How to Tell if Your iPhone is hacked

  • Prevent personal and professional data from leakages.

  • Restrict unauthorized access to financial information.

  • Keep your identity safe.

  • Mitigate the risk of cyber attacks.

  • Protect your device from unusual activities.

  • Maintain your social reputation.

How to protect your iPhone from being hacked

Get a Reliable VPN

Using unsecured WiFi could cause malware intrusion and identity theft, sometimes leading to ransomware through phishing. A reliable VPN is your first defense to encrypt your activities, hide your IP address, and ensure that your personal information is never leaked to security threats.


Remove Unwanted Apps

Unwanted apps can access your personal data, resulting in data breaches, malware infection, and increased attack surface. Removing unwanted apps can free up storage space, enhance device performance, and reduce security risks.

Use a password manager

In 2022, over 24 billion passwords were exposed by hackers. Keeping easy and guessable passwords and forgetting them can cause unauthorized access to your device and applications. Password managers help you with password storage, strong password generation, and data syncing.


Enable Find My iPhone

If you lose your iPhone, there are chances of data theft, inability to lock your device remotely, and risk of unauthorized use. By enabling ‘Find My iPhone,’ you can locate your iPhone, activate ‘Lost Mode,’ and remotely lock your phone.

Ways To Tell If Your iPhone Is Hacked

Your battery doesn’t last long

If your phone is hacked, you might experience background processes and increased data transmission, causing your device to use more power than usual. Your phone becomes less efficient, resulting in frequent battery drainage.

Lot of pop-ups and ads

It could be a sign of a compromised device if you see unusually high pop-up ads, even when you’re not browsing the web or using ad-supported apps. Malware or adware may have been introduced, leading to intrusive ads to generate revenue for attackers.

Data usage increased rapidly

A sudden increase in data usage could indicate that your iPhone sends or receives data without your knowledge. An unauthorized app or background process initiated by hackers can result in rapid data usage.

How to get PureVPN for iPhone Security

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Step 3

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