Accessing Restricted Sites with a VPN: Secret Hacks Revealed

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Let’s watch the secret ways to bypass ISP Restrictions

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How To Access Blocked Websites: FAQ

  • How Can I Access Blocked Websites at my School / College / Work?

    Many schools, colleges, and workplaces restrict access to Facebook, Youtube, and other blocked site. While this might help you to avoid distractions, sometimes you need access to these websites for research, or just to take a break from studying. PureVPN lets you instantly unlock them: simply click connect, and you can go anywhere you like.

  • Why Should I Use a VPN and not a Proxy?

    The proxy server/ web proxy offers some of the same features as a VPN, but not all of them. They let you bypass the restriction on the blocked website in the same way, but don’t secure your connection. Our VPN service comes with military-grade encryption that keeps all your data and IP address safe, secure, and anonymous. Accessing blocked websites with and anonymous IP address is recommended with a VPN as it also protects you from a range of cyber threats and surveillance.

  • Can I Access Blocked Websites?

    Yes. And you can do it easily. By arming yourself with PureVPN, you can access sites as though you are in a different country, or a different location. Because the sites you visit will think you are somewhere else, you will be able to access content that is otherwise blocked.

  • Which Websites Are Blocked in China?

    The ‘Great Firewall of China’ blocks thousands of sites, and this includes popular sites like Google, YouTube, Google Translate, Facebook, and Whatsapp. If you want to access these services when in China, you will need to use a VPN like PureVPN.

  • Which Websites Are Blocked in India?

    More than 800 websites are blocked in India. Some sites are restricted because they contain pornography or fake news, but many anti-government activist websites are also blocked, though they can be accessed via Google translate as most of the governments do not ban Google Translate, it is extremely dangerous. If you want to know what is really going on in the country, you can use a VPN to access activist sites.

  • What’s the Best Proxy for Blocked Websites?

    Like Google Translate, Proxy servers are not the best way to enter into the blocked website. They will let you enter the blocked website, but leave you open to security and privacy threats. A VPN is a much better choice. If you use a VPN to get entrance into blocked websites, your connection will be encrypted and IP address unexposed. This means that your data will be safe from prying eyes along with IP address, and a cloak of anonymity covers your online activities. A quality VPN like PureVPN will also let you choose from a huge range of servers, giving you total internet freedom along with an anonymous IP address.

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