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How to watch After The Flood in Canada on ITVX

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Behold, the groundbreaking masterpiece of our time, After the Flood! A dazzling exploration of a town traumatized by water and a police officer determined to out-detective everyone else. It’s a tale of submerged suspense and a flood of emotions, quite literally. In this six-part saga, you will witness the triumph of umbrellas over crime scenes and raincoats against the forces of deception. If you’ve ever dreamed of a small town drowning in secrets, your oddly specific wish has come true. Dive into After the Flood – where even the weather is part of the plot twist.

While ITV is exclusively accessible in the UK, international audiences can’t watch After The Flood in Canada. Fortunately, bypassing geographical restrictions is possible. Using a high-quality VPN such as PureVPN allows you to manipulate your virtual location, granting access to ITVX seamlessly. So, even if you’re across the pond, a reliable VPN opens the floodgates to an immersive viewing experience.

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How to watch After The Flood in Canada for Free

Just grab a high-end VPN like PureVPN and watch After The Flood in Canada exclusively on ITV. Stream all you want without worrying about your actual location.

Follow the steps below to watch After The Flood in Canada: 

  1. Get the PureVPN subscription.
  2. Download the app on your device. 
  3. Connect to the UK server.
  4. Go to the ITVX app website, log in, or sign up for a new account.
  5. Search for After The Flood and enjoy streaming!
watch After The Flood on ITVX

Where to watch After The Flood in Canada? 

After The Flood will be ready for streaming on ITV and ITVX, though regrettably, ITVX doesn’t broadcast beyond the UK. But fear not! With PureVPN, your internet surfing is worry-free. Not only does it offer a secure online experience, but it also empowers you to unlock geo-restricted content globally. So, whether you’re navigating the UK waves or surfing from distant shores, PureVPN ensures you stay seamlessly connected to the riveting world of ‘After The Flood.

Why is ITVX restricted in Canada?

Due to licensing agreements and copyright laws, ITVX restricts the broadcasting of its content to viewers outside the UK. Consequently, attempting to watch After The Flood in Canada may trigger error messages and encounter geo-blocking barriers.

But PureVPN offers an alternative. You can get around this restriction by changing your IP address to make it look like you’re in the United Kingdom, thus passing as a local. This simple strategy will fool ITVX and open the doors to a world of extraordinary entertainment for you.

What is After The Flood’s release date? 

After the Flood premiered on ITV on January 10, 2024, viewers can stream it on ITVX as well.

What is the storyline of After The Flood?  

In the deluge of twists and turns that is After the Flood, the quaint town of Waterside becomes a murky pool of secrets. PC Joanna Marshall, played by the indomitable Sophie Rundle, dives headfirst into a murder investigation after unearthing a drowned man in a submerged car park. As the floodwaters recede, so do the illusions of a serene community, and yes, they will reveal a chilling web of lies. The plot thickens faster than the mud-caked streets as Joanna’s relentless pursuit of the truth unearths buried skeletons, threatening to engulf Waterside in a second wave of chaos, with a cast as layered as a soggy sponge cake and a narrative more unpredictable than British weather, “After the Flood” submerges viewers in a gripping mystery that keeps them gasping for air until the final drop.

What is the episode count of After The Flood?

After The Flood is a six-part series, check the details below:

Episode No.Episode NameRelease Date
1Episode 110 January 2024
2The Bridge17 January 2024
3The Tollbooth24 January 2024
4The Crossing31 January 2024
5The Break7 February 2024
6The Flood14 February 2024

What is the cast of After The Flood?

The amazing cast of  After The Flood is here:


  • Sophie Rundle as PC Joanna Marshall
  • Rob Glenister as Chief Superintendent Anthony Marsden

Supporting Cast:

  • Jessica Stevenson as DS Emily Penrose
  • Jamie Michie as Tom Harding
  • Jonathan Forbes as Dr. Nigel Peters
  • Lorraine Ashbourne as Grace Williams
  • Nicholas Gleaves as Mark Riley
  • Jacqueline Boatswain as Karen Harris
  • Philip Glenister as John Goodhew
  • Matt Stokoe as Ben Williams
  • Jonas Armstrong as David Weston

Additional Cast:

  • Charlie Murphy as PC Jess Allen
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman as Chloe Harding
  • David Calder as Dennis Harding
  • Ellie-Jane Gage as Ruby Peters
  • Olivia D’Silva as DS Emma Dixon
  • Jamie Demetriou as Billy
  • David Ajao as DC Hassan
  • Amy Sissons as Sarah Goodhew
  • Richard Hansell as Daniel Price
  • Michael Ellicott as Mr. Henderson

After The Flood official trailer 

Check After The Flood official trailer here:

The hype on social media

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Is ITVX free?

No, ITVX is a subscription-based premium platform. 

Where can I watch The Playboy Bunny Murder for free? 

Unfortunately, the murder mystery is not available for free. To watch the documentary, you have to subscribe to ITVX. 

Can I watch After The Flood on Netflix? 

No. The Playboy Bunny Murder will only be aired on ITV and ITVX. 

Yes, using a VPN like PureVPN to watch ITV is legal. With PureVPN, you can switch your IP address to the US, block ads, and watch the documentary without any interruptions. 

What are the primary themes explored in the series?

The series delves into timely themes such as the impact of climate change, community fragility, and the lengths people go to protect their secrets.

 How has the series been received by critics?

After the Flood has received mostly positive reviews, with praise for its suspenseful plot, strong performances, and atmospheric setting.

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