PureVPN Automatic VPN Kill Switch (Network Lock)

PureVPN’s unique Kill Switch feature secures your online activities in case the VPN disconnects. The Kill Switch works by terminating your internet connection so that your online identity, that is to say, your IP address and location, aren’t exposed. With the Kill Switch feature enabled, you can rest assured about your online privacy and security.


What is a VPN Kill Switch?

PureVPN’s Kill Switch feature ensures ‘Fail Proof’ security of your internet connection. The Kill Switch works by disabling your internet connection the moment your VPN connection drops because staying connected would otherwise expose your real IP. The idea is to secure your IP address and activities— from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. If you wish to hide your real IP from ISPs and surveillance agencies, use a VPN with a Kill Switch to protect your information.

Why do you need a VPN Kill Switch to protect your Internet Connection?

A Kill Switch provides significant security and privacy benefits to truly protect your digital existence. Here’s why you need our Kill Switch protection to closely protect your internet connection.

Enhance Your Online Privacy

PureVPN Kill Switch feature ensures the utmost security of your sensitive data even if your VPN connection drops for a couple of seconds, as it safeguards your IP address from being exposed to the world wide open.


For Data Protection

When your VPN connection drops, you and your online activities are left temporarily vulnerable to people who are eagerly waiting to pry on your personal information. A kill switch ensures that while your connection to the VPN is dropped, no one can break through and see what you’re really doing.

For additional protection

If you are living in a 5-Eyes Alliance country, like the US or the UK, a VPN kill switch can hide your identity on multiple platforms.


How do I Activate the Internet Kill Switch?

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Why VPN Disconnects

Disconnections are normal and part of everyday internet usage. They can occur anytime, anywhere, and may last a few seconds to minutes or hours Here’s more about why they happen:

Unstable Internet Connection

There are multiple factors that you need to check, especially when using a Wi-Fi device. Uneven internet may be due to poor signal strength and inadequate coverage. Also, it may be due overages in bandwidth usage.

Software and Devices

You may face regular disconnections if the drivers on your laptop are not updated or installed properly. Some software or devices may have bugs that can be rectified by simply updating them.

Server and Network Failure

A network problem between you and your VPN server can cause the internet to disconnect. It can be exacerbated by configuration errors on a network firewall, router, or other network gateway device.

VPN Kill Switch: How it works

PureVPN’s kill switch feature will immediately drop your internet connection as soon as you IP address gets exposed. This is how VPN Kill Switch works:

Tracks VPN Connection

VPN Kill Switch keeps track of your connection to the VPN server and checks for IP address changes. As a result, once Kill switch notices a shutdown, it can react right away.

Blocks Traffic

If the VPN connection gets drop, the kill switch automatically blocks the traffic from and to your device and removes any possibility of IP leaks.

Restore Traffic

Once the VPN connection gets stored, the kill switch VPN automatically unblock all the network traffic and you can start from where you left.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a kill switch work?

    A VPN kill switch automatically disconnects your device from the internet if you lose your VPN connection.

  • How do I disable VPN kill switch?

    With the installation of a VPN profile, Kill Switch is automatically enabled to protect your online privacy. If you wish to disable it, go to the app Menu > Settings > Kill Switch. However, please note that disabling Kill Switch can put your privacy at risk.

  • Can I leave my VPN open all the time?

    Yes. VPN can be kept on all the time.