Delete Kik Account Permanently or Deactivate Kik

Like many other messenger apps available in digital play stores similarly, Kik is a popular messaging application for users on both Android and iOS. However, not every messenger app suits everyone’s needs, and in this case, the Kik app might not be the right one for you. Users would want to know the steps in deleting Kik account or, in some cases, temporarily deactivate Kik account. The reason could be that your friends aren’t using the app anymore and shifting to another app, or because you are underage to use this mobile app or other concerning privacy issues. Whatever your motives are, this guide will give you a brief overview of how to delete or deactivate your Kik account. In case you are deleting it for privacy concern and looking for ways to enhance your online privacy and security, then give PureVPN a try.

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Delete Kik Account Permanently

How to Deactivate kik and Delete Your kik Account

Firstly, if you don’t want to delete your Kik account, you can take an alternate path to deactivate your account. One of the drawbacks of this app is, it doesn’t allow you to delete or deactivate the account from its mobile app. Instead, you will have to open the web browser of your smartphone or PC to proceed.

To begin, visit the Kik account deactivation help page for some additional information. Deactivating your Kik account would mean that:
  • You won’t be able to receive any Kik messages or emails concerning your account
  • People cannot look for your username
  • Your name will be removed from the contact lists of those who you have interacted with
If you decide to rethink your decision, you can always get back to your account and activate it again by signing in normally. If you need to reset it to its default settings, you can do so as long as you have a usable email account. After visiting the temporary deactivation page of Kik, You will need to enter your email ID that is merged with your Kik account. Kik will send you the deactivation link to this email through which you can complete your deactivation.
Deactivate kik account

Temporary vs Permanent Deactivation

There is a slight difference between temporarily deactivating an account and permanently deleting your account. Temporary deactivation means that you will stop receiving any Kik messages, emails, and notifications from the account, your username and email address will not be searched upon by other users and your contact list.

However, you will always be able to reactivate it by just normally signing in with your email address and password. If you want to get your Kik account deleted, spearhead to Kik’s webpage through any device and use the apps help section, type “Delete account”. Moreover, permanently delete the Kik account means you can’t use the same account in the future once it’s done. You will never receive any emails, messages, and text banners on your home screen. Also, other users will never be able to search for you since your account will be deleted forever. However, if you want to resume using Kik you will have to create an account with a newly associated email ID. For users looking for a way on permanently deleting Kik account would want to refer to the next section below.
Temporary vs Permanent Deactivating kik

Here’s how to delete your Kik account permanently

Follow these steps to delete your account.

  • Head to the delete Kik account page
  • Once there, enter your credentials that are the username, password, and the integrated email ID
  • Select a reason for leaving Kik from the drop-down menu
  • Kik will ask you for additional information for leaving Kik, but that’s optional for the user to fill
  • Check the box
  • Press the “GO” button
  • You will receive the link to permanently deactivate Kik on your email
  • Click on the link to finish the procedure
Hurrah! The procedure to permanently deactivate your Kik account is completed and you are good to go.
delete your Kik account permanently