Get YouTube TV VPN and Enjoy US-Only Channels

If you are looking for a way to watch the US Presidential Debates and keep track of the 2020 elections, then do not forget to watch YouTube TV. But if you are living in a country where YouTube TV doesn’t work then all you have to do is to use a VPN app.

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How to Watch YouTube TV from Outside the US?

Bad news for you is that the service is available only in the US. But, the good news is that you can access it with a YouTube TV VPN. Here’s how:

youtube tv vpn


And subscribe to PureVPN

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To a US VPN server

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All Set

Enjoy YouTube VPN from outside US

YouTube TV is Not Available in Most Countries

People love YouTube TV because it offers a wide range of major US channels, including ABC, Discovery, FOX, and 70+ more. But the downside of the service is that it doesn’t cover non-US regions.

YouTube TV is Not Available Outside US
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Who Needs a YouTube TV VPN?

A VPN for YouTube TV is your only best bet to access the service and the plethora of channels that come with it from anywhere outside the US. Here are the top reasons why you need a VPN:

Are you a hardcore fan of sports? Do you watch sports on ESPN via the YouTube TV service? Well, you can do that easily when you are in the US. However, you cannot do the same when you are traveling outside the region. Needless to say, you cannot access YouTube TV even if you are a paid subscriber. Therefore, you need a YouTube TV VPN when you are traveling abroad.

Once you have the VPN with you, you never need to worry about any restrictions at all. What you only need to do is to launch the VPN, connect to the US server, and easily access YouTube TV.

US channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS offer some amazing content that viewers like. In fact, those users who are interested in watching sports on more premium channels like SHOWTIME and Fox Soccer Plus can view the channels on YouTube TV for an added cost.

However, when you leave the US and live abroad as an expat, you would have to say goodbye to your favorite channels on YouTube TV. After all, the channels and the service aren’t available outside the US.

At the end of the day, you would have to either live without your favorite channels and shows, or you would have to opt for PureVPN. With a click of a mouse or a tap, you can access all the US-only channels on YouTube TV.

A great number of US students are interested in studying abroad, mainly because of academic credits and partly because of global exposure. In fact, countries like the UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, and China usually top the list when it comes to US exchange students.

If you are also an exchange student and missing out on many US TV shows, you should get a VPN. By setting up a virtual private network on your device, you can enjoy YouTube TV in any country.

You might wonder, “Why are people so interested in YouTube TV when there are other services available?” Streaming services indeed come by the dozen, and they offer a ton of content that users can enjoy all day long. However, not everyone wants to subscribe to multiple services for unique content because it is not convenient at all.

YouTube TV gives savvy viewers the great convenience of accessing dozens of premium channels through one platform. As a result, the streaming service has become the number one choice of US and even non-US users, who use a VPN.

The corporate culture is indeed being blossoming in regions across the globe. Many companies are coming out of their traditional silos and adopting an environment that is fun to work in. However, some things are often frowned upon by businesses, and amongst those things is watching TV shows on work.

Well, if you are not skipping on your job responsibilities and want to get a “me” time during break hours, you can use a VPN. Just set up the service, access YouTube TV, and make your break hours less boring and more entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions concerning Youtube TV VPN or the offerings related to the streaming service? Read on the following FAQs and find out.

Similar to Netflix, YouTube TV also bans VPN services. It also blacklists the entire IP pool of VPN services that it detects. However, PureVPN has multiple servers in the US, each containing hundreds of IPs. It means you can always access YouTube TV with a VPN from anywhere.

If you are using premium services like PureVPN, then it is easy to trick the service. When you connect to our US VPN server, you will be assigned a US IP address that will allow you to trick the service and access the content with ease.

YouTube TV is available in the US only. To make it work internationally, such as while traveling abroad, you may need a virtual private network for the job.

Yes, it is possible to watch content on the service on two different locations and two devices. YouTube TV offers multiple simultaneous connections that you can use to access the service via one shared account.

YouTube TV is currently available in the US only because of licensing rights. If you are physically living outside the US and want to access YouTube TV to stream US Presidential debates or elections, then you have to use a VPN app on your device. In short, you can use your YouTube TV account from any location as long as you have a VPN at your disposal.

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