VPN Automatic Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch secures your online activities in case the VPN disconnects. It works by terminating your internet connection so that your online identity (IP address and location) aren’t exposed. With Internet Kill Switch enabled, you can rest assured about your online privacy and security.

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Maintain your online anonymity in case the VPN disconnects.

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

Growing concern for online privacy invoked PureVPN to integrate an additional layer of security known as the Internet Kill Switch, a robust feature intended to prevent your VPN connection from accidental exposure. Also referred to as the VPN Kill Switch, the feature ensures ‘Leak Proof’ security of your VPN connection.

The Internet Kill Switch works by disabling your internet connection the moment your VPN disconnects. The idea is to secure your most prized possession – IP address and online activities from falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

Nearly all VPN services have a slight chance of experiencing disconnection. Being a strong privacy advocate, PureVPN built the Internet Kill Switch so that your real identity and personal information is secure even when there’s a momentary lapse in the VPN connection.

Why do you need Internet Kill Switch?

An Internet Kill Switch packs pristine benefits and can go a long way in protecting your digital existence. Here’s why you need an Internet Kill Switch:

  • 1.An Internet Kill Switch ensures the utmost security of your sensitive data even if the Internet disconnects for a couple of seconds.
  • 2.At times, VPN connections experience unsteady speeds and fluctuations in connectivity which could result in disconnection. In such an event, the VPN kill switch will maintain your online anonymity.
  • 3.Connection drops leave you and your online activities temporarily exposed and vulnerable to snoopers who are eagerly waiting to pry on your personal information. A VPN Kill Switch ensures that you never get exposed on the internet unless you’re connected to the VPN network.
  • 4.With the Internet Kill Switch activated, you can travel to locations with high surveillance as Internet Kill Switch provides you with a peace of mind that your traffic would never, even for a nanosecond, be leaked into anyone else's hands.With data theft, surveillance, and tracking on the rise, equipping yourself with a VPN that offers military-grade encryption and fool-proof features such as Internet Kill Switch is essential.

How Internet Kill Switch Works?


The VPN Kill Switch closely reviews your connection with the VPN server and any changes in its status or IP address


If any disconnection occurs, PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch instantly discovers the change in connectivity


With the Kill Switch enabled, your devices’ internet connection is immediately terminated upon a change in its status


When a secure VPN connection is established, the Kill Switch restores your internet connection

How to Activate the Internet Kill Switch?

Securing your online activities has now been made easy. Here’s how to activate the VPN Internet Kill Switch in app:

Step 1: Right-click and ‘Run as Administrator’

Step 2: Click the ‘settings’ icon

Step 3: Click ‘Advanced Options’”

Internet Kill Switch is a must

While users might use a VPN for different purposes, one thing is for sure: they all care about their privacy at the end of the day. However, if a VPN connection fails, your IP address and identity is out there in the open for everyone to see!

If you’re a political activist – You wouldn’t want your competing party or others to know your agenda. As a political activist, you host immense data on the political sphere and happenings in your region. A VPN Kill Switch will prove fruitful as it secures your internet traffic and communications from onlookers.’

If you’re a journalist – Given the government is probably watching you, you wouldn’t want your private communications with information sources to get leaked and jeopardize months or years of hard work. With an Internet Kill Switch, you can ensure that it never happens.

If you’re a blogger – Covering multiple topics may require traveling to countries where the internet is regulated. While using a VPN mostly isn’t favored by these governments, locals rely on them to gain access to the open web. You will stay off the authorities’ radar with a VPN Kill Switch.

If you’re a lawyer – The cases you’re working on are usually sensitive in nature and leave no room for any information to be leaked before the trial begins. Since lawyers share information and communicate with their clients online, having an Internet Kill Switch is extremely important.

If you’re a whistleblower – Exposing information on activities that are deemed illegal or unethical can attract a lot of unwanted attention and intimidation from parties that want to stop you from voicing your findings. A VPN Kill Switch is your safest bet when it comes to staying anonymous when you blow the whistle.

Causes of Disconnection

Disconnections are normal and part of everyday internet usage. They can occur anytime, anywhere and may last a few seconds to minutes or hours at times. Here’s more on why they happen:

· Unstable Internet Connection There are multiple factors which you need to check, especially when using a Wi-Fi device. Uneven internet may be due to poor signal strength and inadequate coverage. Also, it may be due to bandwidth exceeding the limit.

· Software and Devices You may face regular disconnections if the drivers on your laptop are not updated or installed properly. Some software or devices may have bugs which can be rectified by simply updating them.

· Server and Network Failure A network problem between you and the server causes the internet to disconnect. It can be caused by configuration errors on a network firewall, router, or other network gateway device.

Internet Kill Switch Supported Devices

PureVPN offers intuitive and easy-to-use apps for all major platforms which come integrated with Internet Kill Switch as well as other useful features.

· Android: PureVPN offers a fresh Android Kill Switch app that seamlessly integrates with the Android and works flawlessly.

· Windows: PureVPN’s VPN Kill Switch functionality for Windows that faultlessly works when you’re connected to the VPN server.

· Linux: Make use of the Internet Kill Switch feature when you’re working on Linux.

· Mac: PureVPN’s Internet Kill Switch is optimized for Mac, giving Mac users a sense of security when they’re connected to the VPN.