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The wait is almost over as ITVX is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of the hit detective drama, Grace Season 3. After leaving fans with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger at the end of Season 2, the suspense has been building, and now it’s time for the truth to be revealed.

Grace fans from all around the world eagerly await the next season. However, ITVX only broadcasts its content in the UK. Hence, people in Australia cannot watch the show unless they use a good-quality VPN to beat geo-blocks. So, read this blog to know more about this VPN and watch Grace Season 3 in Australia: 

How to watch Grace Season 3 in Australia

Watching Grace Season 3 in Australia has never been this easy, all thanks to PureVPN. With just one click, you will be able to switch your IP location and stream any geo-restricted show without any hassle on ITVX regardless of your location. 

Here is all what you need to follow to get started with PureVPN: 

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
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  3. Connect to a server in the UK.
  4. Head straight to the ITVX App or website and login or sign up for an account.
  5. Enjoy the buffer-free streaming of the Grace Season 3 from anywhere around the globe!

Why is ITVX restricted in Australia?

Similar to many streaming platforms, ITVX uses geo-blocking technology which confines the platform to broadcast its premium content only within the UK, while restricting elsewhere. It is due to the licensing agreements that you encounter an error message upon accessing ITVX from anywhere outside the UK. 

As frustrating as it is for all the international ITVX fans, we have a solution to this problem – PureVPN. The VPN switches your virtual location to the UK by masking your IP address, thereby impersonating you as one of the Brits accessing the streaming platform. And this is how ITVX lets you watch Grace Season 3 in Australia.

Show release date

Brace yourself because the much-awaited season 3 of Grace will air on ITVX on March 19, 2023.  

Plot summary

Grace fans rejoiced as the second series saw the detective’s relationship with Cleo Morey restored. However, the season finale left viewers in suspense when Grace received a call suggesting his long-missing wife, Sandy, might still be alive!

The upcoming episodes are expected to delve deeper into DS Glenn Branson’s struggle with the trauma he experienced after being shot in the previous season. As always, Grace’s support will play a crucial role in his recovery.

In addition, ACC Vosper’s departure from the Brighton force to join the MET in London signals a potential change in leadership for Grace. After finally earning Vosper’s trust, will his new Chief grant him the same autonomy? The anticipation is palpable as we eagerly await the answers in the upcoming season.

Official trailer

ITVX hasn’t dropped the trailer of season 3 of Grace. But stay tuned as we will keep you updated as soon as we get the lead to its teaser!

Official cast

The official cast of the show is:

  • John Simm as DS Roy Grace
  • Richie Campbell as DS Glenn Branson
  • Craig Parkinson as DS Norman Potting
  • Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy
  • Zoë Tapper as Cleo Morey
  • Brad Morrison as DS Nick Nicholl
  • Sam Hoare as ACC Cassian Pewe
  • Alexander Cobb as Kevin Spinella
  • Rakie Ayola as ACC Alison Vosper

Is there any way to watch Grace Season 3 for free?

Yes. ITVX offers free streaming, so you can watch Grace Season 3 without paying a dime. Simply register on the platform today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Grace Season 3 on Netflix?

No. Grace Season 3 is not available on Netflix. 

What else can I watch on ITVX?

Here’s what else you can stream on ITVX.

Which Roy Grace books is season 3 adapted from? 

Each episode of Grace is an adaptation of the Roy Grace book series by Peter James. This season has three episodes and those are adapted from Dead Like You (2010), Dead Man’s Grip (2011), and Not Dead Yet (2012). 

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