant VPN brand since 2018 when the regulations first came into effect.

Our commitment

PureVPN is working towards creating a meaningful impact across the globe, especially for communities endangered by climate change, poor access to health, and gender and economic inequality.

Developing solutions for such global issues is not an easy task and we are not claiming to have all the answers. What we do have is a clear vision and a defined set of milestones we want to achieve in order to provide innovative solutions to the challenges at hand. In a way, we also hope to catalyze change within our industry. Only by engaging with others – including our workforce, customers, potential business partners – can we work towards seeing our vision materialize.

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