How to Delete Safari on Mac or iOS in Canada

You might be a hardcore fan of Apple products like Mac or iPhone, but you won’t certainly be a diehard fan of every application that comes with it. Safari is amongst those applications that have failed to garner as much fan-following as other web browsers namely Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

At the end of the day, users try to look for guides on how to delete safari on their devices. However, removing Safari from your Apple-powered devices isn’t that easy. Truth be told, it isn’t possible unless you go about it in a less traditional method.

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Why It Is Difficult To Delete Safari From Your Device

Well, unlike other operating systems, you can’t simply drag and trash any “native” application on Apple OS. Mac or iOS’s native applications are protected with the System Integrity Protection (SIP) feature. The SIP feature stops users from accidentally deleting any native application which could, ultimately, affect the overall functionality of the OS.

Similar to Safari, you can’t delete any other native app like Facetime, Calculator, Calendar or even the Home application in the new iOS that allows IoT connectivity.

Though you can delete the native Apple OS browser from the Mac, you can’t expect the same on your iPhone or iPad devices. But, don’t lose hope. You can still disable it on your smart devices to declutter the screen or make room from another application.

How to Delete Safari on Mac

If you don’t want to keep Safari browser on your Mac, for whatever reasons, you can delete it in either of the following ways:

  • Via disabling the System Integrity Protection feature
  • Using third-party apps like CleanMyMac 3 or Mac Cleaners

You can erase Safari from Mac by first disabling the SIP feature from the terminal and then remove the app. However, doing so would compromise the functionality of the OS. So, you would be better off if you don’t wish to mess up the Terminal and, thus, the OS itself.

That said, you can use the third-party apps to clean the Mac and remove all the unwanted applications, even the native apps. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Go to and download the CleanMyMac 3 application
  • Now go to the downloaded folder and double click to install the .dmg file
  • Drag and drop the CleanMyMac 3 icon into the Applications folder
  • Go to the Applications folder and double click the app to launch it
  • Once the app is opened, drag and drop the Safari icon into the app window
  • Now, select Safari on the CleanMyMac 3 app and click Remove
  • Viola! You have successfully erased Safari from your Mac

How to Delete Safari from iPhone and iPad (or iOS)

As said earlier, erasing Safari from your iOS devices like iPad or iPhone isn’t possible. However, if you simply wish to declutter your iOS’s home screen from unwanted or unused applications, you can simply disable it from the iOS’s settings. Here’s how:

  • First of all, go to Settings from your iOS Home screen
  • Now, tap General
  • Tap Restrictions to toggle it on
  • You will be able to further access Restrictions once you enter the 4-digit passcode
  • Under the Allow section, tap on Safari to Disable
  • Once done, you won’t be seeing Safari on your Home screen anymore

Don’t Want to Remove Safari from Your Mac or iOS Devices?

  • Launch Safari Browser and click open Bookmarks dropdown menu
  • Go to Edit Bookmarks
  • Now Ctrl+Click bookmarks and select Delete

How to Delete Safari Bookmarks on iOS

  • Launch Safari on your iOS
  • Tap the Bookmarks icon and then tap Edit
  • Tap Delete
  • (red icon) to remove the Bookmarks

How to Delete Safari History and Cache on Mac

  • Open Safari on your Mac
  • Go to History and then Clear History
  • On the pop-up, choose the date range

Note: Once you clear the History in your Safari browser, it would clear not only the browsing history but also the cookies and cache.

How to Delete Safari History and Cache on iPhone and iPad

  • Go to Settings from your Home screen
  • Now tap Safari for more options
  • Tap Clear History and Website Data

Note: From the Settings > Safari, you can also Block Cookies, Prevent Tracking and do more.

Deleting Safari Out of Privacy Concerns?

There isn’t any doubt that Safari has some great privacy features. However, you can never know what underhanded tactics snoopers or hackers may use to breach the security and privacy of your Safari browser and spy on your private activities.

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