Watch Sling TV Outside US with a VPN

Sling TV does not work in any region outside the United States because it is region-locked. The easiest way to stream Sling TV channels in other countries is to use a VPN app on your devices. Here’s a summary on how you can enjoy Sling TV in Europe, UK, Canada, or Australia:

  • Subscribe to the PureVPN .
  • Create an account and log in to the VPN app.
  • Connect to the United States from the server list.
  • Stream Sling TV anywhere you want.

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Sign up to watch Sling TV outside US

No matter where you are in the world, you can watch Sling TV outside US and watch your favorite content. Just follow the steps below.


to PureVPN


to a United States Server

All Set

Sling TV is now accessible

Sling TV is not available outside US

It is unfortunate that a service as good as Sling TV is only available for people in the US. Outside US, it cannot be accessed.


Why You Need A VPN To Watch Sling TV Outside US?

There are so many reasons why you must connect to a VPN every time you need to watch Sling TV outside US.

US citizens who travel frequently around the world face issues related to regional limitations too often. Since Sling TV is only available within the US, when people travel, they lose access to the content that they loved watching on Sling TV back at home.
You can solve this issue instantly and access Sling TV, no matter which country you are currently in. All you need to do is get an optimized USA VPN for streaming, such as PureVPN, and connect. Once connected, all Sling TV content will be instantly available on your existing subscription.

If you are living outside the US for work or business related reasons, you may already be missing all the fun you had back at home watching your favorite content on Sling TV. Don’t worry, PureVPN can solve this ordeal for you right away and help you watch anything on Sling TV that you like.
Just download and install PureVPN and connect to a US server. Once connected, all content which is not available at your current location, but was available back at home, such as Sling TV, will become instantly accessible.

With PureVPN connected on your device, the amount of content you can access is infinite. It is the best streaming tool that allows you to access content which is unavailable in your region.
There must be many TV programs that you may have wanted to watch, but were unable to find them anywhere online. To resolve this issue of content in availability and access new and unique content that can keep you interested in binging, connect to PureVPN and access restricted streaming platforms such as Sling TV from anywhere in the world.

Split tunneling is a very innovative addition to PureVPN features which has positively impacted users’ streaming experience. It gives users to predefine the websites they want to access via VPN and the ones they want to access directly without VPN using their existing IP address.
When split tunneling is activated on your streaming device, not all traffic goes through the VPN provider’s heavily encrypted channels. This saves your bandwidth and increases your buffering speeds, allowing you to enjoy a completely lag-free streaming experience.

PureVPN gives you complete online anonymity. It masks your original IP address with a pseudo one. This gives you a new online identity, while concealing your original identity. It is a fool proof method of remaining safe from all forms of online threats such as hacking, ISP throttling, and IP blacklisting – issues which can cripple your streaming experience.
Adopting a new pseudo online identity lets you change your virtual location and access content that is not available in your region. For instance, when you become anonymous, your ISP can no longer track your identity and location and restrict your connection from accessing restricted services such as Sling TV.